James Bond Theme Songs Ranked Worst to Best

     November 5, 2015

james-bond-songs-albums-slice[With Spectre opening this weekend, we’re re-publishing this article, which we originally posted when the movie’s theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall”, was released.]

Earlier today, Sony released the Spectre theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith. The title song is a key aspect of every Bond film, on par with the cars, the gadgets, and the female leads. They’re reflective of their time, and yet they also try to sell both Bond overall and the individual picture. They’re required for every movie even though almost no other action franchise has them. They’re almost archaic, and yet that’s part of their charm, and the charm of the franchise overall.

I went back and listened to all 24 James Bond title songs and ranked them from worst to best. Please note that this isn’t a ranking on the film overall, but just the song itself. Also, for simplicity’s sake, I’ve kept this list to the song they used for the opening titles even though some Bond movies have more than one song.

Without further ado, let’s start off with James Bond and the audience getting tortured:


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