Watch This Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercials

     February 7, 2016

best-super-bowl-commercials-2016There’s no denying that the advertising gold is part of what makes the Super Bowl the reigning highest-viewed live programming of any given year. Sure, plenty of people tune it to see the game, and the half-time show is no joke, but there are plenty of people watching just to see companies dole out the big bucks to present the biggest and best in commercials — an odd phenomenon when you consider people are paying extra for ad-free streaming.

But there’s a reason — the big game is go-for-broke time, and Super Bowl ads have become a quasi-art form of their own. Some are funny, some adorable, some are downright weird (puppymonkeybaby) and many are star-studded, but collectively they’re representative of the best minds in marketing doing their damnedest to entertain you (and sell you something, of course). When else will you see Dame Helen Mirren sipping a shitty beer and giving you a sassy earful about drunk driving? What other occasion calls for a stampede of weiner dogs flying through a field in hot dog suits (spoiler: all of them)? What else calls for a wildly big-budget action sequence between Ant-Man and the Hulk? Only the Super Bowl, my friends, and we’ve rounded up some of the year’s very best.

You may have already caught some of our early picks for the best Super Bowl trailers of 2016, but now that we’ve caught the whole lot, we’ve got a new and improved list for you. Check out the best Super Bowl commercials of 2016 below, and in case you missed it be sure to watch the Best Super Bowl movie trailers here.