Benicio del Toro to Play Pablo Escobar in PARADISE LOST; Scoot McNairy Joins THE ROVER and FRANK; REACH ME Cast Led by Berenger, Stallone, Sedgwick

     November 15, 2012

benicio del toro scoot mcnary tom berenger

A few casting notices:

  • Benicio del Toro is in final negotiations to play Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in Paradise Lost, which is not exactly a Pablo Escobar biopic.
  • Scoot McNairy booked two roles.  He will star opposite Michael Fassbender in Frank, and joins Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in The Rover.
  • The full cast list for Reach Me features Tom Berenger, Kevin Connolly, Thomas Jane, Sylvester Stallone, Kyra Sedgwick, Kelsey Grammer, Nelly, Terry Crews, Ryan Kwanten, and more.

Details on each project after the jump.

benicio del toro paradise lostParadise Lost centers on Nick, “a young surfer who visits his brother in Colombia and falls madly in love with a beautiful local girl called Maria.”  It is a beautiful romance until Nick meets Maria’s uncle: Pablo Escobar.  According to Variety, Italian actor Andrea di Stefano (Eat Pray Love) wrote the script for Paradise Lost, his directorial debut. Dimitri Rassam‘s Chapter 2 will produce the $25 million thriller.  Rassam made sure to note this is not an Escobar biopic—he instead compared the structure to The Last King of Scotland, “weaving Nick and Maria’s romance with Nick’s ambivalent and destructive relationship with Escobar.”  Shooting begins in Panama in March.

Deadline reported the news of McNairy’s roles.  Frank, loosely based on the life of musician/comedian Chris Sievey, follows an aspiring musician (Domhnall Gleeson) “who finds himself in over his head when he joins an eccentric rock band fronted by Fassbender.”  Lenny Abrahamson will direct the comedy.

The Rover is the latest from director David Michod (Animal Kingdom).  Here is the intriguing synopsis:

“Set in the Australian desert, the futuristic western tells the story of Eric, who has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him, as he’s forced to join an injured gang member, Rey, to hunt down Rey’s gang after they steal the last of Eric’s possessions.”

We first heard about the indie drama Reach Me earlier this week with the announcement that Sylvester Stallone had wrapped a small role.  Seraphim Films Productions issued a press release that fills us in on the rest of the cast:

sylvester stallone reach me


Los Angeles, CA (November 15, 2012)—  Seraphim Films Productions, in conjunction with Paradox Entertainment, announced today that they are producing REACH ME,  which is on its third week of filming under the sunny skies of Los Angeles, California.  John Herzfeld (“2 Days in the Valley,” “15 Minutes”) wrote and is directing the film.

Rebekah Chaney is producing along with Cassian Elwes.

“I’ve been dreaming about working on this project with John Herzfeld for 10 years, and this dream has finally come true. I couldn’t be more honored to work with John and my producing partner, Rebekah Chaney,” said Cassian Elwes.

REACH ME is an uplifting ensemble comedy/drama about a dozen fractured characters whose lives intertwine and eventually collide as a result of a self-published motivational book and its anonymous author.

Herzfeld won the Directors Guild of America Award and an Emmy nomination for his HBO film “Don King: Only In America.”  The film was nominated for two Golden Globes, won the Critics Choice Award, the Writers Guild of America Award, and the coveted Peabody Award, the industry’s most prestigious honor. Herzfeld’s other feature credits include “2 Days In The Valley” starring Charlize Theron, Jeff Daniels, Teri Hatcher, James Spader, and Eric Stoltz; and “15 Minutes” starring Robert DeNiro.

“REACH ME has been my passion project for 12 years – everything I have to say as a filmmaker and a man is packed in this story of redemption and hope, and I am lucky and thrilled to be working with a phenomenally talented cast that are realizing my dream,” said Herzfeld.

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  • Mike

    Entourage predicted the Beneicio del Toro story 7-8 years ago.

  • Alan

    Why does Collider refuse to post links to Deadline in their stories? They did the work, why shouldn’t they get the credit?

    • Strong Enough

      because Nikki is a bitch

  • Tarek

    Tom berenger is a very underrated actor.

  • Dutch Schultz

    I hope that Tom Berenger (with AL Pacino), the greatest actor in the world, he is the main protagonist. The great actor Tom Berenger protagonist in this film is very important (with a big budget for the production of an independent film = 25 Million). The plot of the film is very promising.

  • MelDesigner

    I just saw Tom Berenger shooting scenes with Terry Crews & Lauren Cohan at the Redondo Beach Pier. It was a surreal experience seeing them up close. I saw them face to face! I wished I had the courage to ask to take pics with them.

    • Dutch Schultz

      Mr. MelDesigner, I would I shook his hand, and maybe asked un’autografo. Because they are great actors (film heroes). But the real heroes who come from war (for example) are also abandoned and it is not fair. When they arrived from Vietnam and spat upon him (and think that one was going to spit on you soldiers returning from Vietnam was Bill Clinton (U.S. President more outrageous in American history, who perjured himself on live television, and did other disasters ). Anyway you could go and ask. for example, Tom Berenger is known as an actor of a very good and helpful, and certainly you might un’autografo, is a ‘very generous man and a great actor. Terry Crews, is a former great athlete and they told me very friendly, it’s just in the world of cinema, and he would be pleased. the other actor I do not know (but being a famous person, knows very well that must un’autografo if you ask politely ). Mr. MelDesigner, I hate to say it, but you’ve missed a great opportunity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Your Family.

  • Adell

    Rassam confesó que Del Toro es tiene el “carisma suficiente” para interpretar a un personaje “multifacético como Escobar, quien podía ser maravillosamente encantador, así como peligroso y amenazante”. Lean mas en:

  • Adell

    Rassam confesó que Del Toro es tiene el \"carisma suficiente\" para interpretar a un personaje \"multifacético como Escobar, quien podía ser maravillosamente encantador, así como peligroso y amenazante\". Lean mas en:

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