Benicio Del Toro Drops Out of STAR TREK 2; Villain May Be Khan After All

     December 5, 2011


Mere days after the interwebs ran rampant with speculation as to whether Benicio Del Toro would be playing Khan in J.J. Abrams’ sequel 2009’s Star Trek, the actor has dropped out of the film altogether. The actor entered negotiations to play the film’s villain earlier this month, followed by rumors that he would be taking on the role of Khan in the sci-fi follow up. Hit the jump for more, including more fuel for the Khan rumor mill.

star-trek-khan-ricardo-montalban-image-01Vulture reports that talks with Del Toro broke down last Wednesday over monetary issues, leaving Abrams scrambling to find a replacement before the film’s January production start-date. I thought Del Toro was a fantastic choice for the follow-up’s baddie, and it’s more than a little disappointing to hear that things couldn’t be worked out.

While the internet was sent into a frenzy late last week over a report stating that Abrams and Co. had indeed settled on Khan as the film’s villain, the director himself responded with a curt “not true”. However, Vulture’s report states that they’ve heard from a highly placed source that Khan really is the villain (this is getting ridiculous). They point to Zack Snyder’s initial denial that General Zod was the villain in his Superman reboot Man of Steel, and say that Abrams is likely trying to throw fanboys off track.

At this point, the production is turning into the world’s biggest game of telephone. I’m inclined to take Abrams’ word for it regarding the Khan rumors, but I guess I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Khan was indeed the villain and he was just trying to keep things in the mystery box for a little while longer. The larger issue at stake here is the fact that no villain has been cast and filming starts in a little over two months. I’m hoping Abrams goes the same route as he did with Del Toro and chooses a thesp with serious acting chops in lieu of A-lister status. Star Trek 2 (unofficial title) opens in 3D on May 17th, 2013.

  • Ruprect

    A shame.

  • Michael

    Javier bardame would be way better the del torro

    • Edward Lee

      Right, and Woody Allen would be a better director.

      • Carson Dyle

        No, Bardem really would be better.

        He’s a better actor than Del Toro anyway.

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  • Pi

    isn’t Scorsese’s SILENCE also has Del Toro attached. maybe he had to choose between this, and SILENCE, and you got to pick SILENCE because that might be the last offer Scorsese gives you. it’s one of those roles that DiCaprio won’t be able to play so that might be the last chance you can lead a Scorsese film. LOL

    but seriously, this is sad news. i hope they get a TRULY TRULY great actor aswell to replace a TRULY TRULY great actor.

  • tom

    damian bichir from weeds. he’d be perfect as khan, if thats the route that abrams is going.

  • Zach

    They stated in the article it was over monetary issues. Guessing instead of 10 million they only offered him a pathetic 9 million. I was beyond excited at the idea of him playing the villian but instead hes playing the role of greedy douchebag.

  • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

    It is Khan, it isn’t Khan: I don’t care. I just want the next damn movie!

  • AlexHeyNa

    Well this is unfortunate…

  • The Spatula King

    Then JJ should go with LOST alum Nestor Carbonell…

  • wacko3205

    Thank God he’s gone…not a fan.

    Javier would’ve definitely been a better choice…especially if it might’ve most likely been Khan. That’s just my opinon…& oh well…what does my eeeeeeeeeerpinion count for anyways?

    Chick shAt to chicken salad & what not.

  • keachick

    Filming is supposed to start on 15 January 2012, so they only have five weeks to find another suitable actor to play a villain from the Star Trek TOS series. Khan was only one villain from one episode out of 79. People are way too obsessed with Khan which means they overlook other infamous characters from the original Star Trek series.

    I just wish they would just say either “No Khan” or “Yes Khan” but then I doubt people will believe them anyway. They would rather believe their own fears and imaginings. Duh.

  • Tribble


  • Merlin

    I hope that Carol Marcus will be in it!

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  • The Punisher

    How about Carlos Mencia?

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  • Kirby’s Mom

    My good friend who was born in India has introduced me to Indian movies, I love them!!

    So I was thinking…Since Khan Noonian Singh is a handsome, charismatic super-man from India…why not cast a handsome, charismatic actor from India?

    I vote for Hrithk Roshan. He is a fantastic actor, he speaks English well and he is a beautiful man. Ricardo Montelban was proud of his physique in WoK. That chest is all him and he was very proud of the work he did to build it. Mr. Roshan is the picture of physical fit, chiseled beauty, intoxicating green eyes, killer smile *sigh*…just like Khan should be!

    Or maybe Shahrukh Khan.. he’s not too shabby looking either! And then an actual Indian person would be playing an Indian character and not a Hispanic person faking an accent!

    I like Benicio Del Toro but he’s just not handsome enough to be Khan. Khan considered himself a god, that’s why he and his group were banished on the Botany Bay…. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN RICARDO MONTELBAN In SPACE SEED?!?! He was gorgeous.

    Go ahead and Google Hrithik Roshan photos! You’ll see!!

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