First Image of Bill Murray as FDR in HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON

     November 3, 2011

While actors portraying historical figures is a pretty regular deal, the casting of Bill Murray as President Franklin D. Roosevelt turned quite a few heads. Mostly known for playing slightly offbeat characters, Murray is a genuinely inspired choice to play the 32nd President of the United States. The film in question is Roger Mitchell’s (Notting Hill) Hyde Park on the Hudson, which focuses on Roosevelt’s affair with his cousin, Daisy, during a weekend in 1939 which marked the first ever visit to America by a British monarchy when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited FDR’s upstate New York cottage. Olivia Williams portrays FDR’s wife Eleanor while Laura Linney plays the tempting Daisy, and today we’ve got our first look at Murray in character as FDR. Hit the jump to check out the image.

Here’s the image (via USA Today):


  • Kurt

    Jon Voight was great as FDR in Pearl Harbor. I’d pay to see him in a bio pic of an older FDR much like he was in Pearl Harbor.

    As for Murray, he looks nothing like FDR in this still.

  • sdfjdda

    @Kurt, actually he kinda does. Not that it really matters.

  • Um….

    Roosevelt was the 32nd president, not 3rd. Hate to be a dick, but that just really bothers me. Let the hate comments begin.

    Otherwise, great picture of Murry. Looking forward to seeing the movie!

    • Um….

      Murray, I meant Murray! Didn’t want people to think that I was a total douche who corrects people and than spells something wrong. Because that would not be very fun, now would it?

  • PG13


  • pi

    it always sort of a miracle to get Bill Murray star in your film. the man refuses the Hollywood ways. And when he stars on films outside of Wes Anderson’s, it’s always intriguing to watch his work.

    LOST IN TRANSLATION was just a freaking masterpiece of the last decade. thanks in large part to Murray.

  • Starmonkey

    He looks like the Joker and Penguin had a love-child 0_o