Everybody Needs to Calm Down: Why Fan Outrage over Ben Affleck Playing Batman Is Premature

     August 23, 2013


When it comes to a character as old and popular as Batman, everybody has an opinion.  Following the announcement that a Batman/Superman movie was in the cards for Warner Bros., we knew there would be some debate over who the studio and director Zack Snyder should choose to don the cape and cowl for their Man of Steel follow-up.  Early word was that they were looking to cast an older, more experienced Batman opposite Henry Cavill’s young Superman, and names like Josh Brolin and Jon Hamm were bandied about.  However, when the studio announced last night that Ben Affleck has been cast in the role, the reaction was unsurprisingly vehement.

The internet specializes in snap judgments, and the casting of Affleck as Batman is no different.  But fan outcry and caps-lock rants are premature; people are already rating a performance that we won’t see on screen for nearly two years.  Hit the jump for more on why everybody needs to calm down.

dark-knight-rises-catwoman-anne-hathawayWith last night’s announcement of Affleck as Batman also came the official release date for Snyder’s as-yet-untitled superhero pic: July 17, 2015.  Until that date, we will not have a full idea of what Affleck’s Batman performance entails.  We can nitpick the costume in set photos and speculate as to whether this new Bruce Wayne will sport a hint of a Boston accent, but we’ll have to wait 693 days to know the arc of this new Batman.  This is a fact.  Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films came to a close with The Dark Knight Rises, so now it’s time for a new filmmaker and a new actor to step in with their own interpretation of the character.

Preconceived notions of Batman’s character are fine, but expecting a filmmaker to stick to your parameters is unrealistic.  When Anne Hathaway was first announced as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, judgments were immediately made that she was the wrong choice for the character—despite no one having any clue as to what Nolan and Hathaway’s interpretation of “Catwoman” entailed.  When the film was finally released, we saw that the two had crafted a new take on the comics character—one that suited the actress and the movie incredibly well.

heath-ledger-the-dark-knightWe also saw fan outcry over the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker, and now his Oscar-winning Dark Knight performance is widely viewed as the definitive film interpretation of the classic villain.  Going back even further, fans were none too pleased with Tim Burton’s choice of Mr. Mom star Michael Keaton as Batman in the 1989 feature, but things turned out just fine.  You’d think everybody would know better than to prejudge by now after the Hathaway/Ledger/Keaton debacles, but no.

What should be gleaned from these previous experiences is that while fans may have specific ideas about a particular comics character, ultimately the onscreen interpretation of said character lies with the filmmakers and performers.  It’s wrong to say Ben Affleck is “wrong” for Batman because we don’t know what Affleck, Snyder, and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s Batman looks like.  Is it possible that Affleck will make a poor Batman?  Sure, but it’s also possible that he’ll make a great one.  We won’t know until Summer 2015.  It’s fine to chime in with what we think of the casting, but to state as fact that Affleck is the worst thing to ever happen to the Batman character in the history of everything is a bit of an overreaction. 

Thus far, we have seen five different actors play Batman in a major feature film—Adam West, Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale.  As long as studios are making movies, there will always be Batman films, and as long as there are Batman films, there will be new actors playing Batman.  Some will be better than others, and if you don’t like one Batman, you’ll eventually get a new one.  For now, our Batman is Ben Affleck.  Will he be a good one?  We’ll find out on July 17, 2015, and not a moment sooner.


  • Lance

    Christopher Nolan is looking good right now, though. His Batman trilogy will only shine brighter with time.

    • Roy Batty

      yeah, who would’ve thought that was even remotely possible. this was Nolan’s master plan all along.

    • Reality Check

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the only Nolan Batman film that aged well is Dark Knight. More and more people are ready to admit Rises sucked with each passing day, now that the WB hype machine isn’t trying to convince everyone of its greatness.

      • jetblac

        Rises was really weak. Although, I loved Bane! until that chick showed up. WTF was that?

      • David Fincannon

        I loved Begins. Didn’t care much for Dark Knight other than Heath’s Joker and Two Face. Rises from the time I saw the film in theaters, came off to me almost as bad as Batman and Robin

      • Rick

        Everyone I know how liked it when it came out still likes it now, and it still got high scores in ever user poll, including on this site where I think it actually one the Best Summer Movie poll last year. Is WB paying millions of random people to talk up a movie?

      • pinkincide

        TDKR was a bad joke. It’s no badge of honor saying you missed or chose to overlook plot holes that big, and you’re cool with Batman retiring as Bruce Wayne. Are you also a Transformers fan, by chance?

      • Manny

        What the hell is your problem, you’ve never heard of something called an opinion, who told you that you are the expert here, nothing of what you’re saying is a fact. So don’t bother someone for not having the same opinion as yours, It makes you sound like an ignorant.

        TDKR and Transformers have zero in common, a lot more people like Rises better and that is actually a fact.

      • Rick

        I still don’t see any major plot holes.

        How did Bruce get back to Gotham? The same way he got from Gotham to Asia in Batman Begins.

        How did Bruce’s back heal from being broken? It wasn’t broken, he had a herniated disc.

        What other “plot holes” were there?

        And yes I’m cool with him retiring because it was set up since Batman Begins that he didn’t want to be Batman forever, and that carried over to TDK and TDKR. This isn’t the comics, it’s a trilogy with it’s own take on the character.

      • Harry Palm

        “Is WB paying millions of random people to talk up a movie?”

        No, but they do have dozens to make lots of accounts to talk up their movies. All the major studios do.

      • twojawas

        Nolan’s trilogy mirrors Lucas’ original trilogy and Rises is definitely the ROTJ of the three. It hasn’t aged well and but it won’t matter next to the epicness of TDKR.

      • Manny

        ROTJ and TDKR both are good movies and good endings of their respective trilogies. I ended up very satisfied with both finales.

      • Manny

        @Reality Check

        Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but that is not true, Batman Begins is consider a classic, and still is a very well respected comic book movie, it has had a spot on IMDB top 250 for eight years now, that is impressive especially for a superhero movie. Is aging pretty well, better than a lot of movies of the 2000s,with some people even saying that it is the best of the trilogy. (I disagree with that part) As for Rises, it has a lot of fans, a bigger fan base than Begins with diversity only in the Internet by a very small but super loud minority of morons.

      • Harry Palm

        Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but when ‘Batman Begins’ came out, most people were saying “Eh, it was OK but could’ve been better.” It only got retroactively praised by Fanboys that thought “The Dark Knight” was the “gr83st movee 3VAR!!” and they only thought “The Dark Knight” was so great because Heath Ledger dropped dead two months before it came out and American society loves it’s dead celebrities. If he were still alive, that movie wouldn’t have gotten half the praise or made half the money it did and people would’ve said “Eh, it was OK but could’ve been better.” If Anne Hathaway had died before “The Dark Knight Rises” came out, people would be demanding an Academy Award for it instead of bashing it (and rightly so because it’s pretty damn stupid, just like the first two).

      • Truth Now

        Sorry, but your theory just doesn’t work. If Ledger had lived his performance would still have been acclaimed. Buzz around the movie had already been building when he was still alive.

        So get over it. Nolan’s trilogy is a true classic. I liked it from the start. So did plenty of other people.

        Michael Bay movies are more your thing.

    • Harry Palm

      No, in time more and more people will realize how stupid they are. Sure, the acting is fine in them, but their plots are just ridiculous. Even now, the hype of them is dying down quite a lot. The only reason why people loved the “Dark Knight” so much was because Heath Ledger dropped dead two months before it came out. If he were still alive, no one would’ve given much of a crap about Nolan’s movies.

      • Kevin

        That’s completely ignorant lol. I love those movies and I don’t care who plays the Joker.

      • Kevin

        That’s completely ignorant lol. I love those movies and I don’t care who plays the Joker.

  • amg907

    You need to shut your whore mouth CHITWOOD!!!

    And i say that with love.

    I have a Batman tattoo on my arm. I’ve been a fan since I was swimming around in my dad’s balls. This Warner Bros. news makes me want to have sex with a bucket of glass.

    • diles1

      I guess that means you won’t get to reproduce

      • Kevin Carter

        @Amg, I have a tattoo of Batman fighting Superman on my arm but you don’t hear me pissing and moaning about Affleck being Batman!!
        Get back in ur dad’s balls, you’re drunk :)

      • The Real Steve

        I don’t have any tattoos. Except the one that Jordin Sparks left on my heart.

      • The World’s Greatest

        ” I have a tattoo of Batman fighting Superman on my arm “. Lol.
        You must get all the ladies;)

      • Kevin Carter

        Yes, “The World’s Greatest”….my tattoo get’s me all the ladies….Say hi to ur mom for me (.) (.)

    • peter

      lol what a freak

  • dangeer

    This is exactly what I’ve been telling people. We haven’t even seen him play the role, and the Keaton/Hathaway/Ledger scenario is plenty reason for fans to just keep an open mind. You just never know what an actor will bring to a role until you see the finished product.

    • out_of_exile

      that’s what people said about ryan reynolds in green lantern… and ben affleck in daredevil…

      • Mike

        “Daredevil” was a good film that got completely ruined in editing.

        Don’t blame Affleck, blame the director and people in charge of the show.

      • Andy

        And the director’s cut of DAREDEVIL is actually superior to the theatrical release.

      • GrimReaper07

        And its not as if Affleck was terrible in the role either.

      • out_of_exile

        to each his own… movie-making is a team effort & i don’t see why ben should be spared blame from DD’s faults.

      • Theodore Trout

        A pale, brainless shadow of it’s source material.

      • Rick UWS

        Are you saying “Daredevil” was cut worse than Varys?

      • axalon

        Why are the actors taking the brunt of the assault for those movies? God forbid anybody actually blames, oh I don’t know, the screenwriter(s).

      • George Lexer

        Agreed. Green Lantern had some of the worst writing ever in movies.

      • Andy

        I agree. Affleck did nothing “wrong” as Daredevil. That film had other problems–but not his performance in and of itself.

      • Theodore Trout

        Daredevil has a giant martyr complex. He should be a very intense, conflicted individual, with red hair, who is believably blind.
        Try again.

      • out_of_exile

        there was enough blame to go around in both those movies… but that doesn’t change the fact that reynolds & affleck were miscast. i like both actors. i’ve liked many of their movies, but i don’t think either of them were well-suited for those roles. and i don’t think affleck is well-suited for batman.

      • Dobby

        Amen. Bad writing, studio interference, poor directing. Affleck is a great director and a good actor with the right material.

    • Agent777

      We have all had ample chance to get to know Affleck and his abilities. Those other were wildcard actors. Affleck is not. I respect him alot, mainly because he can write and direct, but I know exactly who Ben Affleck is, and it’s very much a repeat of George Clooney to me.

      • GrimReaper07

        George Clooney was partly terrible as Batman because of Joel Schumacher. He was playing the character the way that guy envisioned him.

      • David Fincannon

        NOt to mention Clooney knew nothing of Batman (his own words) Affleck is a long time fan and physically has a better fit to Batman/Bruce Wayne than Bale did.

      • Justin

        Affleck is better physically? Possibly as Bruce Wayne. As batman? Most certainly not.

    • Ashtalon

      Hathaway isn’t a good example to use. Her Catwoman was completely forgettable. Ledger was playing an over-the-top character, so it’s much easier to put your own stamp on it. Keaton is an interesting example, but I think people responded so well to the ’89 Batman film because it was the first time the general public had seen a serious (not 100% campy) take on the character. I think WB should have went with an unknown. Batman will bring an audience. They don’t need a name actor to play him.

      • Sinjun

        actually it’s the 3rd time people saw a serious take on batman. he did have 2 movies before the campy 60s movie

      • Theodore Trout

        I thought all four Burton/Schumacher movies were campy as hell.
        Neither of them had ever read a Batman comic, they were making bizarre re-imaginings of the 60′s sitcom, more like the remakes of ‘Bewtched’ or ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ than Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

    • Sinjun

      if you look at his previous movies there is nothing there to suggest he’d play a good Batman.

      There was a good argument with Bale with his movie Equilibrium…

  • sense11

    I’m still in shock, its going to take a while for the shock to wear off, this blind sided everyone

  • Kale

    Thanks for the editorial Adam, and your right, we shouldn’t be so judgemental yet over a casting decision. The real discussion about this will happen in Summer 2015.

  • Mr F

    I would say an even more apt comparison would be the Chis Evans as Captain America backlash. People had their foot in their mouths real quick with that one.

    • ftff

      He’s not bad. He just happens to be the weakest part of the movies. He doesn’t truly embody Cap.

    • Strong Enough

      Every one can f off, I would bend over for Nolan

    • Strong Enough

      Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like asparagus.

      • Martin

        Boy, he really wants to drink piss huh?

  • Steve Holt !

    haha wow just when i was beginning to gain respect for Ben he does this move? wow and i’m surprised they didn’t go with a brit.

  • Strong Enough

    I don’t know why people care what the internet thinks. The real world doesn’t care about who the fuck plays Batman. They are going to see it regardless. We can’t judge a reaction based on what the internet says because there is a WHOLE world out there that doesn’t argue online about movie news but have bigger things to worry about. I hate this whole fad of people thinking the internet is where EVERYONE lives and just cause people say it online that what the rest of the world thinks. What we do on collider and on slashfilm and on IMDB boards etc, is only a small fraction of the movie going audience and a small fraction of batman fans so to say there is some kind of negative reaction based on what pre teens who don’t even pay fucking taxes said on io9 or IGN is fuckin idiotic. You people need to get your head out your ass and realize the internet isn’t the only place that exists. Go outside and smell the roses.

    And if you reply to me, you’re automatically gay.

    • Jcool

      If the internet mattered Kick Ass 2 would of made 50 million opening weekend and Snakes on a Plane would of been a 100 million dollar movie.

      • Strong Enough

        you didn’t read anything i said did you? THE INTERNET DOESN”T MATTER! and you’re gay!

      • Jcool

        I was actually agreeing with you but i guess you completely missed that…

      • Strong Enough

        oh then okay. you’re a genius like me

    • Kevin

      You had me until your final line. I would be fine with being homosexual because I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is.

      • Pk

        Same here. Seriously there is something deeply wrong with him. According to his own words best to ignore him and move along.

      • Strong Enough

        I know you love me pk!

      • Pk

        I think it’s the other way round

      • Strong Enough

        search your feelings, you know it to be true!

      • Northern Star

        You automatically have respect for someone based purely on where they stick their pecker during sex? Does the content of their character or their general demeanour not get a look in? This kind of attitude sums up everything wrong with the modern-day Left… acceptance and support based on ideology and not merit!

        Ben who again…?

      • Kevin

        I have respect for homosexuals because they all face discrimination and people like “strong enough” who use their orientation as an insult. Just because I love and respect them for this, doesn’t necessarily mean I like them. And I generally vote Right politically lol.

    • Agent777

      You could say the same thing about royal weddings, disaster footage, etc. If you into to something and there’s news about it, it’s fun to talk to other people about it. That’s human nature buddy.

      And your homophobic.

    • Strong Enough

      Strong Enough is a child who has yet to reach puberty. Best to ignore him and move along.

    • luci

      um so that is why the last Superman flopped? cuz the internet’s opinion was too small? lol………

    • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

      -Butt Dart Champion

      • Strong Enough


      • Reality Check

        Yeesh. Bud, grow up a bit will you. You’re making all comic book nerds look bad.

      • Strong Enough

        i’m the last person to talk about comics with. i know nothing about them.

      • Pk

        Didn’t you know? He is colliders resident nutjob

    • eternalozzie

      lol … i am amused and on a rare occasion agree with strong enough … and as a sidenoate i was automatically gay long before i replied to you :)

      • Strong Enough

        see. i knew you would come around! i’m a likable guy

  • Sola do Tênis

    I’ll be honest!
    That’s some AFLECKting news…

    • pinkincide

      Quit your day job and be a comic full time.

      • Luciano Jose Marin

        I´m only going to say this, THANK GOD THEY DIDN´CHOOSE TOM CRUISE!!!

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    To all the people who points out that affleck has grown since starring in daredevil, would you have said the same if George Clooney was recast as batman… I mean batman and Robbin was like 20 years ago and clooney has grown into a fine and respectable actor so he deserves a second chance in the superhero genre, right ?
    If you wouldn’t accept Clooney (who is a better actor than Ben affleck ) in the role, then neither you should accept Affleck

    Don’t give me that shit, he already played batman when batman and robin was as awful as daredevil

    Wes Bentley would have made a great batman
    Even Norlan thought so

    • Nerdgasm

      You’re an idiot. When they started doing testing they didn’t really know what direction the movie was going in. same thing with Man Of Steel as Jon Hamm was talked to. When they found out they were going to be catching up with batman years and years into his career as Batman they needed someone older so Wes Bently and gosling and others were thrown out. and your Clooney argument doesn’t work. I would have no problem with clooney taking on another superhero role but the movie of batman and robin was more to blame for the nipple suit, the cheesy advertisement slides [holds out credit card ' i never leave the cave without it], the ice skating segment, the cheesy lines delivered by freeze… over Clooney’s acting. i would have been okay if they rebooted batman with Clooney. You just can’t see past your nose and you obviously know nothing about what it takes to make a movie. Daredevil was the same thing – Bad dialogue and an ill advised playgrounf fight scene was it’s downfall not Affleck.

  • Felix Arreguín

    Breaking News!!!! J-Lo is the new Wonder Woman and Miley Cyrus as Wonder Girl… Also we know that Matt Damon will be Robin and Robin Williams is in talks to play Flash… ENJOY THE NEW DC MOVIES UNIVERSE!!!

    • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

      Robin Williams is courting the lex Luthor role
      Michael b. Jordan is playing flash (none will believe a white man as fast when you have usain bolt breaking records) and tyler perry is playing cyborg

      • Felix Arreguín

        YEAHH!!! We want Adam Sandler play Darkseid!!


      • Sinjun

        now Robin Williams can play a great bad guy.. he would be a pretty good Luthor… or Brainiac

    • Agent777

      Robin Williams was in the running for the Joker in 89, and Burton’s choice for Riddler… so…..

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    I agree with this article. Everyone HATED Heath Ledger as the Joker, but they didn’t know what the interpretation would be. Ledger probably would’ve sucked as a Jack Nicholson type joker, but that’s not what Nolan wanted. Thus, a lot of people were forced to eat humble pie when Ledger was awesome and even won an academy award.

    Affleck is a fine choice. He’s a good actor and a better filmmaker. I’d honestly rather have him replace Snyder as director than be cast as Batman, but I think he’ll do fine if Snyder/Nolan’s take on Batman is good. All of the internet folks just better be prepared to eat more humble pie.

    • Day_is_Over

      How on Earth is Ben affleck a good actor? seriously. He’s DECENT at best.

      • Nathaniel Haywood

        I think “good actor” is a perfectly fine description for him. He may not be Daniel Day Lewis, but then again neither was Adam West, Michael Keaton, or Val Kilmer, or Heath Ledger for that matter. Even Christian Bale was never considered an “elite” actor until The Fighter, which was after The Dark Knight. Chris Hemsworth had literally done nothing in Hollywood other than his 5 minutes of fame in Star Trek before becoming Thor. So it’s not like Affleck is this crazy choice that flies in the face of typical superhero casting. He’s a good actor, and I know no one wants to hear it, but playing Batman is not incredibly difficult. You don’t want a scrub, but you don’t need Daniel Day Lewis to pull off Batman. The script and the direction are more important for selling it than anything. That’s why Batman Forever was mediocre and Batman and Robin was atrocious – not the actors, but the script and the direction. Be worried about that if you want to be worried.

      • croc

        like what some guy above said, we all know what Affleck brings to the table…as for Hemsworth, we didn’t, and his first major outing was a success.

    • Agent777

      Zack Snyder has pulled of so much more visually than Affleck ever has. It’s cool that people like Affleck and Eastwood direct, they are very capable, they are rarely artist, or imaginative as filmmakers. You can’t deny Snyder’s skill, and ability to make idea into to actual visuals.

      • Nathaniel Haywood

        I agree that Snyder is much more of an imaginative visual director than Affleck or Eastwood for that matter (Affleck admitted that was part of why he turned down Justice League – his lack of SFX experience). I love some of his work (like 300 and the director’s cut of Watchmen). But what Affleck and Eastwood have over him is their ability to effectively tell stories with strong plot and character. When Snyder has a large impact on the writing of the script, the plot and characters tend to suffer. Thus the imaginative visuals and framework of Man of Steel that fall apart when Superman turns into a mass murderer in Act 3, much to the disappointment of all the dead citizens of Metropolis. He also overlooked the fact that Superman could’ve just asked computer Jor-El how to defeat Zod during his 24 hour time frame, which would’ve resulted in Supes flying into space to battle and win instead of killing all of those human beings in combat on Earth. But I digress. I don’t think Snyder is awful, but I do think his weakness is plot and character (Sucker Punch is another great example of a film that has awesome visuals and is very imaginative but lacks in plot and characters). He needs to work on those for the MOS sequel, because that has a much greater possibility than Affleck’s casting to make the sequel mediocre. If he DOES work on those things, then the sequel could be greater than what a director like Affleck could do.

      • Sten


      • Sten

        Yeah, imagine Zack Snyder’s “Unforgiven“ or “Million Dollar Baby“. Nobody wants that. But nobody wants Eastwood’s “Superman“ or “300“ (although…) either. You can’t compare these directing styles. None of Snyder’s movies will win an actor an Acadamy Award. It’s in the technical categories where he’s a master. Ben Affleck and Clint Eastwood share a similar directing style which I really like. But I also like Snyder’s movies, but for completely other reasons. So the casting doesn’t really matter in a Zack Snyder movie, but the scripting does.

  • Austin

    Hathaway was honestly a mediocre Catwoman… at best. Her performance just gets a boost when you compare it to Halle Berry’s horrid portrayal in Catwoman. Regardless comparing Affleck to any of the other actors that have played Batman, he comes closest to George Clooney from everybody’s favorite Batman film, Batman and Robin. Also, examining the body of work Affleck has done doesn’t seem to help much. He’s never had a breakout character/performance that’s inspired sequels and he doesn’t seem to have much range as an actor. He just appears to be Ben Affleck in a new costume, setting or situation in each of his movies. This, along with his contribution to the fall of Daredevil understandably makes fans skeptical. I’d rather have an up and coming or little known actor than an established bad one.

    • Day_is_Over

      Let’s face it, Ben has done enough for us to know what to expect from him. Bale, Ledger, Hathaway, hell even Tom Hardy all had that potential “wow what could they do with this?” factor because we didn’t know them all too well. Cavill had done very little so his superman was a big question mark for fans. This also allows unknowns to dissapear into the role allowing the superhero to remain legendary and mythic.

      With Ben we’ll just see Ben as Batman. Not batman the hero from the comics. The big celebrity in the rubber suit who can’t act.

  • Wall-E

    Mallrats, Gigli, Pearl Harbour, Surviving Christmas…

    The acusation has finished with this witness, Your Honor.

    • axalon

      It’s not like he’s chugging that crap out now. People make (creative) mistakes dude.

      • Wall-E

        Like Marines said:

        One bad movie is bad luck…

        Two bad movies is coincidence…

        Three bad movies is enemy attack.

      • altechi

        Robert De Niro

        Meet the Fockers
        Little Fockers
        Meet The Parents

        Al Pacino

        Jack And Jill
        88 Minutes
        Two For the Money

        Even the most talented has done horrible movies

    • mrmo

      Argo, The Town, Hollywoodland…

      The Defense rests

      • Kevin Carter

        Well done sir.

      • Agent777

        Anointed Hollywood Nepotistic Crap

      • Ruprect

        Let me lend you the final nail for that coffin ….. Gone Baby Gone.

      • Beans

        Judgement – mrmo! Bang!

      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

        Argo was such a boniment. The escapees were never threatened. and the scene where the pasdarans chase the plane was simply a joke for 10 years old.

    • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

      Mallrats? That movie’s 20 years old and that is what you are putting as our defense? The guy has been nothing but putting quality work out since Hollywood Land in 2006 and the reason why WB went with him is because they also would like to have his directorial skills for their next Batman franchise after the JL.

      • Agent777

        So like Darth Vader and Joel Schumacher, he will bring balance to the force.

  • -

    I don’t know if the Ledger and Hathaway comparisons are entirely valid, because they hadn’t been around for as long as Affleck, and even then they both had shown that they could pull off something really amazing. (with Brokeback Mountain for Heath and Rachel Getting Married for Anne – although I didn’t like the film at all, lol) But Affleck hasn’t done anything that great acting-wise. He was quite good in The Town and Argo, but those are the only films I’ve seen of his where he was above average, and even then, I don’t see the potential showing that he can do anything *that* special.
    Look, I don’t think he’s destined to be awful. With the right material, he can be quite good, I just find it very hard to believe he can do a better job than someone like Michael Fassbender or Jon Hamm could have.

    • Wall-E

      Count me in #TeamHamm!

      • Andy

        Me too. I was hoping for Hamm–or possibly Anson Mount from HELL ON WHEELS.

  • Mars

    Dumb article. Hathaway was unspeakably awful, trying so hard to be sassy. And Affleck is less of a concern than Zack Snyder. When you have a filmmaker whose greatest weakness is storytelling, you’ve got a serious problem. A director’s only real job is to tell a story and he isn’t even remotely competent at doing that. He’s gone from shooting entire films in super slow motion to adopting incoherent shaky cam. Ben is an odd choice, but it’s almost worth it to see the nerds losing their shit. If you think the internet is mean now, wait ’til one day a non-white actor’s name even gets thrown into contention for the role, then people will show you who they really are (Joker voice).

    • Merlin235

      I’d agree that Snyder is more of a concern than Affleck. I’m still in shock that people were satisfied with this version of Superman. As a human being, any guy who is raised to hide who he is because people will persecute him or lock him up, watches his dad die as a result and never learns the lesson of sacrifice and love of others grows up to be a villain, not a hero.

    • Bob

      That is your opinion. The general consensus is that Hathaway’s portrayal of Catwoman was from good to great. So when you say this is a dumb article for that reason you honestly just sound like a moron.

      • Fact!

        To be clear, she was not Catwoman, she was Selina Kyle. And Catwoman is sexy and seduces men to get her way and to get out of trouble. When was screaming in the bar!!!, that isn’t Catwoman at all. Selina Kyle/Catwoman is a woman who shows no fear. No whip, quick to use a gun, gave up Wayne, didn’t sleep with Wayne, gullible, not actually called Catwoman. I AM NOT SAYING SHE WAS BAD, I am saying she was not Catwoman.

      • ‘Bere

        Erm, you do realise that screaming was a cover to distract the police and as soon as she misdirected them, she stopped screaming and strutted her way out of the bar…. That was in fact a class bit of acting. In fact that’s what Catwoman would do. Although ultimately this is an INTERPRETATION of a character not what you have clearly built in your mind.

    • Jonboy

      Hathaway didn’t do much to impress. Heath Ledger was a method actor. He did amazing research and did most of the work Nolan just let him do his thing. Wise choice. Zack cannot tell a story of his own. 300, Watchmen…they were carbon copies of the comics. Ben is not the problem. I guess there is still 50% of us who think he could pull it off if he tried.

  • Day_is_Over

    Unlike those other choices Affleck has been around longer and we’ve seen his full range of abilities. And the guy does not disappear into a role. I felt the same way when they cast Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. We didn’t KNOW what ledger was capable of he hadn’t done much by then. Affleck we know and he’s crapola when it comes to playing a real character.

    • Grayden

      Ledger hadn’t done much by then? You mean, the end of his life, essentially? Ledger surprised everyone, not because no one thought he could pull it off, but because no one had ever seen an actor disappear into a character like that.

  • Matt

    I completely agree. I don’t get all the hate. Has no one seen him in his last few roles? He’s basically got the somber, worn thing down pat.

    Rumors being that Batman will show him the ropes (via fighting him?) are given more credence with this.

    Is Affleck the best actor in the world? No. But he can work where he’s used well. The reason his career went down the drain is he took a bunch of bad roles that earned him a good amount of money. He’s figured it out and has shown he’s got great cinematic vision. I think that will benefit the role.

    One thing I wonder about is: Is directing the Justice League film apart of this deal? He was apparently pursued but dismissed the chance. I wonder if thats changed.

    • Day_is_Over

      Have you ever seen him in a film and NOT thought “Oh that’s ben affleck.”

      Now do that during a batman superman movie and you’ll see why it’s ultimately annoying and will take you out of the film.

      Better yet…watch Daredevil…

  • Agent777

    I just see it as a repeat of the logic behind the casting of George Clooney… it’s funny if anything.
    To all the people who are outraged… good, now you know hardcore Spider-Man fans felt when Andrew Garfield was cast as Spider-Man.
    As long as it’s not a boring film filled with mindless explosions and FX, then it will be a stopgap at worst.
    There will be other actors who play Batman.
    Justice League Batman is also the cheesiest, goofiest incarnation of Batman, so if anything better it not be perfect actor wasted is a farce film.

    • Day_is_Over

      No one was outraged with the Andrew Garfield casting. They were outraged when they saw that piss poor film.

      • dungeons and draccus’s

        Totally. It was utter crap.

  • enzofloc

    Batman is infallible. Regardless of how awful the Goyer-Snyder-Affleck reincarnation turns out, or how much Warner tries to destroy him, fans will pour in on the opening weekend and WB collects another 1/2 billion in three days.

  • Christopher

    Argo was a shitty movie with an even shittier ending and an even SHITTIER performance by Affleck. People should be legitimately concerned about this casting choice. Also, the directing in Argo, was pretty shitty.

    • Merlin235

      Said no one, ever.

      • Christopher

        But, I just said it.

      • Matt Clayton

        It’s your fucking opinion. Has no bearing on what everyone else thinks of Argo, so why continue to push it like it matters?

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    Ben affleck! get out of Adam Chitwood’s body!

  • jetblac

    Can Matt Damon play Robin?

  • cloud720

    Every actor that you mentioned has had stand out performances in films before they were in the batman movies. What stand out acting performance does Ben Affleck have?

    with that being said, he is still a good director. If Affleck ends up directing justice league or a new batman trilogy, I won’t be upset.

  • mattritchey

    100% agreed. Ignore the soon-to-be-silenced geek haterade in the comments.

    • mattritchey

      That being said, it’s not Affleck as Batman that’s the problem, it’s Zack Snyder. I don’t care how successful it was, MAN OF STEEL was a train wreck and Snyder’s last quality movie was 300.

  • 3abdolly

    regards & respect for u all
    I think Ben is a great actor he did such a great performance in The Town and Argo so i think playing batman will be a great challenge for him and I believe he will deliver .
    have some faith & respect for the man and don’t judge him for his older performance that he did years ago.

  • Matty

    I’ll wait to see his performance before being critical. I just prefer less known actors to play big roles because it is hard for a character to be believable when all you can think is “that’s Ben Affleck”. On the plus-side, the public’s negativity will probably make him strive more to do a great job.

  • Bo

    All this silliness about a bad actor cast to play a charater who dresses up like a Bat! My god, what has our culture come to? I wouldn’t go see Affleck act in any movie, let alone a silly super hero movie…well, maybe one…if he played the super hero Wonder Woman I’d go see that one…you can bet on that!!!!

  • http://thenonessentials.blogspot.com/ Sean Chandler

    I think my favorite thing about all of this ruckus is the complete lack of humility on the part of internet opinions. Although we haven’t seen the script or an outline or a screen test or a preview or a trailer, and we’ve been wrong in the past when predicting who will be a good fit, we still feel we know better. The internet is a lovely place.

  • Grayden

    The issue I can see arising from this isn’t so much Affleck’s casting so much as it is what kind of story are they going to saddle him with. What worked so well for Bale was that he was allowed to show a greater spectrum of psychological states in Wayne. Keaton kind of got into a little bit in Burton’s films. The darker, more troubled side of Wayne’s psyche, but Bale/Nolan showed far more complexity in the character, which is what makes him such a favorite. I’m afraid we’re going to get a Batman that will give us none of that, and will only be the guy with the gadgets. After exploring more of the emotional/psychological underpinnings of Kal-El in Man of Steel, I would hope DC would continue that through the next film and not let Batman be just another superhero with no discernable flaws, just reacting to whatever the villains actions are.

  • Jonboy

    Anne Hathaway didn’t blow us away like Ledger did. It took Heath Ledger time, research and his method acting to come up with the Joker. Sadly that means now every actor associated with a Batman story is going to be compared to him. But that’s what it takes. Ben Affleck just hasn’t got an opportunity to play a good ‘character’. That’s why he does really well in ‘Boston-ite’ roles, because he sees the character in them. Hollywoodland had him committed to a good role as well. Yes he was Daredevil and it wasn’t the greatest movie, but back then, what did anybody know about making a good comic book film ? I’ll tell you this though, he played a real convincing blind man who was tough enough to be a lawyer. Maybe he just needs a break to do it. We’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, let me reiterate what I stated first. Hathaway. Catwoman. Meh.

    • ‘Bere

      Can I just point out that Joker as a character is a much more vibrant and complex character than Catwoman and so Ledger’s performance was obviously going to be more obvious and eye-catching. There are subtleties in Hathaway’s performance that are impressive e.g. turning from screaming damsel to strutting out of the bar in 2 seconds; her transformation in posture, voice and demeanor with a single word – “oops”. The consensus is correct – she did very well.

      • Jonboy

        I agree with you but ….. meh!

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  • Andrew Hegele

    I’m not inherently against the idea, but this article bugs me for three reasons…

    1. It’s pretty obnoxious when people who write about Hollywood for a living get annoyed when regular people get passionate enough to have an opinion about it too. Even if people bitch, who cares? It gives you traffic (though i guess not as much traffic as writing a self pleasing, entitled article about how the rest of us are pre-mature in our “opinion”).

    2. Yes. There were people who bitched about Heath Ledger. I wasn’t one of them, but you know what? This isn’t at all the same situation. For one thing, Heath never played a villain. We had no way to gauge what kind of performance he’d give. Affleck has not only played heroes, he’s played Daredevil. Granted it’s a different character, he’s been around long enough (longer than Heath in 08) for the general public to asses his range. For another thing, Heath was in a sequel to Batman Begins directed by Nolan.. this is a sequel to Man of Steel, directed by Snyder… Snyder is no Nolan. There’s a reason the internet constantly chanted “In Nolan I Trust” When The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were in production. Synder is not great with actors, even with great actors (just look at MoS) he never seems to get anything decent out of them. I was told to “wait and see with Watchmen… Wait and see with Man of Steel”, etc. I think the public has earned the right to pre-maturely judge Snyder with Batman. I think he’s the wrong guy for the job.

    3. Yes, there will always be Batman films. We’re all well aware of that (thanks for really ringing out the patronizing fluff in this article btw) but you know what? It’ll be a freaking bummer if we have to wait another ten years for the next great Batman.

    Just let people vent if they want to vent.

    • Nick

      Well put, but do keep in mind that this article wasn’t written to get people to stop bitching or venting…. Quite the opposite. This is just an excuse for a fresh canvas of adds and marketing. Any way, Bruce Wayne SHOULD be played by a versatile actor who can capture the inner torment of Bruce Wayne’s mask. Christian bale was capable, but his acting was never needed or showcased… Ben can pull that off at least…

  • jocab_w

    Christ, it’s like folks are still living in 2003 or haven’t bothered to keep up with Ben Affleck’s career.

    If Affleck does end up “sucking“, DC won’t suddenly stop putting out Batman comics, films, TV shows, DTV animations, video games, underwear, etc. Regardless of whatever happens, Batman will endure for many, many years to come.

    • Grayden

      possibly, but DC won’t see any effect if the film flops. Warner Bros, however, will lose some ability to get investment for future DC films. It’s not as if making a crappy movie doesn’t have ramifications in Hollywood. It sets the DC film universe back. Marvel planned out their film universe, DC didn’t or hasn’t, and it seems like they’re just trying to play catch-up. I’m speaking from a purely film-based perspective here. I don’t read Marvel or DC comics, I enjoy the film adaptations of their characters though.

  • Ben-Affleck-in-”Extract” Fan

    Favorite Ben Affleck role = “Extract”. Yea? Nay?

  • Nick

    How in the world does ANYONE care about this news? Fact is, Zach Snyder will be the reason batman is portrayed poorly… The real tragedy here is that the king of “snap focus/zoom” Zach the hack Snyder, will be directing a man who is a far more talented, balanced and defined director. I don’t wanna see Ben angry in a batman suit fr the movie, I wanna see him angry with the poor directing skills helping this movie.

  • Dmula

    Since Gosling’s out for Batman maybe they should consider him for Flash,I think it’ll work.Idris Elba as Cyborg is a perfect match.

    • Nick

      Idris Elba is really old to play a teenager. Why do people love him so much that there willing to neglect 30 years age difference

  • Ashtalon

    Terrible actor. Terrible director. I feel confident in saying this film will be terrible. I just can’t give Snyder another chance.

  • smelly fish fingers

    So affleck can act….we have been surprised by other castings that turned out good (still dont buy keating as bruce) but for me my annoyance is not having some one cast who looks right with a cowl on. A proper defined jaw line, angry mouth. Bale had a ducked mouth and flabby jaw, george cluneysround fat jaw with a bum chin, kilmer looked good, keaton looked lliked middle age flabby jawed man. West looked like west. That brings us to batfleck….his jaw line isnt strong enough he has a bume chin and pulls the same facial expression all the time.

    He may surprise me but bruce shouldnt sound like hes from charlestown batman should look angry….marvel has succeed as they have taken leftfield interesting choices actors on the up or in a slump.

  • Duder NME

    Fan outrage has been immature since the Star Wars Special Editions. Internet never learns.

  • Futur3Fo3

    Just make him a grim badass! Oh, and Detroit would make an awesome Gotham!!!

  • Not my pick, but not a problem

    This is no different than 007 or Dr. Who. Each actor has portrayed the character in a different way. Viewers like some and others not, but everyone has their own opinion as to who was the best and worst. I think it’s great to see how others interpret characters, just like it will be with the new Batman.

  • Chuck

    What I loved about Nolan’s Batman was his casting ability. Together with John Papsidera and in part Toby Whale they casted some fantastic
    actors for Nolan’s Batman. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph
    Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart have been brilliant.

    I doubt Nolan had any say in casting the new Batman and I am struggling as to why Warner Brothers even made Nolan a Producer on the Man of Steel project if there wasn’t going to be some sort of linkage with Nolan’s Batman. It would have made
    complete sense to Nolan Bat-fans; and for consistency and commercial sake and
    not to reboot Batman so soon.

    Nolan’s Batman now seems like a pointless exercise and seems to discredit the great work by the actors above. Christian Bale is only 39 (younger than Ben) and could easily of done one more Batman role and then let Joseph Levitt takeover as Nightwing/Batman in Man of Steel 3 and Justice League.

    I like Ben Affleck but can he pull off an action-packed Batman trilogy for the
    next 7-10 years at now 42???

  • http://www.facebook.com/sangbaran Sam

    I think its a good choice!
    hope they will interpret it completely different from the Nolan world.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MyPassion4Life?ref=hl Javan Clark

    Why is every fat nerd in the universe mad?

    Because Affleck represents the good looking jock that tormented them in High School with duct tape and trash cans. Not only did he co write an Oscar winning movie, he also directed one and along the way made some pretty fun movies to watch.

    Stop pining for Jon Hamm, or any of the other guys (Gosling???? “Mumble Mumble I’m Batman”!?). Stop acting like this is the end of the world. And to the guy with a tattoo of the Worlds Finest that claims he’s been a fan since.. go outside you fat nerd and get some sun. Maybe talk to a Fat Nerd Girl or something.

    He could totally suck, no doubt about it. He could also be pretty amazing. None of us know, and none of us will know until it releases. I guess you have to be a Fat Nerd to see that far into the future and know something none of us knows with the same level of certainty.

    So. STFU, Fat Nerds. Go obsess on Nathan Fillion, or whatever other object you Fat Nerds like to obsess over.There’s nothing for you here.


    Fear itself is not the actor because it grows much after making daredevil that I have not found a bad movie for its time was a good movie and was only poorly publicized.
    fear is having more sequences of this film and give as Ben did in daredevil.
    geito break this chain of movie ra i take the credibility of the proximity of the film sequence having to put another actor in his place, and above all do not think he’s gotten a superhero films do not.
    but if there’s no way we’ll have to wait.
    but I really wanted the “Josh Brolin” in place of Ben Affleck this is true …

  • AFilmGuy

    We should also keep in mind that much of this fan outrage happened back when Michael Keaton was signed on to play Batman. Fans raged on and on and sent letters to WB endlessly, mostly because he was known more as a comedy actor, featuring in “Mr. Mom.” Then, he shuts up most of the fans when he turns in arguably the best Batman performance to date.


    Fear itself is not the actor because it grows much after making daredevil that I have not found a bad movie for its time was a good movie and was only poorly publicized.
    fear is having more sequences of this film and give as Ben did in daredevil.
    geito break this chain of movie ra i take the credibility of the proximity of the film sequence having to put another actor in his place, and above all do not think he’s gotten a superhero films do not.
    but if there’s no way we’ll have to wait.
    but I really wanted the “Josh Brolin” in place of Ben Affleck this is true …
    bet more on his performance.

  • .

    Guess what….. Affleck and Snyder don’t give a damn what you think and that movie is going to be brimming over with the cash from all of your wallets in the long run. All your bitching and whining is nothing but flatulance.

    • .

      So please….. spare us the flatulance.

    • -

      Neither does Michael Bay, that doesn’t change the probable fact that Transfromers 4 is going to be awful.

  • mick

    Sorry, disagree with this article. First, I’d like to say that I am taking more of the wait and see approach, however, I am tired of this silly argument that we jumped to conclusions on Ledger, Keaton and Hathaway. First off, for Keaton and Ledger, they were still fairly new in cinema as far as being legit stars, so we still hadn’t seen their full range. But anyone who was paying attention to Ledger’s career could see that he was going to be a great ACTOR. Ben, on the other hand, has been around now for about twenty years (yeah, can you believe that long). Now think about all of the roles he’s had. Do any of them really stick out to you as being good? See the problem is not in the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne, but rather in Affleck himself. He simply is a poor actor (something which Anne Hathaway who had been nominated for an Oscar already before Catwoman, is not). He’s a good director, but we have to remember that that does not transfer over to other pursuits in the industry. On top of that, we already have a description of what the character is supposed to be like: grizzled, older, mature, having done things in his life. Based off of that, coupled with the tone already set by Snyder, it doesn’t seem like the right choice. So, for me, the whole “we did it before” argument is invalid, because every situation is different and this one is certainly different.

  • alex99con

    This was our fault in making Man of Steel a success. We should of let that one bomb and not allow Zach Snyder and David Goyer the chance to go wild. (Tongue firmly in cheek.) i just wish they could just concentrate on Superman and build him up more, why rush into the Batman team up and Justice League?

  • Julius Roberts
  • Tom Jane

    “…should chose…”

    You’re such a goddamn moron.

  • John B Badd

    Yeah, it is up to the director to decide how they portray a character, and it is up to the fans to decide if they think that character sucks. I think Ben is a good director, but I have never seen any sign that he is a good actor. In every role I see him in he is Ben Affleck. Sure he can remember lines, he can even show emotion, but quality actor he is not. If you don’t believe me watch just his parts from Mallrats, the Town, and Daredevil, three different roles, three different types of movies, all the same character. Sorry writer of this article, but we have the right to judge until he proves us wrong. Suck it up and welcome to geek world bitches.

  • Fried Rice Tv

    Ben Affleck will be fine. He has that Bruce way style and well batman
    will ultimately be defined by the voice and costume. (a stunt man will
    handle the rest) if he can nail a Kevin Coroy type voice rather than a
    screaming bale voice all will be good.

    • enzofloc

      Sure, and instead of being so stiff and boring, if he can just somehow acquire an interesting personality, and well, stop being Ben Affleck, then Ben Affleck would be great.

  • Sinjun

    it’s not snap judgement given his other movies he would be a horrible Batman. It would be better to get an Unknown or relatively unknown who could pull off the part.

    At least Christian Bale proved he could be a believable Batman in Equilibrium. Affleck has no such movie.

  • Christopher Cache

    Ben Affleck is an interesting choice, he’s a great actor and kicked some serious ass in The Town. I’m curious to see how he plays the caped crusader, I think he’s a good choice.

    You guys got to be kidding with that petition. Flipping morons I swear. I’m going to laugh when he finally appears and turns out to be the best batman out there.

    I wonder what Obama thinks about this? I hope he takes everyone who signed the petition and sends them to Rehabilitation IDIOCRACY style.

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  • Bobby

    OMG. BEN AFFLECKS CASTING WILL MEAN THE END OF CINEMA AS WE KNOW IT THE MOON WILL FALL FROM THE SKY, AND THE SUN WILL EXPLODE RAINING FIREY DEATH ON US ALL! GOD WILL SEND HIS ANGELS TO DRAG ZACK SNYDER TO HELL, ALONGSIDE CHRISTOPHER NOLAN! I HATE ALL OF YOU BECUASE MY OPIOION IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS, AND YOU MUST ALL MAKE MOVIES THE WAY I EXPECT YOU TO! Anyway, we all know that Nolan’s movies were an abortion on the name of Batman, despite generating a billion dollars a the box office, and gaining huge public approval. The simply didnt do what I and my other cave-dwelling nerds expected so they are wrong. I want to write more, but my mom is calling me up from the basement for dinner….

  • Bobby

    What is it with our culture of hate? People are trying to make films that work and entertain us. It’s in the studios interest to make them succeed. Just because it doesn’t conform to a small percentage of people’s ideals, it’s crap? Be open minded. And you know, at if you hate it so much, shut your mouth, and go make your own version! Talk is cheap. “Better to be a has been, than a never was”.

  • Cog

    Might as well get Honey Boo Boo’s mom to play Hillary Clinton….much less of a stretch.

  • twojawas

    I was excited when I heard it was Affleck. Remember, it’s 2013 Affleck, not 1998 Affleck. I think people are confused. Watch Argo. Affleck will make an awesome Batman.

  • Django9000

    It’s not Affleck we’re really peeved about. It’s the prospect of Affleck as directed by Snyyyydderrrr . . . This whole process reeks of Shumacker casting Clooney, as if that’d fix all of his otherwise poor decisions. “He’s an award winning actor!” Yeah. Cuz that’s apparently all you need to make a good movie. Pricey CGI & Oscar winners.

    CLEARLY that’s what made the Dark Knight such a great success. Its easy formula for success.

    What’s disappointing so many people is how blatantly this flies in the face of what’s made superhero films such successes: The UNDERDOG Factor.

    If NO ONE in an executive board room could possibly imagine it working, the director & actors have extra invested in pleasing the FANS to make it a success. (i.e. Batman Begins , Avengers , Kick Ass , hell. Even Edward Scissorhands falls in this category.) As a result, fans & non fans flock in kind to see artists achieve great success AGAINST ALL ODDS.

    Conversely, if EVERY Studio Exec & board room member would agree that a cast of Oscar Winners & an aimless young director w/ little pedigree except Box Office success (all other areas such as critical praise & original cinematic repertoire notwithstanding) – then the FANS ALREADY KNOW that neither the Director NOR the Actors have anything at stake to please them, and the characters legacies these studios own the rights to.

    This is why this outrage is not premature. CENSORING a White House petition to request the President issue an executive order, banning Ben Affleck from playing BATMAN ? That’s premature.

    • Django9000

      (Commence outrage backlash , Bat-fans. I double dog DAREDEVIL you.) =]

      • Djuh-oh!9000

        & before anyone says anything stupid like “Studio Execs & Oscar Winners ARE the Underdogs in our current climate!” Just measure your words carefully, folks. ~ (drops gauntlet)

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    Yeah, but Adam, Heath Ledger was YOUNGER than Affleck, acting in LESS movies, and showed he was a GREAT actor with 2 performances (surrounded by a better cast and with a better director). The only area Affleck could be called great would be directing; acting he is only middle-field. Cast Damon instead.

  • Baker

    Ben Affleck will be great if he play and direct the movie. I hope after this, Ben Affleck can direct DC movie.

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  • sense11

    I want you to prove me wrong Ben Affleck and now to other news, who’s going to play Nightwing? who’s going to take care of Gotham while Batman is off with the Justice League

    My guess is Wes Bentley

  • Cog

    Adam Chitwood ….has kissed more Hollywood butt than Charmin.

  • poppincherry

    How the fuck could they pick this guy to portray BM? Huh! What the hell are they trying to do to us!!
    I can understand, but don’t really buy into it, when they cast a black guy to play a white character in a movie. Like Fishburne as Percy White. I’m black and I say keep white ass white and black ass black. That’s just me. Now back to this monumental bullshit that has BENFLABERGASTED me for days.
    When Ben’s characters get flustered they act as if they’re getting fucked in the ass by a goddamn man. In prison.With 6 consecutive life sentences.
    Oh GOD help me as I try to deal with this shit!!!!!!

  • Harry Palm

    I have no idea who Shane Nickerson is, but his tweet sums it up beautifully:

    “Your government spies on you.”

    “Ben Affleck is Batman.”
    WHY IS THIS HAPPENNING TO US? ::sobs, vigils, hunger strikes::


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  • Subodh

    First world problem #7545: Waaah! For my favorite comic book hero role, they replaced my favorite actor with an actor I intensely dislike. I’m so so outraged!!!!!

  • Twisted

    Ben Affleck is like marmite, you love him or hate him. This is a bad casting choice, this in not the role to take a risk on with this actor, this a character people grew up with and hold in high regard, putting Affleck in the role shows a lack of understanding of what the true fans want. Not only this but if the film bombs it will be on his head, maybe thats why he was cast, just in case they now have a scape goat if it under performes, unfortunately it jeopardises the future Batman, Superman and Justice league movies.
    I don’t dislike they guy per say and he can act extremely well on the right role but this role should have went to a more “unknown” actor.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think it would’ve been better with an unknown actor, as far as reaction goes. People would just be mad that they went in with someone they’ve never heard of instead of Josh Brolin or Jon Hamm. I don’t think they cast Affleck because he could be a fall guy – it’s too important for that, like you said. To a certain extent, it was a no win situation because of the success of the Dark Knight trilogy

  • fabrice


  • Ruben

    One word: Gigli.

    • NMphotog

      nah. new title

      The Sum of All Fears 2

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  • Hero

    Ben Affleck vs. Paper Bag = no way out. On the other hand, considering how weak Man of Steel was, Affleck is the perfect choice. Though I cannot fault Henry Cavill only the screenplay, so it is a conundrum.

  • Glorious_Cause

    Warner Brothers clearly hates their audience. I have lost all interest in this film.

    Marvel is laughing their a** off.

  • bob lob law

    bit of an overreaction from people.

  • DarkKnight4Ever

    I’m a Batfan, I don’t care who plays it, as long as he kicks the hell out of that Alien (Superman). Ben might be the next great Knight, the Dark Knight. I have to admit I was a bit outraged at first, but now that the dust has settled and have had some time to think, everything is good. I’m betting this movie will be great, at least better than Man of Steel.

  • DarkKnight4Ever

    I’m a Batfan, I don’t care who plays it, as long as he kicks the hell out of that Alien (Superman). Ben might be the next great Knight, the Dark Knight. I have to admit I was a bit outraged at first, but now that the dust has settled and have had some time to think, everything is good. I’m betting this movie will be great, at least better than Man of Steel.

  • jack

    Did Adam not see Daredevil? We know EXACTLY how Affleck handles superhero roles. He’s going to do for the Batman character what nipples did for the bat suit, and I think that’s a prime example: nipples. They are a great thing, and they are diverse. They can be sensitive, attractive, hard, big, small, etc.. Now what happens if you take such a great thing and throw it on the bat suit? Full on, explosive, nauseating ass-douchery. Now think about Affleck. He’s a fine actor. He’s everything from a Bostonian bank robber to badass CIA analyst to an award winning director, but he’s also something else . . . . he’s a douch. So what is he going to do for the Batman character? He’s going to put nipples on it.

  • jack

    Did Adam not see Daredevil? We know EXACTLY how Affleck handles superhero roles. He’s going to do for the Batman character what nipples did for the bat suit, and I think that’s a prime example: nipples. They are a great thing, and they are diverse. They can be sensitive, attractive, hard, big, small, etc.. Now what happens if you take such a great thing and throw it on the bat suit? Full on, explosive, nauseating ass-douchery. Now think about Affleck. He’s a fine actor. He’s everything from a Bostonian bank robber to badass CIA analyst to an award winning director, but he’s also something else . . . . he’s a douch. So what is he going to do for the Batman character? He’s going to put nipples on it.

  • Only_Bat_MAN

    For me Ben Affleck is a good and unexpected choice :)
    He will add something new to the Batman’s character that we didn’t see…

    For me the most important question is WHO will be the VILLAIN… and i hope that Superman and Batman will share equal time…

    ‘Man of Steel’ was dissapointment :(
    I think they have to find a good story and not to go with these stupid FLASHBACKS.

    Just lets give to the guy a chance to prove himself… I think he will direct the next Batman movie!

    p.s. Just always remember that George Clooney played Batman too :D

    • jack

      You are incorrect. George Clooney did not play Batman. He simply played a man in a latex suit with nipples on it.

      • Only_Bat_MAN

        :) Very true

  • Only_Bat_MAN

    For me Ben Affleck is a good and unexpected choice :)
    He will add something new to the Batman’s character that we didn’t see…

    For me the most important question is WHO will be the VILLAIN… and i hope that Superman and Batman will share equal time…

    ‘Man of Steel’ was dissapointment :(
    I think they have to find a good story and not to go with these stupid FLASHBACKS.

    Just lets give to the guy a chance to prove himself… I think he will direct the next Batman movie!

    p.s. Just always remember that George Clooney played Batman too :D

  • milo

    So does that mean Jennifer Garner as a bit older Catwoman. I’m only mostly kidding.

    Actually she probably could have been a killer Wonder Woman had they made that movie ten or fifteen years ago (instead of Daredevil/Elektra).

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  • denver col

    Hey Adam Chitwood.. you don’t know shit… There is no such thing as acting premature about this situation, people do not like affleck as batman PERIOD.
    Neither do i.. in fact i couldn’t hate it more if it was Rob Schneider playing batman.. really think about that Adam.. sit back and actually imagine Rob fuckin Schneider as batman .. Now you know how we feel about Ben ..
    Someone get a petition going to GET BEN AFFLECK RECAST .. as an extra..

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