WANTED Director Timur Bekmambetov in Talks to Helm BEN-HUR Remake

     August 19, 2013


MGM continues to move forward on its new adaptation of the 1880 Lew Wallace novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of The Christ, and it appears that the studio has a rather visually-inclined director in mind to tackle the redo.  Deadline reports that Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter director Timur Bekmambetov is in talks to direct the Biblical epic, which was of course previously realized onscreen by director William Wyler in the Charlton Heston-fronted 1959 classic Ben-Hur.  MGM’s new adaptation is said to be more faithful to the book and diverges heavily from the Heston film, as it will also tell the parallel tale of Jesus Christ in addition to the Ben-Hur story.  Hit the jump for more.

For those unfamiliar, the premise of Ben-Hur centers on the relationship between Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem, and his friend Messala, a commanding officer of the Roman leigons.  As the story progresses following their childhood friendship, tensions rise and Messala betrays his friend, playing a key role in getting Judah sold into slavery.  The new film will focus on the story of Judah and his quest for revenge, but it will also include the story of Jesus Christ, whom Judah encounters several times.  The script apparently follows the Christ story all the way up through his death sentence and crucifixion.

Deadline cautions that the negotiations with Bekmambetov might not work out in the end, but it’s clear that MGM is keen on moving forward with the redo.  Bekmambetov is coming off the forgettable Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and previously toyed with the idea of helming the Thomas Edison pic The Current War, but Ben Stiller is now in talks to direct that pic.  He is also attached to direct the Michael Bay-produced “aerial pirates” movie Heatseekers.



  • Nate B.

    For a project like this, the studio may want to consider a good director instead. Although I guess that Bible miniseries was pretty awful and the churchies ate that crap up, so might not matter.

  • Bob

    Are they serious? There gonna try and remake a movie that has the most Academy Award wins of all time tied with LOTR:ROTK and Titanic?!?! Have they officially gone nuts? They must be insane attempting to do this, and bring up this director? Really? Sure I would see another action film done by him, but for this? And I thought they were going mad when Scarface was announced for another reboot? I mean trying to strike gold three times is digging deep.

  • Marty

    I mean really. What kind of cgi bore fest are they after, was Brett Ratner booked? Ben Hur: Roman Killer is what they’ll get. Can’t see it happening this way though.

  • jack


  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Nothing is fucking sacred anymore
    I love both the silent and the sound version of Ben-hur
    There is no need for a new one , at least not one directed by this fucking Russian hack
    Fucking MGM bro, since they went broke, they’re remaking everything now

    • ʝoe Ģnaśher ßloggs

      I find it ironic that you used “fucking” and “sacred” in the same sentence. :)

  • Calderon

    Please don’t remake this movie.

  • Sheldon Spradling


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