Teaser Trailer for Cartoon Network’s Animated Series BEWARE THE BATMAN

     April 18, 2012


I watched so many episodes of Batman: The Animated Series so many times as a kid.  But I lost touch with the cartoon caped crusader around the time Batman Beyond premiered.  Now may be a good time to reconnect, since Cartoon Network is introducing the new series Beware the Batman in 2013 to replace Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which signed off the air last year.  Beware the Batman will have some fun with the traditional mythology.  Robin is more or less replaced by the lady samurai Katana.  Alfred will take on a more active role as an ex-secret agent.  And they’re going to the deep bench for the villains, like Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad, King Kraken, and Magpie.

To get a better sense of what’s in store, hit the jump to watch the new teaser trailer.

Via PG:

beware the batman image


Beware the Batman

Beware the Batman cartoon network

  • Caleb The Awesome

    Sweet. The text seems to pay homage to the 90′s series.

  • geoff

    I don’t like this.

  • Jesus

    Sigh, I want to be positive about this but the description of “going deep into the bench” for C-Level villains…honestly this sounds horrible. And really? Computer animation? Contrary to studio popular opinion, that’s NOT the future of animation, nor does it make it cooler. It hasn’t been “cooler” since “Reboot” back in the 90s, and even that was a stretch. I’m not going to say give it back to Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, but Goddamn, don’t overcompensate so far to another side that it looks like shite.

    • Jesus

      I mean come on?! Magpie?! Does anyone give a damn about her?

      • Clock King

        The animators. Magpie like shiney things!

    • Pepe

      Reboot!!! Damn, I got old.

  • Bill

    Looks bloody awful. And it really sounds like scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. Alfred was an ex Agent in Batman:TAS, it just never was a big deal except once or twice. A samurai sidekick?

    And those villains? It sounds like they just did a Wikipedia search on which Batman villains haven’t been used in a cartoon yet – nevermind they haven’t been used for a good reason – and went with it.

    Oh well… so this comes out in 2013? Eh, a year later we’ll get Batman Movie Reboot #3. I’ll see that instead.

  • Rashad

    This site is the absolute worst when it comes to watching videos. Every single time I hit play, it plays a few seconds, but then the page refreshes.

  • brandon

    From the few seconds that you see his face, it looks like a CG’d version of the Batman from “The Batman” which was a horrible series.

  • Hunter

    This looks freaking awful. It looks like some crappy computer animated version of mixing batman with tron.

  • WEV


  • Elitist Prick

    Personally, I think going deeper into Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery could be a great thing. Villains like The Joker or Penguin already have their various iconographies, and recasting The Joker AGAIN would surely put some people off from the get-go. However, the sentences “Robin is more or less replaced by the lady samurai Katana. Alfred will take on a more active role as an ex-secret agent.” makes me automatically think this is a big, dumb venture.

    As far as the animation goes, there’s too little to actually judge how the series itself will look.


    Too early to tell, so I wont comment, except it doesnt look anywhere near as bad as these douchy comments^^^ had me believe before i clicked play.

    Go watch Batman, brave and the Bold, then come back and tell me this looks bad! Clone Wars looked weird to start with when it first aired, but now its a fantastic show! I predict this will be the same. Its story that counts.

  • Guns Of Navarone

    Since when has Batman ever driven a batmobile with a gold windshield? I mean come on. What next? Gold boots? Gold shades? Gold tooth?

    • Jesus

      Correction: Gold Batboots. Gold Batshades. Gold Battooth. Remember, when it comes to naming things, Batman is eerily like Donald Trump.

  • Hairyman

    Why not just go back to TAS, and make more episodes of that. Get the voice cast and have a goof time. This looks painfully dull.

  • Mr. J

    looks nice, but it makes me miss even more the old BTAS show.

  • Rockslide

    I heartily agree with the idea of just making more episodes of Batman TAS. Wouldn’t that be an awesome world to live in. All the old crew back and fresh into new storylines. I guess I’ll dream about new JLU while I’m at it.

  • jetblac

    I miss Batman Beyond. That was freaking awesome

  • Hairyman

    I barely made it through The Batman. I watched 2 episodes of Brave and Bold before I gave up on it. Bring back Beyond!

  • hockablah

    it’s not voiced by Kevin Conroy. therefore it will flop.

  • jarvis3205

    There is nothing more perfect…nothing more classic than “Batman: the Animated Series”…this aint it!!!

    I mean…this…this looks WACK!!!


  • nivenv

    Brave and the bold was excellent and really smart…a much needed homage to the weird and wacky 70′s styled adventure exploits of the bat. Everyone always goes on predictably and dully yearning for batman TAS, no hamil no conroy no buys? get over it. I’m interested in BTB and here’s hoping it has more sense to be more like brave and the bold in terms of tackling it’s kiddy quota with smarts and fun rather than making everything seem “sleek and cool” like the hideous “the batman” did.

    I have no problem with the CGI, green lantern TAS sorted that right out for me and showed me that great storytelling can come from it.

    Anyway…enough with the timmverse TAS bs, western tv animation cannot be like that anymore, it was a different place, a different time, a whole new world…and they still had to fight tooth and nail for a lot of things.

    If TAS captured “classic batman” bringing the 30′s and 40′s to our screen, and beyond brought us the future, and the major stories from the 80′s and 90s are being captured in the DC animated movies. I’d like to see the new show try and capture what batman is like now for fans. From the snyders and morrisons, new enemies, new focus on his detective skills etc etc Consider my expectations high