Zoolander Meets Stefon on Last Night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Hosted by Ben Stiller

     October 9, 2011


Last time Ben Stiller host Saturday Night Live, it was 1998, aka the pre-Zoolander era.  By the time Stiller returned to host SNL last night, the show had created the perfect counterpart for Stiller’s male model character in flamboyant New York scenester Stefon (played by Bill Hader).  While all involved are trying to get Zoolander 2 going in features, Stiller revived the character for an appearance with Stefon on last night’s Weekend Update.  Get your Zoolander fix in the clip posted after the jump.

As a bonus, look for the show’s Moneyball parody, in which Billy Beane (Taran Killam doing a great Brad Pitt impression) turns to steroids instead of statistics.


  • zootcatchy

    thank you nbc for not letting me watch this in my country

  • judasbarronx1

    Stupid movie but I still liked it somehow.

  • hugo

    Holy shit. Stiller looks like a granddad ! what the hell…

  • snowy

    What happened to Eddie Murphy??? The rumor was he was going to appear for the first time in years. He’s in the movie with Stiller. Eddie needs to get over it. Just like him making fun of people, he need to forgive SNL too!!! In the beginning of the 2000′s (can’t remember the exact year) They made fun of him. He took it like a big baby. Crying about for years, and I guess still?

  • Sugreev2001

    Why is Zoolander so popular. I’m a fan of the star cast,not so much of the movie.It has it’s share of laughs,but it was barely a 3/5

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  • mo

    I can’t watch the clip because I’m in Canada. That’s right, CANADA. WTF? So much total disrespect!

  • mo

    I can\’t watch the clip because I\’m in Canada. That\’s right, CANADA. WTF? So much total disrespect!