Rumored Details on Ben Kingsley’s Secret Marvel Project

     October 28, 2013


If Agent Carter is any indication, Marvel is figuring out how best to use the “Marvel One-Shots” included on Blu-ray releases for the recent Marvel movies.  Steve recently asked Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige if they had already filmed the next One-Shot.  Feige came up with a generic response: “The One-Shots come about when we have a fun idea… when we have a fun idea, we put it together and we do it.”  Steve pressed for details, and Feige responded, “Well, we’re not talking about it yet.”

Feige would keep just about any “fun idea” under wraps, as per the Marvel code.  But this one may be especially juicy.  Ben Kingsley‘s revelation that he recently filmed a “secret Marvel project” invited speculation that the next One-Shot is about Kingsley’s character in Iron Man 3.  A report surfaced tonight that claims to know the plot of the rumored short.  Details after the jump.

Potential spoilers are below the poster (along with definitive spoilers for Iron Man 3).


The marketing leading up to Iron Man 3 sold Kingsley as Iron Man’s greatest foe from the comics, the Mandarin.  That turned out to be a red herring.  Kingsley played a bumbling actor hired to portray the mystic terrorist persona for the public while evil scientist Killian (Guy Pearce) plotted all the true villainy in the background.  So Killian was the Mandarin.

Or… maybe not?  Here’s what Latino Review hears about Kingley’s purported One-Shot (emphasis theirs):

“The REAL Mandarin is furious with Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character Trevor Slattery for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy.  The real Mandarin wants to set the record straight.  Yes, the REAL Mandarin.”

I thought Iron Man 3 came up with a clever way to bring an important but problematic character from the comics to the movies.  Such a One-Shot would walk it back: The legend of the Mandarin is out there and Killian (perhaps believing it’s untrue) misappropriates the iconography for his own purposes.

I don’t know that One-Shots must be canon, but I can’t make much sense of this.  Maybe there’s another twist or joke hidden in the premise that I’m missing?  Consider it rumor until proven otherwise.

If this is true, do you want to see Marvel try a more faithful portrayal of the Mandarin on screen?



  • Buried Allan

    that movie was lame, not worth a second viewing, they are trying to redeem themselves for ignoring iconic history. changes are fine but not a villain like him. that’s some michael bay shit right there.

    • bombinUSA

      shutup dork

      • GoldenAvenger

        hes right the film was awful, any real Iron man fan would say so. Not all the people who jumped on the band wagon and now all of a sudden are experts. to hell with them and you, you phony fan.

      • bombinUSA

        calm down nerd, it made 1.5 billion or whatever and got a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes…only dorky losers who think they’re better than people that make billions thought the movie sucked. ‘wah wah wah they ruined the mandarin’..shut up, kingsley was hilarious and it provided a nice twist to what would have been a cliched movie.

      • ScoobyDooFTW

        It’s his opinion. I for one, agree that the movie was amazing, but I still would have loved to see the actual Mandarin carrying out those bombings and 10 Rings strikes.

      • Justin

        I’m a big Marvel/superhero fan, and even not knowing any history or background of these characters, (and never having read the comics) I agree with ‘Buried Allan’. The movie was terrible.

    • EvenWorseThanTheAvengers

      The movie was god awful far beyond the so called “twist.” From the kid sidekick to the fire breathing baddies, to the kung fu super soldier Pepper Potts, etc. etc. It was a complete train-wreck altogether. Not to mention, the end completely disregards the entire plot of the second movie.

  • Buried Allan

    that movie was lame, not worth a second viewing, they are trying to redeem themselves for ignoring iconic history. changes are fine but not a villain like him. that’s some michael bay shit right there.

  • Alexson Philip

    If this is true, I will be very pleased…but also still mad at what they did to Tony’s arc.

  • Murdoch

    This rumor is a TOTAL load of crap. The idea that the movie Mandarin had direct access to the President’s phone and had the whole world listening to his ominous threats, while the REAL international terrorist/madman who was being parodied didn’t know about it / do anything to stop it until NOW?
    This is just like the “Why don’t the avengers help Tony?” argument after IM 3. Now sure, everyone expects every hero to handle their business, but when it involves the President of the US, SHIELD better send in someone to help, even if its just an intern.

    • pouya

      The Avengers Cant help Tony because they already fighting with their vilian .
      Its mean that the Timelevel of the all movies are same.

      • Murdoch

        I didn’t say the avengers, i said SHIELD. If they’re off investigating extraterrestrial objects in a peruvian temple, i’m guessing they can spare ONE guy to help rescue the president . . . unless they all voted for the other party.

      • ScoobyDooFTW

        I think it would have worked well if Nick Fury and SHIELD were working on what to do and called Stark in for assistance. Stark, taking it personal because of Happy’s inclusion with one of the attacks and thus being admitted to the hospital, causes him to tell Fury to focus on another matter while he handles the Mandarin problem. Of course, Fury could rebel against the solution, but just a thought for people who complain why didn’t SHIELD assist if the president was being threatened.

  • sense11

    I really didn’t like the Mandarin twist, it get worse with each viewing of Iron Man 3
    and I find it hard to believe that they would double down on such a hit and miss kind of character and make the short about it him, i hope we never see him again.

  • Name

    I doubt this is actually true, it will probably be just a marvel one shot for Thor’s blu-ray release, same way they did the Agent Carter one for Iron Man 3.

  • ZladSupersonik

    To be honest, if this was true (which coming from Latino-Review means it’s not), this would be the worst thing Marvel can do to this character. This is digging the corpse up and defacating on it. You made your bed, Marvel, sleep on it. You chose to make the Mandarin a false herring, just keep him Slattery if there is a One-Shot.

  • Avenging World

    The Mandarin was a stupid character, I loved what they did with him in IM3, turning him from a two dimensional stereotype into a satirical swipe at ‘real-life’ supervillians.
    Personally I would love to see more of Kingsley’s Mandarin/Trevor character.
    Maybe he gets some government work ?

  • Batman

    Makes sense since they used Ten Rings as fake Mandarin’s terrorist group. I would like the bald terrorist form Iron Man 1/Star Trek captain to be Mandarin.

  • ʝoe Dimþleš ßloggs

    Don’t tell me. The REAL Mandarin is Elmo from Sesame Street.
    Since they’ve already mocked the character, why not go full hog?

  • nNark

    And here we have the typical fanboy crap that studios love to work like puppets. You guys want to know every damn thing possible even before projects are shot, so you can wail and bitch and talk it up on every board (exactly as the publicity machines desire), and then, when the final movie/show is finished, you can bitch even more that things weren’t done right! Do you guys have any wish whatsoever to not know anything before a film comes out? Go into something open to whatever the storytellers have in store? Duh, no. What would you (and sites like this) have to talk about, then?
    Real life must be unbearable for you.

    • Melwing

      While I can’t totally disagree with your main point- I would much rather have the ‘bitching fanboys’ than the ones nailing them to the wall with insults. Which do you think is more harmful to the state of humanity, really?

  • Andrew Shaw

    Amazing how many die hard fans of The Mandarin materialised since Iron Man 3 was released.

    • eternalozzie

      the fake mandarin story ruined the movie … it was terrible.

    • Strong Enough

      you can include human torch after michael b jordan signed on.

    • Charlie

      It was never really much to do with the Mandarin, but creating an actually decent, threatening and potentially memorable villain. The villains in 1 & 2 were boring basic business men and making Killian the villain just continued that trend…with someone like Ben Kingsley and a role like they created, was just a huge missed opportunity and gave us another similar villain…Marvel have been quite lacking in the villain department and Mandarin seemed like their opportunity to turn that around and the trailers definitely promised that. That’s more where the disappointment stems from

  • Lenny

    “The REAL Mandarin is furious with Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character Trevor Slattery for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy.”

    Man, he’s not the only one…

  • OhDawg

    Sounds like a lame idea, if I’m to be honest, and it sounds like wishful thinking from people who disliked the portrayal of the Mandarin in the movie. I’m still amazed that people can get so worked up over that stuff, but hey, why NOT have a racist charicature in your movie? I mean, if you can?
    If a 50-year-old comic book said a character was that, then it needs to be respected, right?

    • Cocoa Brovas

      It didn’t need to be a racist caricature. Why couldn’t it just be a Chinese villain who uses the 10 rings? Everyone’s so focused on bullshit racism these days.

      • OhDawg

        Well, the idea of making the Mandarin into a think tank, a group with a sense of ideology and technology and marketing ability, is one that feels more relevant to today’s ideas of terrorism. It’s actually quite clever to step away from the simplistic “beware the boogeyman” rhetoric of our post-9/11 political and media landscape (while exploiting its language and imagery), and with the Iron Man franchise always having one foot in a sort of grounded reality, it all makes more sense than a villain who uses magic. More sense… to me, obviously, I know a lot of people were disappointed but I just don’t get why it’s made into such a big deal.

      • Cocoa Brovas

        Personally, I like the idea of technology vs magic. I find it much more intriguing than extremis. You’re talking about Iron Man having one foot grounded in realism. In the same movie with people running around with fire powers, not to mention the continuity of Gods and Aliens from Avengers. I think magic would have fit in perfectly and made for a more exciting movie. Ben Kingsley was a pretty great Mandarin before the reveal and it would have been cool to see the ten rings at work. If you wanted to keep it more grounded, the rings could have been made using advanced technology. I think most people had a problem with the character being teased and then basically discarded for yet another science/business enemy of Tony Stark.

  • Travis Gowen

    I thought you weren’t supposed to know about things that were “secret”

  • Michael Horne

    Sounds like typical Latino Review speculation. Not worth the breath to repeat it IMHO.

  • Jack le Critic

    Just leave it – it was a brilliant way to handle what was a racial stereotype and fundamentally, dated character. I’d like to see Kingsley again as a Marvel villain though…the Vulture perhaps?

  • Kevin

    I don’t think this is true at all. Why would they set up a villain when there are going to be no more Iron Man films? And I doubt he’d face The Avengers, Thanos is facing them in the third film. And to do it in a one-shot that not everyone will see, nope.

  • Stefan Bonomo

    To me, this sounds like fan fiction. Like the REAL Mandarin getting mad at Killian and Trevor’s portrayal and going for revenge, just sounds odd. Maybe it could work, but its Latino Review, so I’m not holding my breath.

    It looks like I’m one of few people who liked the twist in Iron Man 3 (not caring for the Mandarin myself). If they were gonna retcon this, I personally think it would be better if Trevor finds the Ten Rings somehow and becomes the real Mandarin that way, but at this point anything can go.

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  • DNAsplitter

    It’s probably Marvels way of trying to lure Robert Downey back for another Iron Man outing. Iron Man is their cash cow next to the Avengers. I think they know that once he’s gone that their profits probably won’t reach the levels that it did with him there. Downey is the sole reason why Marvel was successful because the Incredible Hulk sure as hell didn’t help, though not a bad film, and Thor and Captain America have made about half of what Iron Man made in theaters. They would be smart to keep him as long as they can as he is their bread and butter.

  • The Flobbit

    Latino Review has all the credibility of an drunk fisherman relating his catches. In other words, none.

  • mattinacan

    this would fix one of the worst twists in a film in recent memory

  • drewlicious

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the original purpose of the Mandarin, in the film, was to cover up the mysterious explosions happening all over the country? After that Killian took it a step further and used it as a boogeyman for his coup. It seemed to me no one even heard of the Mandarin until only a year ago. Understanding this is why I was willing to accept the idea of Tony Stark underestimating him. Most would assume he’s another jerk living in a cave not someone with access to attack helicopters disguised as part of the media.

  • Solgazer

    I would guess that the ‘real’ mandarin would be some no-hoper who comes out of the shadows to claim the name Mandarin. This would keep the story choices made in Iron Man 3 intact and make for a pretty funny one-shot (particularly if there ended up being some kind of ‘heroic’ battle between Kingsley and this new guy). More a lateral story movement than any canon heavy tale.