Is BLACK PANTHER One of Marvel’s Unannounced Upcoming Films?

     June 5, 2012


With the release (and subsequent smashing success) of The Avengers, Marvel Studios completed “Phase One” of their feature film slate.  While the entirety of Phase Two has yet to be mapped out, we know that it definitely includes the in-production Iron Man 3, and the soon-to-begin-production Thor 2 and Captain America 2.  Marvel president Kevin Feige recently revealed that there are two unannounced films currently in development at the studio.  The Avengers 2 is a forgone conclusion, but we’ve heard rumblings of a number of other films that may or may not be close to the finish line in the development process.

Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has had a well-publicized development and could very well be close to production, and Feige has dropped hints about Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans feature films.  However, a trusted source now claims that one of those two unannounced films is Black Panther.  Hit the jump for more.

black-panther-movie-marvelThough rumors for Marvel films come and go in large quantities, news of Black Panther comes from a proven source: Latino Review.  They confirmed Thanos’ appearance in The Avengers a really long time ago, and their reporting on Marvel films has been solid.  So, given the source, it certainly appears that Black Panther will be coming soon to a theater near you.  For those unfamiliar with the character, here’s a rundown from Wikipedia:

The title “Black Panther” is a rank of office, chieftain of the Wakandan Panther Clan. As chieftain, the Panther is entitled to eat a special heart-shaped herb, as well as his mystical connection with the Wakandan Panther god, that grants him superhumanly acute senses and increases his strength, speed, stamina, and agility to the peak of human development. He has since lost this connection and forged a new one with another unknown Panther deity, granting him augmented physical attributes as well as a resistance to magic.

His senses are so powerful that he can pick up a prey’s scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones. T’Challa is a rigorously trained gymnast and acrobat, showing mastery in various African martial arts as well as contemporary ones and fighting styles that belong to no known disciplines.

I’m not incredibly familiar with the character, but it’s encouraging to see that Marvel is branching out; Latino Review claims that the studio is going hard after urban audiences.  The studio has been dropping hints about Black Panther for some time now, with Wakanda showing up on the map in Iron Man 2 and Captain America’s shield being made out of Vibranium, a fictional mineral that surfaced in Wakanda as the result of a meteorite crash.

A Black Panther film has been in development at Marvel for a few years, with Mark Bailey tapped to write the script in January of last year.  Apparently that script is top-notch, which explains Marvel moving forward with the property at this time.  Now, commence dream casting in the comments!


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  • Sugreev2001

    This is great news,but I was hoping we would see two new franchises in the wake of Avenger’s success.One wish has been fulfilled,I hope Dr.Strange comes out soon.

  • enut

    Michael Kenneth Williams – my top choice above all else

    • tanner

      He’s a great actor, but the guy is turning 46 this year. This isn’t like Iron Man, where alot of the action is a CG character and RDJ doesn’t have to do a ton of strenuous work. This is a role that is very physical and requires martial arts and some wirework. You need an actor who is going to be fit for a number of years.

      • enut

        actually he is the perfect age considering in Hollywood it is normal to play characters 10 years younger or older…a bit of Hollywood magic could age him even further, say 15-20 years.

        And if not him the go Big Willie style, that would at least ensure the film would be a financial success considering who this film is being marketed for…Spawn, Steel, Hancock…only one of those is a legitimate hit. We need serious actors for this role, no b-class tv stars or actors we can not understand.

        Thinking outside the box it could be also interesting to see Calvin Broadus Jr. in this role. That would make it an “urban” movie for sure.

  • zillabeast

    God I hope a white guy plays T’Challa.

    • Chris

      Oh yeah, that’d sure show… somebody…

  • marvelman

    djimon hounsou as t’challa. ’nuff said. he’s the voice in the mini animated series. he has the voice, the look, the build. do it, marvel!

    • Brandon

      I AGREE 100%

      • Jeremiah

        PERFECT PERSON ! i mean honestly who else can they pick ?

  • oprahnoodlemantra

    Michael Jai White

    • Jeremiah

      no he’s way to big to play a “gymnastic based supehero” black panther is supposed to be agile, but he would be perfect for Cyborg !

  • Griz

    Please give Michael Jai White a superhero fracnchise! I loved him as Spawn waaaaay more than i ever liked Wesley Snipes in any of the Blades.

  • pewter tea set

    i think it would be better if black panthers powers/abilities are a vibranium infused suit that deflects damage, vibranium claws and unique wakandan fighting skills.

    the story should be based around wakanda being in trouble and tchala travelling to new york to get the help of shield, this would open up the possibilty of black panther joining the avengers.

    • Jesse

      An interesting idea. The trouble is, Wakanda is an extremely proud nation and would never seek help from an outside source. They’ve never been unable to defend against an invasion. More likely, someone in NY needs BP’s help. I also highly doubt we’ll see an all-Wakanda-set film. Maybe half and half, a la Thor?

  • Spencer

    Donald Glover.

    • mattinacan

      ^ awesome

  • mattinacan

    Marlon Wayans

  • tom

    djimon hounsou would be awesome, but i gotta go with idris elba

    • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

      I’d love Idris Elba to do it, but I don’t think Marvel would allow him to play both the Black Panther and Heimdall since they’d both exist in the same universe.

      • Roman scott

        But you also have to consider that Chris Evans has played both human torch and Captain America. But Chiwetel Ejiofor is an excellent choice.

    • JayF

      Sadly can’t do Idris because he’s already Heimdell. Although he really is the best choice. If not him, then I like Michael K Williams. He’s due for something huge. Another Wire alum as well.

    • Brandon

      Ummmm that would be great but he already played Heimdell in Thor! LMAO!!!

  • Gary


    • rukia

      LMAO. Well played.

  • Ruprect

    Chiwetal Ejiofor. No doubt about it.

  • tomincmh

    I’d love to see Chiwetel Ejiofor in this role. He’s a great actor, has a very dignified persona, and kicked ass as The Operative in ‘Serenity’

  • bob

    Read Jungle Action if you’re not incredibly familiar with the character, it’s the best of the 70′s Marvel.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    It has to be Black Dynamite. He’s built to play the part. He would seriously look like he could throw down with the Avengers and easily hold his own. Plus u wouldn’t have to pay him the big bucks like RDJ. White all the way! Ejiofor seems too small. Also White knows how to fight. Well he knows how to look like he can fight that is.


      MICHEAL JAI WHITE !!!!!!!!!!

  • reel_deal

    Anthony Mackie. Done.

  • chelsearamires

    I’m sorry, if you want this to be authentic and high-grossing, don’t cast an American! Get a European of African-descent or one of those cool South African indie film actors!!! The guy who directed “District 9″ would kill this!!!! Hounsu could be his father, T’Chaka, hands down!!

  • snapperhead

    Djimon Hounsou would be a great choice. He’s an excellent actor who’s already familiar with the character, and he’s from Benin, so he’s actually African, which is nice (not necessary, but nice). Chiwetel Ejiofor would also be great. He’s English, but his parents are Nigerian. Plus, he’s about ten years younger than Hounsou, which would be helpful since they’ll probably need someone to spend years making sequels.

    Michael Jai White is awesome, and could probably do it, but to me he seems more appropriate for Luke Cage than T’Challa.

  • Alex

    1. Djimon Hounsou
    2. Donald Glover
    3. Anthony Mackie

  • Dan

    Idris Elba, Michael Jai White, or Djimon Honsou but sadly I think they all might be getting too old. They need someone that can continue on as the Black Panther for the next decade.

    Elba and White would have also made a great Luke Cage as well.

  • R.C.

    Michael B. Jordan, book it. Rising star, Marvel locks him in for 9 films at a bargain price.

    • Mello Mastikan

      I like how u think sir!

      I would go with:
      Djimon Hounsou or Chiwetel Ejiofor also.

    • Christopher S

      I like that! He was great in Chronicle…but also consider David Oyelowo…he was great in Red Tails and has the look. He also is younger than Djimon.

  • Tommy Carpenter

    Michael B. Jordan and Anthony Mackie came to mind for me.

  • Nate

    Nathan Fillion.

  • joyce

    as Billy explained I didnt know that a stay at home mom able to get paid $7613 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this webpage N u tty R i c h d o t c o m

  • cap

    Morgan Freeman. Nuff said

  • Denis

    If this didn’t require a good martial artist, chiwetel would be good at it
    But I think J. White has the physique and everything. Since he performed so
    Well in DC’s The Spawn. I don’t picture Honsou in a Marvel universe

    • Ruprect

      You have obviously not seen Red Belt. Mr Ejiofor can handle the physical AND he has the on-screen presence to make an excellent T’Challa.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Why are we excited about Black Panther? This character was a joke when he came out and a sad attempt to reach black audiences of America. Terrible choice to be made into a movie, I was under the impression Marvel had burned any existing evidence of this guy.

    Imo lets get some of the X-Men standalone movies out there. I want to see a Gambit film already!

    • Christopher S

      …Marvel cannot do anything with X-men because X-men is a Fox property still, not a Disney/Marvel property.

  • The Ace

    @ Corin Preddiville horrible attempt at trolling. Black Panther is by far a superior comic book character.

  • Chris

    As far as the “urban audience” thing goes, I really hope that’s not Marvel’s line of thinking, because it’s stupid. Stupid to assume that urban audiences didn’t love The Avengers or Iron Man, and stupid to suggest that the ruler of a fictional country in Africa who travels the world as a diplomat and dresses like a superhero by night is somehow more “urban” (unless “urban” is code for “black,” which I guess in this case is technically correct).

  • Ben

    Corin – how could you be under that impression? For someone who comes off like he knows something about the character, you obviously don’t keep up with the comics OR cartoons if you think they have swept that character away. Also, while I share your desire for more X-Men movies – they have nothing to do with this because Marvel (the studio we are talking about) doesn’t own their movie right. But you knew that, right??

  • Kanwar

    Robert Downey Jr should play him too. As a black man. Been done befoore. Eh, eh?

  • Stinky

    Marvel wants to branch out to a larger audience. Makes sense. Showcase some of their other heroes who aren’t white. Hell, there are more green people on the Avengers than black. What’s the problem?

    I’d sooner like to see a Luke Cage flick, but Black Panther will do. He can slap a mouth or two.

    I say give it to Michael Jai White. Solid, safe choice. Marvel can’t blame the failure of ‘Spawn’ on him. ‘Black Dynamite’ was a welcomed comeback. Those ‘Mortal Kombat’ shorts were dope, too.

    Idris Elba is a great actor, has some action chops. Who cares if he’s a bit player in Thor. Hell, if Johnny Storm can morph into Steve Rogers, I think we can let it pass.

    Djimon Hounsou might be a tad old. Accent too thick? I know Black Panther is from Africa, but you know the studio wants to be as mainstream as possible… ‘Prince of Persia’, anyone?

    …why not give the rock to a new guy? What about the dude from ‘Hunger Game’s (to the internet!), Dayo Okeniyi.

    Let’s not forget, Marvel is undoubtedly choosing their next batch of flicks with an Avengers membership card in mind. Black Panther (or Luke Cage) can round out the team quite well.

  • eowyn

    As much as I want a Dr. Strange movie, if Black Panther is given a solo movie, I will have so much respect in the Marvel.

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  • Mr. Wright

    This is awesome. Black Panther is a fantastic character for Marvel to expose to the silver screen! I have been waiting for this for a while. It would be great to see Djimon Hounsou play Black Panther but yes he may be getting a little old, however hollywood can cover that up with relative ease. Chiwetel Ejiofor has the acting chops but he doesn’t have the physique, and you know they are going to have at least one shirtless scene. I say Hounsou or a no name with the physique, african descent, and very talented.

  • Larry

    Omar Sy

  • Nyguy

    Plain and simple. Marvel would be idiots to not pitch it to Djimon Hounsou. He is to damn PERFECT for the part. And if they don’t see that then they mine as well not film the movie what’s so ever! Seriously!!

  • Nyguy

    Plain and simple. Marvel would be idiots to not pitch it to Djimon Hounsou. He is to damn PERFECT for the part. And if they don’t see that then they mine as well forget about filmming Black Panther. Seriously!!

  • wahidullah

    i am looking forward to the black panther movie i hope they should make it fast

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