Watch: BIRDMAN Action Figure Commercial Brings the Superhero to Your Backyard

     February 24, 2015


You’ve seen the Best Picture-winning film, now own the toy! That’s the message of this cheeky new Birdman action figure commercial, which touts the superhero at the center of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Oscar-collecting comedy. It’s a fun spot and it captures the aesthetic of 90s toy commercials quite well, but the whole thing feels ironic given that the film skewers superhero movies, franchises, and merchandise-centric “art” pretty heavily.

No matter, the purpose of this “commercial” is to raise awareness to the fact that Birdman is coming back to theaters this weekend. Fox Searchlight is re-releasing the pic on about 1,000 screens across the country after its Academy Awards success. This isn’t an unusual move for films during awards season, but this year it’s a bit more indicative of the fact that, out of the litany of films nominated at this year’s Oscars, most people hadn’t seen a majority of them. If Birdman is on your to-see list and you haven’t picked up the Blu-ray, here’s your chance.

Watch the Birdman action figure commercial below, via Fox Searchlight.



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