Ben Affleck Was in the Running to Direct SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL?!

     September 28, 2010

As reported here yesterday, acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky is on the list to possibly direct the next cinema visage of Superman. Last week Aronofsky was thrown into the prospective list of directors with Duncan Jones, Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Zack Snyder and Jonathan Liebesman.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck was also in the pile of possible directors.   Apparently he discussed helming Superman: The Man of Steel last week, but is no longer pursuing it. THR stated that Affleck has (obviously) gained some heat with his critical and commercial hit The Town.

What I want to know is, who yanked on Affleck’s cape and dragged him back to Earth?  The Hollywood Reporter is claiming Affleck backed out.  If he did, it probably was a wise choice on his move.  With 2007’s Gone Baby Gone and now The Town, Affleck has some solid critical and monetary success under his feet and his career is flying again. Was the gamble of overseeing one of DC Comics most iconic properties not worth his current momentum, or did Nolan sprinkle some kryptonite on Affleck?

Do you think he was smart to remove himself from the list of directors, or has he made a huge mistake?

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  • h dot

    Wise move assfleck! Keep doing your thing

  • Excpired

    Yeah I think Affleck needs to focus on original films, the likelihood of any director being able to bring Superman to the screen successfully is slim to none, and we all know critics love to hate on Affleck for absolutely nothing, giving them even a small amount of fodder is going to ignite another hatefest.

  • Jonny_freenam

    After reading this bit of news, I’d sure like to lick my gurlfriends tight asshole right about now.

  • RudinFilargo

    affleck is afraid of anything that has to do with comic book movies

  • Qsudu

    Affleck is one hell of a director. Wise move on his part. Hopefully he moves away from Boston for his next pic, though.

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