Benedict Cumberbatch and Joel Kinnaman May Topline Bill Condon’s Julian Assange Film

     October 2, 2012


A number of films centering on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are in the works at the moment, but the one that seems to be gaining the most momentum comes from Gods and Monsters director Bill Condon.  Just this past July we learned that Jeremy Renner was keen on playing Assange in DreamWorks’ iteration of the story, but now Deadline hears that Sherlock and Star Trek 2 star Benedict Cumberbatch is the one being discussed for the role.  Moreover, the studio is also mulling over the idea of The Killing and RoboCop star Joel Kinnaman playing Assange’s right hand man, Daniel Domscheit.

Cumberbatch and Kinnaman certainly have the acting chops to pull this off, but no solid conversations appear to have taken place just yet.  Condon hasn’t officially committed to directing yet either (though he’s likely to), but one assumes he’d be happy to helm a character-centered drama like this in the wake of directing the two-part Twilight finale.  Hopefully we hear more firm word soon, but a Cumberbatch/Kinnaman team-up sounds like a solid idea.

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  • guest

    Solid! Cumberbatch is a great actor. Its the director they need to ditch .

    • Aki

      You probably have not seen Gods and Monsters. Too young and too much of a fangirl for an arthouse movie? If Candon is set to direct this movie, then he has the right to pick the actors; fans may as well learn to be a bit respectful.

  • bud

    I think they should use an Aussie for this. Go to Australia and do auditions.

    • Alan

      I am Australian and don’t agree with this. Assange is an international figure whose ideas and personal identity go beyond the boundaries nationalities, so it almost makes sense that he would be played by a non-Australian.

  • ossie

    Not fussed on the director. Anyone signing up to twilight films is passed his sell by date

    • JennyL

      Have you seen Gods and Monsters? Don’t blame the director on this.

  • Hall

    Michael Sheen was in Twilight films too; don’t think anyone dares to claim that he’s not a serious and well-respected film and stage actor.

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