Year in Review: Top 10 Trailers of 2013

     December 25, 2013


Yesterday, I listed my Top 10 posters for 2013.  To the casual moviegoer, posters are something passed by in a theater lobby.  They’re in between Auditorium 1 and Auditorium 2.  Trailers, on the other hand, are part of the moviegoing experience.  If you’re at the movie by showtime, you’ve got about 20 minutes of trailers ahead of you.  They’ve become so prevalent, that studios have turned the release of a new trailer into an event.  We now have trailers for trailers, which irks me to no end.  Nevertheless, there’s still something to be said for a well-made trailer.  Like posters, studios make plenty of trailers we’ll never see for one reason or another.  Furthermore, these trailers have to abide by parameters such as available footage, studio wishes, licensing music, etc.  But if it’s done right, a trailer can turn the tide of public opinion and create anticipation for a movie like nothing else.

Hit the jump for my Top 10 trailers of 2013.

A couple notes before we begin: First, the eligibility for this list is different than the posters.  To be on the list, the trailer had to come out in 2013; it doesn’t matter if the movie hasn’t been released yet.  Second, and more importantly, seeing a finished film almost always changes the perception of the trailer.  A trailer is all about the unknown.  It leads you to an idea of a picture, and lets your hopes fill in the rest, so I agree it’s slightly unfair that this list has trailers for unreleased movies.  However, it would have taken weeks to watch trailers for every 2013 release.  Instead, I crawled through our 724 trailer articles from the past 365 days, and culled it down to these ten choices plus one honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Foxcatcher

The trailer for Foxcatcher didn’t make the Top 10 because you can’t see it anymore.  It was leaked and then pulled down once Sony decided to bump to picture to 2014.  But if you saw the trailer during the few hours it was online, the drama is probably one of your most-anticipated films of next year.  The picture looks dark, disturbing, and Steve Carell’s performance could be jaw-dropping.

10.) X-Men: Days of Future Past

I’m actually a little surprised when people tell me this trailer left them lukewarm on the upcoming sequel.  It has got a nice blend of drama and action, and makes terrific use of John Murphy’s “Sunshine” and Hans Zimmer’s “Journey to the Line”.   The trailer also makes the film look bigger than any of the X-Men movies thus far, and we haven’t even seen the Sentinels in action yet.

9.) Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford’s rendition of “Fare Thee Well” is one of my favorite songs of 2013.  I sing it constantly, and I first heard it in this trailer where it was used brilliantly.

8.) Fast & Furious 6

Up until this trailer for Fast & Furious 6, I was fairly indifferent to the franchise.  Then I saw a plane ejaculate a car in a fiery explosion, and realized that there was some delightful insanity on the way.

7.) The Grand Budapest Hotel

After seeing this trailer, I would be in no way surprised if Ralph Fiennes gives one of the funniest performances of 2014.  Also, it looks like Wes Anderson hasn’t lost a step since Moonrise Kingdom.

6.) The Wolf of Wall Street

Using new hit music is common practice when cutting trailers for upcoming films, but no trailer this year did it better than taking Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” and applying it to the chaotic, insane tone of the picture.  This trailer also gave us Leonardo DiCaprio popping-and-locking and then drops the music to let Matthew McConaughey do his crazy, hilarious chant.

5.) The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Part of my appreciation for this trailer comes from being in the room when it played at Comic-Con.  Everyone was so damn sure that the villain would be Thanos, and then everything changed.  Also, of all the trailers on this list, this is the only one that doesn’t have a single second of footage from the movie.  It was the biggest and best announcement trailer of the year.

The Top 10 Trailers of 2013

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  • Jeff

    Well, of course some things are going to get left out… but the trailers for Interstellar and 12 Years a Slave were pretty god damn good.

    • George

      Avengers 2 and Days of Future Past trailers don’t really deserve a spot imo

      • Murdoch

        Tell me about it. Ignoring the fact that even avid comicbook readers like myself had no flucking clue who the hell Ultron was, its not really much of an announcement that they would be making a sequel to the film with the highest opening weekend of all time.
        Now, as for why Batman Vs Superman didn’t set Goldberg’s world on fire for the exact same reasons as he listed, its because he far prefers Marvel to DC. For the rest of the world, Ultron trailer was just a big “Hungh?”

      • Norrtron

        Yeah he prefers Marvel so much more then DC obviously since he put a trailer for a DC movie at number 1!

      • Murdoch

        NO, he prefers Marvel over DC because he continuously blasted Dark Knight Rises every chance he got, picking out minor qualms that nobody gave a flying fluck about, whereas Marvel’s Avengers was, according to Matt, the movie he was born to see. He couldn’t say enough good things about it, including some supposed “fun factor” that was evidently missing from TDKR, while the complete and sudden resolution of the seemingly world altering Chitari threat didn’t annoy him in the slightest.
        Oh, and finally (for anyone who reads his articles regularly), Matt has also taken the liberty of revisiting his distaste for TDKR plot beats while talking about 1) MOS 2) Potential MOS & TDKR cross over as well as 3) Future JLU movie.
        I don’t care what he thinks about MOS. All i know is he bitched and whined about how it was too dark like TDKR, and not nearly comic booky enough like damn near everything Marvel has ever made. The only “dark” movie ever to carry a Marvel imprint? Punisher – War Zone. A movie that Matt LOVED.

      • spongefist

        and he was absolutely right. Avengers is simply the best superhero movie of all time and Punisher warzone was badass. TDKR was so incredibly bad that it was embarrassing. After watching it at the movies and being truly amazed at its awfulness I made myself watch it two more times on DVD and rather than redeem itself it just made it even more obvious was a terrible movie it was…
        Goldberg brings the harsh reality, you guys just can’t handle it.

      • Murdoch

        Oh, thank you SO much for telling me, fist! You know, i remember after i watched TDKR for the second time in IMAX i thought to myself while exiting the venue: “Sure, that was a satisfying conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy that FAR exceeded my expectations, but what does some random fucker who goes by “spongefist” on Collider message boards think? Aw, man . . . i swear, if HE doesn’t like it, i might not go out and buy the special edition bluray when it comes out so i can watch it over and over again until my eyes start to bleed!”
        I guess what i’m saying is I don’t care how disappointed you or goldberg are with the movie. And frankly, i’m getting really sick and tired of either of you voicing your opinions like your thoughts on the issue actually matter to anyone but yourselves.

      • spongefist

        My pleasure.

        If it helps, any of the prisoners could simply have made metal ‘crampons’ climbed with two ropes and used ‘protection’ and got out of the ‘prison’ in TDKR years earlier. (if your not familiar with climbing terminology, like batman would be, just look the words up)

        I hope you enjoy your special edition, but please don’t watch it until your eyes bleed as that would indicate some kind of mental illness.

        As a daily reader of Collider and Goldbergs reviews, this random fucker who goes by the name of ‘spongefist’ finds the unrelenting rants against Mr Goldberg a little tiresome, especially when a lot of the times I personally find his points valid and his reviews accurate.

        Obviously I disagree sometimes, as is the nature of life. We can either agree or agree to disagree.

        Perhaps it is you who does not have the maturity to hear the opinions of others without having a little tantrum and ironically my opinion obviously matters to someone other than myself because it was enough to have you throw a little tantrum.

      • Murdoch

        Yeah, i don’t remember asking for you to elaborate what you thought . . . and even made it abundantly clear that your opinion didn’t matter to me at all. But since (much like matt) you seem to be speaking just for the sake of being heard, i’ll leave you to your business.

      • Summers

        An avid comicbook reader doesn’t know who Ultron is? Maybe if you don’t read any Marvel books, but Ultron is a pretty big deal and is mentioned a shit-ton by Hank Pym since he feels like Ultron was his only contribution to the world.

        Seriously though, what comicbooks did you read that you didn’t know who Ultron was?

      • Murdoch

        . .. . shit-ton? Please tell me that’s not what i think it is?

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  • Jan

    Not only do I disagree with the decision to include Days of Future Past, I actually think it’s one of the worst trailers of the year. The music is laying it on waay to thick, drowning out any bits of dialogue and rendering any moment – even if it is just someone standing in a room – like it’s the most important event of all time.
    I could play that John Murphy song during a casual jog and it would appear as if I’m racing to save mankind.

    • George

      Totally agree, worst comic book movie trailer this year. I think Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer #3, Godzilla’s first trailer, and Raid 2′s trailer should have made the list. All fantastic trailers that got me super hyped for all of them.

      • mbmarquis69

        I liked the trailer for Godzilla, but it got a very negative reaction in the packed theater I saw it in. Not just a groan here and there, but audible derision from many when the “Godzilla” title came up. Maybe it’s carryover from memories of the Emmerich one.

    • Fiz

      Glad someone else mentioned this. It came across as too self-important, twice as dramatic as it really needed to be. It doesn’t change my feelings about the film, but the trailer was pretty bad.

  • Film270

    Where’s “Only God Forgives”? The first one released (red-band) was hands down the best of the year. Man of Steel was utter garbage.

    • RIC

      The best aspect of both films were their trailers.

      • GrimReaper07

        I’m not really sure how so many people hate Only God Forgives. I loved it, maybe more than Drive.

  • GrimReaper07

    The best trailer of the year is for sure Man of Steel’s. Its 10 times better than the movie itself.

  • George

    X-Men: Days of Future Past was actually the worst comic book movie trailer of the year for me, with Cap 2 and TASM2 having much cooler trailers. I really hated the use of music in that trailer, especially half-way through it feels like they smashed 2 totally different trailers together w/ different music that I’ve heard many times already, actually used much better with the Comic-Con trailer for Man of Steel.
    I totally agree about Man of Steel trailer #3, it was a fantastic trailer (watched it about a dozen times) and got me sooo hyped for the movie, but unfortunately the movie itself didn’t quite live up to the hype.
    I think Godzilla’s fantastic first trailer and even Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer #3 was also great.

  • Marissa Evans

    The World’s End trailer was pretty good. But my bias is that I was looking forward to the film even before the trailer, so never mind.

  • herpderp

    Zach Snyder knows how to deliver a trailer that’s for sure. Watchmen trailers hyped the shit out of me.


    really no godzilla but days of future past made the list? that trailer was TERRIBLE. the footage itself looks alright but the music is so over the top and the editing is godawful. like really, really, REALLY bad. that transition at 1:24 is quite possibly the worst jump cut i have ever seen in anything

    • George

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Matt Goldberg is a retard, a walking contradiction
    He hates trailer for trailer yet he put one in his top 10 trailers
    What a fucking dumbass

  • derek

    Okay people. There was not a better trailer than “Dead Man Down” in my opinion. Watch it again and you’ll see. The movie was terrible but seriously; what a great misleading trailer.

  • vpuik

    I watched the man of steel trailer again and I just kept thinking do people really talk like that?

  • tarek

    My favorites: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Inside Llewyn Davis

  • staypuffed

    I would put DOFP at #2, with that Man of Steel trailer at #1. The Avengers: AOU trailer isn’t that great, pretty dull.

  • Sean Chandler

    I don’t think I understand the hate that The Days of Future Past trailer is getting. What was it missing?

    • The Flobbit

      The terrible editing, mostly. The music drowned everything out.

  • The Flobbit

    Trailers: X-Men Days of Future Past’s was clumsily edited, Inside Llewellyn Davis’s didn’t make an impression on me, Fast 6′s was over the top and not that great, Grand Budapest Hotel’s was way too Wes Anderson for my liking, Wolf of Wall Street’s was amazing, Avengers 2′s was inconsequential, Lego Movie was the funniest trailer all year, Walter Mitty’s is more charming than the movie, Gravity and Man of Steel were excellent and haunting.

    But hey, where’s the love for The Hobbit’s whirlwind of action in trailer 3, the Wachowski’s batshit brilliance in Jupiter Ascending, the chilling awesomeness of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the haunting, stunning beauty of Godzilla, and the hilarity and charm of Kings of Summer?

  • cineast4

    I’ve seen the Man of Steel trailer many, many times. I’ve seen the film once.

  • Adam Heatherly

    If i read one more list that does not feature the hobbit i am leaving this site never to return dos was the best film of 2013

  • Kevin

    I’d put Captain America and Godzilla on my list.

  • Kevin

    I’d put Captain America and Godzilla on my list.

  • DNAsplitter

    I thought this list was ok. I disagree w the trailer for the upcoming Avengers flick as it was more of an announcement, same goes w the Superman Vs. Batman film, and shouldn’t be classified as an actual trailer but everything else was good. The MOS trailer was amazing. I thought the X-Men trailer did it’s job of exciting people about seeing the franchise all connect so I am not sure why people are upset it made the list as Bryan Singer has already stated that none of the special effects have been done (when it was released) but I would have rather of seen Godzilla listed on there as it was very effective at giving us a tease of the upcoming film and really built up the suspense.

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  • McGygas

    Man of Steel trailers was Awesome, i preffer the “You are not alone” trailer, its one of my favorite trailers, like Watchmen trailer 2 or 3, i dont remember, where the theme “take a bow” from MUSE sounds

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