“Lamb of Columbia” Trailer for BIOSHOCK INFINITE

     February 19, 2013


I’m currently making my way through Ni No Kuni (if you like old-school JRPGs and Studio Ghibli, it’s a must-buy), but I need to make sure I’m finished by the time BioShock Infinite hits stores next month.  The game takes place in the floating city of Columbia in 1912.  You play Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent sent to recover a mysterious girl named Elizabeth, who turns out to have extraordinary powers.  The game looks like it has all the trademarks that made 2007′s BioShock unforgettable: fun powers, cool guns, gorgeous setting, and an intriguing story.  The new trailer shows off some more footage, and ends with some chilling dialogue.

Hit the jump to check out the new trailer, “Lamb of Columbia”.  BioShock Infinite hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 26th.

Here’s the official synopsis for BioShock Infinite:

Set in 1912, players assume the role of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, sent to the flying city of Columbia on a rescue mission. His target? Elizabeth, imprisoned since childhood. During their daring escape, Booker and Elizabeth form a powerful bond — one that lets Booker augment his own abilities with her world-altering control over the environment. Together, they fight from high-speed Sky-Lines, in the streets and houses of Columbia, on giant zeppelins, and in the clouds, all while learning to harness an expanding arsenal of weapons and abilities, and immersing players in a story that is not only steeped in profound thrills and surprises, but also invests its characters with what IGN called “Emotional ties (that) will continue to set the bar in gaming.”



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  • stefan_san

    Finally, an in-game love interest that attracts normals and pedos alike!!

  • Mike

    That was a bad trailer for that game. It looks absurdly phenomenal but they trailer doesn’t do it justice. Too “movie trailer” like with music that doesn’t fit at all with the style of the game.

    • yurine

      My words exactly. It looks like they are selling a pure action game. Sure action is apart of the game, but it’s not what the whole thing is about.

      • Anonymous

        This is a niche trailer centered on the character of Elizabeth after multiple, general game trailers have already been released covering the full spectrum of the game. I mean, it’s called “Lamb of Columbia”, not “Bioshock Infinite trailer #7″. It’s a specific trailer showcasing a specific relationship central to the game’s plot. And where is this over-abundance of action you are seeing in the trailer? I must have watched something else entirely.