The Best TV Shows of 2018 — So Far

     June 13, 2018


2018 has been a blessed year for TV fans, with great series kicking into high gear right off the bat in January; no need to wait until spring, things were righteously good from the start! I usually wait to compile this list at the end of the year (which is when I will still come back and add to it and ultimately rank them like last year), but the amount of praise that needs to be heaped on the following series should not be lost in what is sure to be a glut of fall programming (and when it comes to that, let’s hope they are better than 2017’s new fall shows were…)

Below are some of 2018’s TV gems. Are there others that belong here? Absolutely! Some of which I may get a chance to catch up on in the coming months (others I won’t, but I watch what I can of the 500 scripted series on cable, broadcast, a streaming each year, with the occasional unscripted series thrown in). Series in this list had to have aired most of their season as of May 31st to be included, so look for an update with some summer favorites later. Also, broadcast series that started in 2017 but ended in 2018 are also up for consideration.

(A note on spoilers: I’ve tried to keep things pretty general, especially regarding the series most people haven’t heard of, but if you have any doubts then skip on to the next)