The Best TV Shows on Right Now

     February 28, 2019

best-tv-shows-peak-tv-guideWe here at Collider know that Peak TV makes it hard to figure out what shows are worth watching, especially in the middle of this deluge of new fall shows. Sometimes you just sit there and look at a lackluster DV-R list and think, “What’s that series on Netflix with Gillian Anderson?” (It’s Sex Education by the way, and it’s got some great John Hughes vibes) — we’re here to help.

Each month, we’re polling our Collider staffers to pick our favorite shows on TV right now. Every show is submitted with a point value: 3 is “must see,” 2 is “should see if you have time,” and 1 is for “honorable mention.” Then we tally the votes and list out the series in order, starting with the highest votes tallied among our staff members, giving a sense not only of what we agree on, but allowing for a variety of niche favorites.

Things can — and will — change up each month, so be sure to check back in as things are sure to shift around (right now we are all aligned on a few favorites, along with some personal standouts). Happy viewing!

Rules: TV shows must be currently airing on broadcast/cable, or have aired a new episode within the last week as of the posting date. For streaming series, they have to have premiered since January 1st.