SyFy’s Series Remake of BEING HUMAN Premieres January 17th

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SyFy is ready to tout their original programming for the New Year as 2010 comes to an end, but a remake of a British series doesn’t exactly scream “original” to me. That being said, the network has announced the premiere of the US version of the original BBC series Being Human on Monday, January 17th at 9/8c. The supernatural series follows the dynamic lives of three paranormal roommates: a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf and their difficulties with living double lives. Stepping into these new personalities won’t be easy, but they’re certainly up for the task and journey that lies ahead. Sam Witwer (Smallville), Meaghan Rath (The Assistants), Sam Huntington (Superman Returns) star in the series, and you can see them in a short trailer for the new series below.


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  • DRMidnite08

    This has “BLOWS” written all over it.

  • Liam

    I have no faith in the show being any good. But I am a rabid fan of Sam Witwer so I will be helpless to watch. I loved the BBC version and those characters will be VERY hard to replace/redo.

  • DM

    Yet another useless US remake of a great show from outside the US. If they can show Dr. Who in the US without having to ruin it with a remake, why must they remake the other good shows?

    “Being Human” is awesome as it is, but here they want to ruin it in the same way that “Life on Mars” was ruined.

    While we’re at it, it’s high time they stop re-making great Argentine movies, too.

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  • Mathieu David

    This is surely the first instance of a US remake where two of the three leads are less attractive than the British/Irish actors they’re replacing; the first order of the day with Hollywood reimaginings of British TV shows is normally to take our grim, pasty, ugly folk and switch them for orange bimbos/himbos with capped teeth. In Being Human, however, two of them are easy on the eye to begin with, I suppose, so there was nowhere else to go!

    Anyhoo, the vampire from the BBC version is going to be getting his big break in The Hobbit next, so isn’t remaking this is kind of pointless?

  • Flash-t

    Why are they remaking a perfectly functioning series?

  • Aleksandra

    You, americans… have to ruin everything !

    • old soldier

      Not, “You,americans…” Hollywood. Most of us like these shows the way they are. Hollywood thinks we never see these shows, so they try to pass them off as “new” and original. Please don’t EVER compare us to Hollywood. They might as well be a completely different culture.

    • Whatever!

      hun, as old soldier said, hollywood may as well be a completely different universe compared to the rest of america. It is pretty unfortunate that place is making a false representation of the rest of us. Hollywood is just a city, minuscule to the rest of our country.

      I’m pretty pissed off about this remake. I loved the flair the ghost had in the original series, she had so much heart! Why are they making such a bother with doing all of this remaking stuff, I’m pretty insulted that they think the American audience won’t be able to appreciate it. Then again, I really liked how the Americanized Office turned out, the way they executed it was good. Mainly because they used the same ideas, but did it in a completely different manner that was pulled off quite well. Plus Jim is a total beaut.
      I don’t think they’ll get the same results with this show.

  • Anette L

    Making a remake of a fantastic British show proves that the US does not have enough imagination to create something on their own. FAIL.

    • Whatever!

      Totally agree with you. All of those famous movies and pop cultures that unimaginative and uninspired country turned out, like Disney, James Cameron, and many others are only evidence to add to show how untalented America is!! boo!

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