Biopic in the Works About Labor Activist Cesar Chavez

     March 19, 2010


The first thing I thought when I heard a Cesar Chavez biopic was at least in the early stages of development was, how has it taken so long? After all, he’s a hero to millions of Hispanics and gringos alike, and his life would just make a grand tale.

It seems that screenwriter Keir Pearson and producer Larry Meli agree, and have optioned the life rights of the labor activist Chavez, and will be producing this with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna’s Canana Films. Pearson, by the way, was nominated for an Oscar for co-writing Hotel Rwanda with director Terry George, and also has, among other projects, a biopic of Roberto Clemente in the works for HBO and Playtone.

And just in case anyone really hasn’t heard of Chavez, he dedicated his life to improving the working conditions of California farm workers, eventually co-founding the National Farm Workers Association, which would later become the United Farm Workers. Though it’s of course far too early to be talking about who could pull this role off, Garcia Bernal would certainly seem to be a perfect choice. What say you? [THR]

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  • A.D.

    Gael as Cesar Chavez?!! :/
    One shouldn’t take lightly the seriousness of the historical figure of Cesar E Chavez to make a biopic of. Diego Luna is a decent actor but as such a young inexperienced director with only two films under his belt (one of which is a documentary) does not seem to be the right choice for this project no matter how sympathetic & Mexican he is..(btw, Cesar was not Mexican, but a Chicano)
    Unfortunately, it looks as if yet another film dream (remember Frida?) has been snatched away from (Master Chicano playwright) Luis Valdez & El Teatro Campesino…who personally knew & worked with Cesar, would have been perfect to direct Cesar’s story…watch Zoot Suit & La Bamba & see why! .:( 

  • Teresa

    Rosario Dawson is the wrong person to play Dolores Huerta. Is this a joke? UGH…I will not see this movie . Of course when it’s white people’s history they make sure to get every detail right, even the clothes. When it’s Chicanos, it doesn’t matter, we’ll just cast an African-American to play Dolores Huerta and the dumb little Mexicans won’t know the difference. They will just be “grateful” that we made this movie to “empower” them. UGH…I hate Hollywood.