Jerry Bruckheimer Closes Paramount Deal to Produce BEVERLY HILLS COP 4; Brett Ratner to Direct

     December 6, 2013


Jerry Bruckheimer’s move from Disney to Paramount is now official.  The prolific producer and Disney decided to part ways after the box office bust of this summer’s The Lone Ranger, on which Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski argued successfully for a budget north of $200 million.  Paramount officially announced today that Bruckheimer has finalized a three-year first-look deal with the studio set to begin next April, returning him to the home where he got his start as the producer of films like Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, and Days of Thunder.

Per Deadline, Bruckheimer’s first film back at Paramount will be the long-developing Beverly Hills Cop 4, which Brett Ratner will direct after he finishes up Hercules.  Eddie Murphy is reprising his role and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol scribes Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec are penning the screenplay.  Additionally, the Top Gun sequel is another priority for the studio, with Tom Cruise also attached to return.

  • mattinacan

    bahaha, this is a blueprint for how not to put a film together. it amazes me that hacks like Ratner, McG and Bay continue to get work.

  • Christian

    You have to be kidding me. If Ratner could pull off something in the vein of Money Talks again, then BHC4 could work. But nothing – NOTHING – in the last decade suggests that he can do this. And I will picket Paramount’s offices if this is rated PG-13.

    • Matt1

      Took the words right out of my mouth about the PG-13!

  • BrutalDEEJAY

    I thought they were going to reboot the franchise as apposed to number 4

    • enderandrew

      Ratner has been begging Eddie Murphy to do 4 for years, but Murphy refuses to do vulgar comedy ever again. So they were moving forward with a reboot-esque TV show that would have featured Alex Foley’s nephew. No R-rated comedy and Murphy would do be loosely involved. The wrote scripts, but apparently they were terrible and it never got off the ground.

      I’m curious why Murphy has changed his mind and is suddenly willing to do the movie.

      • Jimmy B

        It’s called money.

      • Matt1

        They filmed a pilot for the BHC tv show with Brandon T. Jackson as Foley’s son. Eddie was in the pilot and apparently stole the show but the pilot did not get picked up to series, mostly due to the fact that the audience just wanted Eddie and he would only pop up once or twice a season.

  • Cedhollywood

    I was hoping that when the tv series was announced that Kevin Hart would star in the show. Since someone else was chosen to star in the tv show and that was scrapped I’m still hoping Hart gets to play a role in this movie sequel. It’s this type of vehicle that could really put Hart into superstardom. And maybe even having Hart taking over the franchise. Finally I hope they really bring it with the comedy with this new installment. With the team that they are bringing together the stunt work will be great and all but it was Murphy and his quick tongue wise ass humor that made the first two movies great. Here’s hoping they work on the comedy as much as the stunts.

  • Jimmy B

    Movie idea: Axel Foley looking for the guy who destroyed Judge Reinhold’s face.

    • Sten

      I looked it up – my goodness, what was he thinking? He looks awful… like Mickey Rourke as a childish boy… plastic surgery is such a disgrace.

  • Steven

    The thing is I like the Rush Hour movies, which makes me kinda like Ratner.

  • cetrata

    Even if Brett Ratner does best with comedies, I still want someone else to direct this.

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