Trailer, Posters, and Images for Adult Swim’s BLACK DYNAMITE Animated Series

     June 22, 2012


If the parody blaxploitation film Black Dynamite starring Michael Jai White just wasn’t enough to whet your appetite (I’m sorry that rhymed), then you are in luck. This summer the Black Dynamite animated series finally hits the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network. The series continues the blaxploitation parody angle, but with an animation style similar to that of The Boondocks, so there’s a chance of more racial commentary and comedy this time instead of just spoof humor.

Plus, the film’s stars Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Tommy Davidson and Kym Whitley all reprise their roles as Black Dynamite, Bullhorn, Cream Corn and Honeybee, respectively, along with new cast members like comedian J.B. Smoove. You can hear and see them in their animated form now as the first trailer for the series has just debuted, with the series slated to premiere this summer on July 15th, the last day of Comic-Con 2012.  See the trailer, two posters, and four images from the series.

Here’s the trailer from Adult Swim’s YouTube:

Frankly, I’m not sure how this is going to work out, mainly because it’s taken Adult Swim awhile to get this series on TV. The pilot itself was put on Adult Swim’s website last August and is just now coming to TV. I don’t know if that means they don’t have faith in the series, or logistics needed to be worked out for scheduling, but the series is finally hitting the air. The pilot follows Black Dynamite as he is assigned to stop a rogue educational show puppet from executing his diabolical plan on national television. Sounds like the silliness you’d expect from a Black Dynamite series.

Here are two posters and four images from Black Dynamite:


  • Black Dynamite

    You do know that Cartoons aren’t drawn is real time right?

  • Ya dig

    It was one of the funniest movies made in years. The kung fu fight with Nixon in the White House- I lost it. I hope they don’t try to get serious with this show.

  • ozzie

    what a bunch of racist crap

    • helb

      HAH Racist. Jeses Christ. I dare you to stand in front of Michael Jai White and tell him his cartoon’s racist. He’s going to pummel the shit out of you. DYNAMITE.

    • Griz

      Its not racist when black people do it . . . . its like when Arabs play terrorists in Middle Eastern movies.

  • pastaman

    Just awesome, great drawing-style! (reminds me of Afro Samurai) And looks funny as the movie :)

  • Georgs Mucas

    as a white person i was very offended by…….just kidding. this show looks pretty sick.

  • Juanotaco

    Yes! Dynamite!!!

  • Justin

    I would imagine it’s taken so long for Adult Swim to release it is the quality of animation involved. The people who are animating it is the same team that did the art for the Boondocks, which is also known for taking a long time between season not only because of the writing, but because the art is a little more intensive for the half-hour long episodes, as opposed to [as]‘s more common 15 minute shows.

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  • oilene

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!!! Just saw the trailer on TV and I LOVES IT!!! Just keep it as awesome as the movie and it will be great. Michael Jai White’s sexy ass doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he is a great actor. I’m very glad he got a nice break like this and I wish him and his costars much success with this show.

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  • Anonymous

    You white people are fucking idiots to support this. One episode stated that white people are an inferior race. What kind of spineless douchebags are you, that you would support this kind of hate propaganda agianst your own people. You should be ashamed of your selves. Fuck Black Dynamite and anyone associated with this steaming pile. Cowards!!!

  • og ike

    To any idiot any color if u don’t like it suck one sideways and get a life freaking postpunk retards man grow up!!!!$$!!$$!!

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