Netflix to Produce New Episodes of ‘Black Mirror’

     September 8, 2015


This is probably the best news I’ll write up all week. Netflix will reportedly produce new episodes of Charlie Brooker‘s fantastic sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror. The U.K. network Channel 4 previously produced the series, but Radio Times (via BMD) reports that Netflix has stuck a deal with Brooker and his production House of Tomorrow to make “multiple new episodes”. Even better, Brooker is said to be writing those episodes right now.

It’s a logical partnership. Black Mirror took the internet by storm when Netflix released the first two seasons to streaming late last year, introducing the series to a wider international audience. Netflix is also well-known for providing its creators with the freedom and support to fully fulfill their vision. Previous season of Black Mirror included 3 episodes and the odd Christmas special, and even though I’d love to see a slew of new content, I’d be happy for another short order if it means maintaining the quality. Which is exceptional.


Image via Channel 4

I’ve spoken about my love for Black Mirror a couple times on the site, bemoaning the rumored American remake and listing it as one of the best TV shows on Netflix. In short, Brooker’s series is some of the best science fiction work, in any medium, I’ve seen in years, and some of the best techno-paranoia this side of Phillip K. Dick. The show, which is regularly lauded as a tech-age Twilight Zone, explores the darker sides of humanity, usually through the lens of our relationship to technology. Each episode is insightful, complex and uniquely devastating.

Previous seasons of Black Mirror have featured performances from Toby Kebbel, Jon HammDomhnall Gleeson, Jessica Brown Findlay, Rory Kinnear, Michael Smiley, and a particularly wrenching turn from Hayley Atwell. With that caliber of talent behind them, I’m excited to see who they line-up for new episode’s now that the show has Netflix and a whole lot of international critical acclaim behind it.

What do you think? Excited for some new mind-bending episodes? Sad to see the series move from its home on Channel 4? And of course, every Black Mirror fan’s favorite conversation — what is your favorite episode? For my money, it’s got to be ‘An Entire History of You’ or maybe ‘The National Anthem’. Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Channel 4

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