Best Picture Nominee Posters Recreated in LEGO Form

     February 13, 2014


The LEGO Movie was massive hit with both audiences and critics when it opened last weekend, and deservingly so given that the film is an absolute joy to take in.  I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t make the Best Animated Feature shortlist for next year’s Oscars, but before we start talking about the 2015 ceremony, we’ve got this year’s Academy Awards to take care of.  In a bit of zeitgeist synergy, the posters for all nine of this year’s Best Picture nominees have been recreated in LEGO form, making for a pretty amusing series of one-sheets.  It’s shaping up to be one of the closest Best Picture races in years, with Gravity and 12 Years a Slave in a virtual tie for first and American Hustle playing the very possible spoiler.  We’ve still got a few weeks to go before the awards season comes to a close, but for now take some delight in seeing LEGO-fied versions of the nominees, complete with American Hustle’s plunging necklines.

Hit the jump to take a look at some of the posters.  The 2014 Oscars will be hosted by Ellen Degeneres on Sunday, March 2nd.

Click over to Yahoo! Movies to check out the full lineup. Which one’s your favorite?

  • Zack Snyder

    I love me some chocolate LEGO!

  • Person

    Why are the Somalian LEGOs in Captain Phillips WAY blacker than the 12 Years a Slave one. Loving American Hustle though, and Her is kinda hysterical haha — I’ve never seen such a melancholy LEGO.

  • IamZachrifice

    We Dont need Lego Versions of Everything. Soo Annoying.

    • slimpunk

      Someone had a rough childhood.

      • Muthu Kumar V

        Someone’s being quite funny today..unusual…

      • IamZachrifice

        No rough childhood and I loved Legos as a kid. Just tired of everything getting the lego treatment right now. Maybe they should come up with their own thing and get creative instead of creating lego treaments of everything else.

    • The Destroyer

      This isn’t anything new, they do these posters every year.

  • Tom

    Walter White on the poster of “Dallas Buyers Club”?

  • Tarvus Domicus

    Lego has evolved to being the fastest growing disease which plagues our culture today. They don’t know when to stop. It makes me sick. Anyone associated with Lego should be ashamed, then, taken out back and shot in the face and the tits!!!!!

    • Juan

      Yes, it’s true. I got Legaids because of them.

    • The Destroyer

      What’s wrong with Lego? Their employe’s are hilarious and witty. They do these best picture posters every year.

      • Iamzachrifice

        Witty? obviously that word has lost its definition. theres nothing witty about taking something else and making it look like legos.

  • Jamie Teller

    The minifig on the HER poster just looks like Nick Offerman.

    I like how the Solomon Northup minifig is still smiling, just merrily running from hell on Earth.

  • Tyler

    LEGO version of Wolf of Wall Street? I don’t know if I want to see that…

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    they really need to make lego figurines that arent smiling. love most of them but 12 years a slave seems almost in poor taste

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Am I the only one who never had lego toys?
    Can’t figure out their appeal ?
    Why the fuck is Solomon northup smiling in the 12 years a slave poster??
    Did they think it was funny ?

    • Pew

      No, they just did it to piss you off.

  • Christian Grey

    Is it just me or the lego Joaquin Phoenix looks a lot like Nick Offerman ?

  • Strong Enough

    they actually made 12 years a slave a lego poster. oh my fuckin god :dead:

  • NYCS

    I like this better: Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto in LEGOs:

  • Muthu Kumar V

    Where the hell all these LEGOs come from? The film was pathetically boring…

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  • Pete

    Baby versions of the nominated movie posters: