The Scariest Shark Movies That Aren’t ‘Jaws’

     August 7, 2018


Everybody knows that Jaws is the best shark movie. Hell, for a lot of folks, it ranks as the best movie of all time. So it’s not exactly a surprise that when Steven Spielberg set the template for the modern blockbuster with his 1975 masterpiece, he also set a bar for aquatic terrors so high that no shark movie has managed to top it in the decades since. In fact, not a lot of people have even tried. Until recent years, shark cinema was pretty dormant, but the subgenre has slowly carved out a comeback over the last twenty years, culminating in the public furor for Shark Week, Sharknado, and the recent string of big-budget shark movies.

The genre is still pretty slight, especially if you’re looking for scary over silly, but filmmakers have managed to turn out a few anxiety-inducing thrillers between every six Syfy shark movies or so. For the purposes of this list, all Jaws movies are out. Not just the Oscar-winning original, but also the 100% Oscar-free sequels. So with the greatest white in movie history out of the equation, let’s take a look at the other shark movies to turn to when you’re looking for a good scare.

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