Ben Affleck May Star in and Direct REPLAY

     October 19, 2010


Ben Affleck is reportedly circling the director’s chair and may star in the drama Replay.  According to Deadline, the drama, which has been in development since 1989, is based on the Ken Grimwood novel about “a 43-year old radio journalist who dies, wakes up in his 18-year old body, and gets to relive his life over and over, getting the opportunity to take roads he passed up the first time around.”

Affleck’s been on fire ever since The Town opened to strong box office and critical acclaim.  He actually turned down Warner Bros. blockbuster projects Superman: The Man of Steel and Tales from the Gangster Squad.  It’s looking like Affleck is interested in a smaller, more character-driven drama as the other project he’s considering is The Trade.  That film is about 1973 wife-swapping Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekrich.  While we previously reported that Matt Damon was interested in directing The Trade, Deadline is reporting that Affleck is choosing between that film and Replay as his next project.  Whatever he chooses, I know I’ll be interested.


  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Retro Lives by Lee Grimes that I read several years ago. That was a pretty cool book, though that was written on 1993. These movies/books/concepts are always interesting, mainly because wonder what would’ve happened if I had went right instead of left. Whether it will be any good, thats a different discussion all together.

  • Jake42789

    I already hated it the first time when it was called 17 again.

  • Johnny

    Don’t you love comments people drop when they have no idea about the source material? ‘Reply’ is a damn good read, I highly recommend.

  • Johnny

    Haha, I meant ‘Replay’ of course. Whoooooooooooooops.

  • Angmal

    Sounds a bit like Groundhog Day meets Vice Versa – yes, that’s right, 17 Again wasn’t the first body-swap film either. Just because the core idea isn’t that original doesn’t mean it couldn’t be an interesting spin on well-worn material. I just wish Affleck would stay behind the camera, where his talents clearly lie.

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