15 Best Movie Trailers of 2017

Like every year, 2017 had a deluge of trailers with most blockbusters requiring at least three major trailers to rope in audiences in addition to countless TV spots and clips. However, when you consider the amount of movies coming out every week, studios need to fight to break through, and a catchy trailer is the best way to do that. Some trailers will hook people due to the profile of the property (a Star Wars trailer is going to rack up millions upon millions views no matter what), but there’s still an art to crafting a solid trailer.

Below you’ll find my picks for the 15 best trailers of 2017. Just to put some parameters around the choices, I only went with movie trailers (so no trailers for TV shows or video games), only one trailer per film, and the trailer had to be released in 2017 (it’s okay if the film itself doesn’t come out until 2018). I’m sure you’ll disagree with at least some choices on this list, so sound off with your picks in the comments.

15) Love, Simon

A good trailer is going to get you interested in a movie you know nothing about, and the trailer for Love, Simon did just that for me.

14) Isle of Dogs

They could have just said, “It’s a new stop-motion animated film from Wes Anderson, so you’ll be there opening day,” but this is good too.

13) Ocean’s 8

This trailer grew on me the more times I watched it, but I’ve also been excited for this movie ever since it was announced.

12) Star Wars: The Last Jedi

All of the Last Jedi trailers were pretty great, but the first one was definitely my favorite. It helped sell the sequel as a different beast than The Force Awakens, but still firmly in the Star Wars universe.

11) Incredibles 2

It’s the briefest of trailers and doesn’t really feature any footage from the sequel, and yet I don’t care because it’s just so adorable while instantly reminding me how much I love the original.

10) The Shape of Water

I love how this trailer kind of sinks you back into Guillermo del Toro’s universe without hiding the unique romantic aspects of the story.

9) A Wrinkle in Time

Rather than try to pitch a softball kids fantasy, the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time is unafraid to look weird and daring. I’m here for it.

8) Avengers: Infinity War

This trailer probably shouldn’t work as well as it does since it doesn’t tell you anything about the plot, but that’s irrelevant (especially for a teaser). You feel like you’re going to get a payoff ten years and 18 movies in the making.

7) Deadpool 2

I don’t even care that it barely shows any footage; Deadpool as Bob Ross is about as on-brand as it gets.

6) IT

I really liked that this trailer played up the kids’ fears rather than going all in on Pennywise. It shows IT as a character-driven film rather than a standard monster movie.

5) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I love how the animation looks, and the trailer immediately signals to the casual moviegoer that this film is different from both Spider-Man: Homecoming and all the Spider-Man movies that came before.

4) Black Panther

I know it’s a mistake to invest too much into a trailer, but I’m just blown away by everything I’ve seen from Black Panther so far. I don’t know how much better Marvel and Disney could sell this movie.

3) Thor: Ragnarok

I usually don’t go nuts for Comic-Con trailers, but I absolutely adored this Thor: Ragnarok trailer that premiered at Comic-Con earlier this year.

2) Annihilation

This trailer is so stunning it makes me want to drop everything I’m doing to read the source material just as a way to kill time until the film comes out.

1) Kong: Skull Island

The reason this trailer lands at the top of the list is that I love the way it utilizes music and sound design to create something immediate. It’s a much heavier lift than just playing a sad cover song and hoping people show up. If there’s a trailer style I want to see studios emulate, it’s this one.

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