December 3, 2010


Sometimes I wish I got a second viewing of a film before I wrote the review.  Black Swan throws so much at you with its layers of symbolism, psychosexual metaphors, and rich thematic undertones.  And instead of furiously scribbling notes, I let myself become lost in Matthew Libatique’s gorgeous cinematography, Clint Mansell rich score, and Natalie Portman’s phenomenal performance.  I wanted to pick apart and analyze Black Swan but director Darren Aronofsky had to go and create another brilliant movie that I wanted to see again as soon as the end credits began to roll.

The story is a clever re-fashioning of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.  Portman plays Nina Sayers: a sheltered, single-minded ballerina in present-day New York City who finally gets a shot at stardom when her director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) casts her as the White Swan and the Black Swan in a “stripped-down” re-telling of Swan Lake.  Nina, who’s goal in life is to attain perfection, has no problem performing the role of the White Swan, but is too restrained to tap into the darkness and lust required by the Black Swan.  As Tomas berates and harasses her about her emotional shortcomings, Nina is faced with a rivalry from Lily (Mila Kunis), another ballerina who lacks Nina’s control but conveys more passion and embodies the darkness Thomas is looking for in the Black Swan role.  In Lily, Nina may have found a new friend or a dangerous enemy.

Oh, and did I mention that Nina is going batshit fucking loco?  That she’s hallucinating, scratching at herself, and possibly turning into a human-swan hybrid?  Because that’s also happening.


Black Swan takes a huge risk by shooting a surreal, psychological thriller with a cinema verite-style, but the gamble pays off in a big way.  Libatique’s camera not only dances and glides with the performers, but adds a strong sense of realism to the first half of the film so that when Nina really goes off the deep end, you’re completely enthralled and captivated by her unhinged reality.  The inspired cinematography manages to craft a visual presentation that is both immediate and otherworldly.

Adding to the rich tapestry is composer Clint Mansell’s gorgeous spin off Tchaikovsky’s music for Swan Lake.  I’ve never seen Swan Lake (and now I must, obviously) so I don’t know the depth of the musical cues, but Mansell twists an inspired score that exhilarates, terrifies, and helps brings the viewer even deeper into Nina’s madness.  While I wouldn’t say it’s better than his score for The Fountain, it’s yet another testament to why Mansell is one of the best composers working in Hollywood today.

While the technical craft behind Black Swan is incredible, this movie couldn’t work without Portman.  She is astounding and while she’s done roles in the past that have hinted at the darkness and depth she could achieve, with Black Swan you see an actress at the top of her game.  Not only is she performing the thrilling dance sequences (beautifully choreographed by costar Benjamin Millepied), but she embraces Nina’s slow decent into insanity with such compelling grace and sadness. Portman displays an enchanting softness with Nina’s naivety and innocence, but she also has no difficulty in embracing the character’s dark side in a way that feels organic and honest to the story.  It’s one of the best performances of the year and one of the best performances of her career.


I don’t know how much I can praise Darren Aronofsky for bringing this all together simply because I don’t want to bore you with a long list of complimentary adjectives.  The guy has become one of my all-time favorite filmmakers and his uncompromising vision always manages to create a picture that is haunting yet earnest.  While the film makes a nod to the psychological horror films of the 1960s and 70s, it’s a terrifying beast all its own.  After seeing Black Swan, I not only wanted to see the movie again, but I wanted to see Swan Lake, Replusion, The Tenant, and The Red Shoes.  The last film isn’t a psychological thriller, but it’s now got good company in the Awesome Movie Featuring Ballet section of the video store (your local video store may not be as genre-specific in their organization as mine).

Aronofsky has dreamed a beautiful nightmare with Black Swan.  It explores themes of female sexuality, obsession, compulsions, fractured identity,  and does so in a visually captivating and brutally honest manner that mischievously dances between the real and the surreal.  Like its protagonist, the film is technically magnificent yet knows when to unravel and embrace a glorious madness.  It’s an unforgettable thriller that demands repeat viewings as you want to fall further into Nina’s dark and demented universe.

Rating: A


  • Dogg

    Yeah, but that other movie shows her butt…

  • Anonymous

    Not a word about the sex or nudity? Boring, Matt. But still, I can’t wait for this.

  • Saad Ghafoor Khan

    I can’t wait to see Black Swan and Natalie Portman.
    BTW your Review seems Incomplete bx No Mila Kunis or Vincent are mentioned in the review and neither ya talked about Natalie’s mom. So, i hope ya review again and tell us about their input in the movie.

  • old soldier

    So, is this movie boring and pointless enough to win an Oscar or not?

    • Shportin1

      Ummm…unfortunately yes

  • old soldier

    So, is this movie boring and pointless enough to win an Oscar or not?


    It’s amazing, it’s better than the wrestler, it will get a wider release, and it will get nominated.

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  • guest

    The film is trash, trying to be something it’s not

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  • Vanja

    Movie is absolutely HORIBLE! So disturbing, disconnected, a story turns into a drama then light porn scenes then horror but a very morbid and pathetic trying to avoid SICK manner,… This movie is such a dissapointment! Acting was wonderful and antalie nailed it but the whole story has so no sense or maybe i should stop being a natural blond and try to understand the crap director made/..

    • Morgaine

      The story makes sense if you had actually payed attention until the end. Do you really think that psychosis ALWAYS makes sense? Do you think if “A Beautiful Mind” was totally cohesive ALL the way through that it would have been such a masterpiece?

      If Black Swan had made perfect sense to everyone for the whole movie, it would completely defeat the purpose. The objective was to illustrate a psychological break down in a young woman’s mind…not to be a stereotypical, predictable, step by step, walk-the-audience-through-every-little-detail fairytale.

      Not a film for the light of heart, and not one for people who don’t understand symbolism, themes, and implied motifs. You have to be capable of connecting all the dots on your own, it’s not Aronofsky’s job to make you ‘get it”.

      And this isn’t just directed at you, it just frustrates me because if people would stop and THINK about the film for a second they would see that it makes sense. Quite a lot of sense. It’s just that the point wasn’t spoon fed to you by the writers and the director.

    • Morgaine

      I should also mention that I, too, am a natural blonde. Has nothing to do with understanding film.

      • Cat

        I think i fall somewhere between the two of you… While I did understand the plot, the movie wasn’t at all what I expected due to the overabundance of (in my pov) unnecessary sex. I expected to watch a dancer fall into madness, and instead spent a large portion of the movie watching an already crazy girl go even crazier…while touching herself. Perhaps it’s artistic vision, I was just disappointed after all of the wonderful reviews that I spent the movie either completely taken unawares by overdone sexual scenes or completely able to predict the “twisting” plot.

        Still, I do see where the rave reviews for Natalie Portman’s acting came from. I just felt that the end of the movie was more of what I expected all along.

  • Rick Chung

    Natalie Portman shines in the BLACK SWAN

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  • kelly

    Worst movie I have ever seen-bad acting, bad dancing, bad story. Ridiculous on so many levels. Includes self mutilation, lesbian scenes, masturbation, drugs, barfing, psychotic episodes. Sooo stupid-I can’t believe it got nominated for anything other than The Razzies…

    • Morgaine

      You know, it’s sad that some of you people are completely incapable of appreciating art when it’s right in front of your face. Not only was the acting fabulous (despite what some of you say), but the direction was spotless and, while (some of) you may be too artistically challenged to understand the plot, thus declaring it “fractured” or “convoluted”, the story was captivating and all made perfect sense in the end.

      This is a story about the fight that ensues within Nina’s head when she tries to take on two personalities (that of Beth, and that of Lily, who she sees as being the ideal Black Swan).

      I’m sorry that some of you did not understand the true meaning and theme of this film, but when you get a chance you should see it again, and instead of trying to be a smart ass about it, maybe try appreciating what Aronofsky has done, and how amazing this film is.

      Also, I would like to mention that sexual repression is considered to have a huge link to psychological problems, hence the scenes that might disturb some more squeamish viewers. However, such scenes were necessary to complete the perfect story line about Nina’s descent into maddness which, I repeat, some of you obviously could not fully grasp.

      • Chris

        Morgaine, sweetheart! Not sure at all why you are so attached to this ridiculous piece of drivel. As an independent film “junkie” myself and a psychology PhD, I can tell you that your conclusions around the onset of mental illness and how this is depicted in this film are very poorly drawn. Armchair/dimestore analysis. The truth of the matter is, that this movie is an example of the worst of Hollywood peer pressure. An elite group of critics decided to highly praise Black Swan and now no other critics have the courage to expose it for what it is – an amateurish glob of pseudo psychology. It’s an “Emporer Has no Clothes” situation. The intelligent people who saw this and truly made up their own minds about the film are scratching their heads over the level of accolades it is receiving. I guarantee you, this film will not even be remembered in a year.

      • wally

        i just watched it and honestly it wasnt what i expected , the first half was just utter crap , yes i know they describe the character as being this pure innocent person and lays down some foundation but it doesnt do much else in a full hour its just light porn and natalie portman going from her house to the studio.. The second half on the other hand caught my attention thats when it shows that her mental state is falling apart that this role is eating her up. But the first half of the movie that is mean to be the lead up to this , vaguely shows that she is losing her mind at all. A girl touching herself doesnt meant shes lost the plot.. its just uneccessary and there are other striking ways to portray the same idea that the sex scenes were portraying. i just found it to be not a real thriller , maybe a partial thriller , from midway towards the end , but thats also being kind.. My 2 Cents…

  • Janina

    Pretentious, dragging a viewer through ugliness: gray cinder blocks, not one sane/good/undamaged woman, self-mutilation for not particular reason..
    Yes, we get what the director is trying to say–but for God’s sake why is it taking him –oh so painful–for us–hours to get there?
    There is one moving scene of Portman as a Black Swan–the rest is nonsense.
    Showing Portman whining –in all kinds of ways–all presumably filled with meaning and art –is excruciating experince–especially since boredom is never too far away.

  • rob

    It was so disappointing! Really was expecting much better from this film. Very slowing moving film that really has nothing happen. Just shows Natalie crying in every other scene, she sure is good at that. Like said before very predictable, could guess what was coming at all times. I do not recommend!

  • acesm

    Very, very dissapointing. There has not been a good ballet movie made since “The Turning Point”….although Leslie Brown was horrible, at least it was she dancing. Not every artistic director is an oversexed slob, not every ballerina is a nut job. The only thing this movie showed is that Nina Sayer needed to be institutionalized. I was a professional ballerina for 20 years. I had a family and traveled and actually loved my job. Most of the movie was just gratuitous and laughable. I really do not see what the big deal is. The webbed feet thing was just silly.

    • alicia

      You’re taking this on an extremely personal level. This kind of scenario can apply to anybody who is overstressed, overworked, confined to one dream and so on. The person doesn’t have to be a ballerina. A professional ballerina criticising a professionl actor over their dancing skills is as worthless as the Deutschmark.

      Well done for excelling at your proffesion and raising a family. I’m sure they’re very proud of you. Now lets get back to the film, which is not about how good (or bad) an actor can dance (this is because she is not a professional dancer by the way) on a very challenging ballet part and atually pay attention to what the film is about.

      Or are you relating to a side of ballet you don’t like and want to supress it? Is that why you’re being overly defensive?

  • Raj

    I lm very indifferent about this movie cant say I loved it, but cant say I hated it. The story line was kind of slow, the build up to the reveal of natelie’s inner black swan could have moved quicker. I still dont know what some of the characters purposes were. This movie could be left up to the viewers interpetation

  • crittle

    This movie is about more than just ballet! Look a little deeper people! It is about human nature and the pursuit of perfection. We can’t reach perfection, no matter how hard we work. It will only drive us crazy! There are so many contributing factors that send Nina into a downward spiral. Like Raj said above me, it is left up to viewers’ interpretations. Also, the movie itself was parallel to the actual story that their interpretation of Swan Lake was telling. It wasn’t a documentary on ballerinas. It was a trip into the human psyche.

  • Bob Larsen

    I have enjoyed watching Natalie Portman grow as an actress over the years. The only negative I see is her involvement with costar Millipied. She is worthy of a far more stable companion. With a stronger father figure in her youth, Millipied would not have insinuated himself in her life as others of his kind have done previously with so many impressionable young women.

  • Jennon

    ummmm i dont get it

  • AJI

    I thought the movie was great! It was dark and disturbing, but if you consider the purpose of the movie was to explore the dark side of a perfectionist (and possibly schizophrenic) character’s psyche, then what else can one expect? It’s supposed to be disturbing. Yes, it moved slowly, but each moment was suspenseful and thrilling. There was not one boring moment for me during this film.

  • Kodomo

    The damn movie blow my mind… It’s so complex in its simplicity… never knowing who is who in that little twisted white swan mind.

    Excellent performance, good movie rhythm…

    I just had to see it again.

    Is kinda weird the bad reviews tough… Maybe their lack of empathy didn’t let them feel the movie. Feel how her personality cracks with the pressure of being the swan queen… achieving the objective of her life… something that most people wouldn’t even dream.

    I don’t know… I can only say that the movie is a jewel.

  • ziggy2dope

    Solid review–I hadn’t realized that the film was a revamp of “Swan Lake”. The possibility occurred to me, but I wasn’t certain and didn’t pay attention after everything else in the film started distracting my attention. I thought this guy made some other interesting observations about the film:

  • Anarchiel

    Just imagine such a thing and I’ll bet You big time, you’ll get the whole idea of the movie:

    You’re a 20+ year old woman, who still lives with her mother. You have your room stuffed with fluffy warm and fuzzy feeling of toys, teddy bears, all pink and sh..t. Your mother still raises You that extra care way,yet again, You are 20+ YEARS OLD right? Your mother was a ballerina, just like You but she gave up and sacrificed her career for You. You think that actually happened without any impact on You as a little girl trying to follow Your mom’s step? Just imagine how mentally and emotionally hurt Nina had to be. And then, having collected all this whack life experience (like You know, 20 years of living on another planet), to make her dreams come true she has to do like 180′ turn You know? And this is when Aronofsky, Mansell and the actors come in to give You most of the above theme. Now You get what’s it all about? So there You go, if You’re too narrow minded to identify any of the symbols and elements of the movie that actually pillage the mind of any mind-using human being. Telling people this film is stupid, because it cointains explicit, adult content is as stupid as banning Harry Potter in southern states for its witchcraft undertones. Jesus H. Christ, I’m sure some of You still wonder how come You can see an actor playing a role in another movie, if his character died in last one You seen. Grab a book from time to time – really it’s beast of good for Your personal dictionary and most of all – ANALYTICAL THINKING.

    • Cat

      Anarchiel, I don’t think that anything I’ve read here has called the movie stupid because it contains explicit content. In fact, after the director instructed Nina to touch herself, the scene was understandable. I’ll even give you some of the Mila Kunis scene as pertinent. But why did we then have to watch her do it repeatedly for the rest of the movie? Where was the actual madness? I, personally, would have preferred to see scenes like the last ones – more hallucinations, etc – in place of those.

      That’s not to say that the adult content ruins the movie. But, to some of us, it seemed like a writer throwing as many “controversial” scenes in as possible in order to garner more attention, when he should have been concentrating on his main character’s descent into madness. Nina’s character could have had so much more depth. The movie was honestly a jumble.

  • Maccalusso


    Black Swan is a psycho-drama that deals with mind control and demonic possession. Its main message is that you can’t achieve greatness without selling your soul to the devil and connecting with the evil inside.

    Portman portrays Nina, a struggling ballet dancer whose controller is her mother. She was unable to develop and is still a child psychologically and sexually. Her bedroom’s wallpaper is covered with butterflies, a reminder of Monarch programming.

    When she is ripe and technically disciplined, her handler, Leroy (“The King” in French) enters her life and introduces her to evil, with the help of Lily (Lilith?).

    He seduces her but doesn’t have sex with her. He just awakens her lust and greed. In a key scene, we see Leroy and Nina at his flat, where a stylized Baphomet is displayed on the wall.

    Nina’s gala night also takes place in a building where we see a huge statue of a black angel, obviously Lucifer. Nina is being invited to Satan’s side, and the reward is fame and success.

    There are occult signals all over the movie, starting with the black and white duality and going through mirrors.

    Nina and her mother have their mirror images switched in one scene, meaning the mother has to program the daughter to be a replica of herself.

    In the end, when Nina shatters the mirror, it indicates she broke her personality in multiples and is ready to be possessed. She graphically changes into a demon in the screen.

    It is very possible that Portman will get an Oscar for the role, in confirmation of what the movie teaches. She is an insider. That would make the movie more a ritual than fiction, much like Madonna’s kiss on Britney Spears.

    Special attention should be payed to the “failed” dancer Beth, who Nina replaced. Like other mind control slaves, she loses her programming as she gets near to age 30, and is discarded or killed.
    After Nina tells Beth that she wanted to be “perfect” like her, Beth says: “Perfect? I am nothing.” That’s the fate of those who believe Satan’s lies.

  • Jerry

    This as got to be the worst all time movie ever made.

    The quality of the resolution was horrible.

    The camera work, bumpy and spinning made me motion sick.

    I have to say this had to be such a low budget film at an attempt to make a ton of money from based on a directors name.

    Reminds me of the emperor and his new clothes.
    A lot of people saying how great this movies is instead of what it was.
    I lost 2 hours of my life I will never get back.

    Don’t waste your time or money.

  • Dominique

    The movie wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I appreciated the art and the acting (which was superb, by the way) and I loved Portman’s dancing.
    I really liked how Lily was always the one in black: it was like she was Nina’s real life Black Swan – she had the lust, and the darkness and was always encouraging Nina to let go, and live and do things like drugs and drink.
    Nina’s mental breakdown was well shown, although there could have been more scene like at the end with the dressing room and the blood under the floor. Nina struggles with what’s real and not real (which is obvious seeing as she’s in a total downwards spiral) and the audience experiences that too.
    Its going to take me a few days for me to decide whether I liked it or not. There are certain aspects which I really liked, but I thought it might have been better.

  • robyn

    I liked it, I liked how her story became intertwined with the story of swan lake. How Lily is Nina’s black swan in real life and you see her with her on stage prince. I thought it was quite clever and the symbolism was well done if you notice it. And I think that her teacher telling her to tough herself was necessary in attempt to bring out Ninas darker side although it possibly could have been in a drfferent way but perhaps it wouldnt have been as effective. The second time she tries to touch herself is when she worried about her role so thought she was perhaps doing it as a ‘last bid’ type situation to bring out her darker side. Thats just my thoughts anyway.

  • Mila

    Is there anything that this movie does not manipulate and exploit us with? It is one of the most mankind-hating movies I have ever seen. It surprises and despises everything gentle and good about the human spirit, and to the bitter end it does not offer us any solutions or ease. BUT it does not shirk for minute from glorifying all of the evils it’s deceptively trying to expose in us. There is no way out for us in this movie. A lot of people might identify with the struggles, and it has a beautiful look and music – it is ballet after all. But that is just part of the exploitation. I looked at the young people body language after the movie as they were leaving, and they were confused, but jacked up with emotions induced by the movie. A good movie never induces. It is very careful with that. Otherwise it is nothing more than propaganda with an agenda. beware of it’s intent and lack of compassion and sensitivity for the viewers. Which by the way is fairly common in Hollywood, from some sources. If I wanted to see a blatantly overt Lesbian scene in a movie I should have been told, by the way. Drugs, suicide, inflated pride, depression and mental illness mishandled and glorified, I should know about it before hand. I should not think that this movie is only a cheap ballet horror flick. Which of course it is, but then it shouldn’t be nominated for any award much less the highest.


      As the great Dennis Norden once said, “I couldn’t disagree with you less.”
      This is a director’s exploitation of his audence, getting off on his own themes including sex, self mutilation, violence, sexual abuse (in the work place!), occult, pseudo psycology,etc, all handeled with no more care than an exploitation Hammer Horror movie of the 60′s. Perhaps he woould take that as praise. Shame to see Nathalie Portman seduced into playing the role. At least she got a happy marriage out of it. Remember her as Marnie in Beautiful Girls? What a wonderfully intelligent and strong character she played so well at 14. Even the ending is the same as The Wrestler, enteriing the “light” as this life ends. I feel quite irritated to have bought the DVD without seeing the movie on the nod od so many good reviews. I give it BLAHHH!!!

  • Maria

    I agree with many of you –
    I think that the movie was brilliant, HOWEVER I COULDN’T BELEIVE IT when Nina started f***ing herself, full-on, hard-core masturbation porno and I had to sit through it…not only that, but the various other OTT sex scenes. I’m pointing this out in particular because there is NO HINT of this at all on the trailers, so I feel completely jumped by the movie…If I had known I wouldn’t have gone to see it…
    Who wants to sit in the dark with your friends listening to the amplified sound of Natalie Portman pleasuring herself?
    I do care about the whole dark, psychological thing, I really do and I think thats brilliant, but I really would have appreciated a hint…
    Maybe that was D.Aronofsky’s plan…to lure us into the cinema under false pretences just to f**k with our minds and depress us all…AND I PAID FOR IT.
    I hate this self-destructive, pathetic, negative society that we live in. Its no wonder there are so many things wrong in the world…
    people seem to get off on all that is going to hurt us…whatever.

  • lorenza from Milano

    Aronofsky please go back to Hulkamania and forget bloody ballet-
    Girls in tuts are not for you.

    The Black Swan:
    A clichéed Ballerina…. meets William Wilson and befriends Carrie…
    Thus comes an interminable sequence of obvious bestialities about any sort of demented misconception concerning self awareness…
    All petrified into a gravely manicheistic parody of good/evil ambiguity.

    I save one and only dialogue quote, that I’m freely re-translating into what tries to be decent Engllish:

    So: Who are you?
    A Dancer…
    Well I meant what’s your name?

    This the only pregnant line in the whole movie- for its being highly synthetic and emblematic.

    PLUS- sed minus….
    Vincent Cassell- after La Haine… has played in some of the worst ever seen movies:
    La Pacte des Loups- Dobermann… and other improbable amenities..

    This Film is SHITE – (And .. no… this ain’t no mispelling… it’s Scottish…)

    PLEASE – avoid responding with bizarre posts stating my ignorance or my incapability of understanding ART – WE are not mentioning art at any point in this discussion.

    As I’m Italian I believe I should invite those that have been watching this movie in specific the hope of getting some chill… please find a much better visual rewarding in the stylish vintage Italian horror by Dario Argento- Suspiria — more Ballerinas for you but, despite the low budget and the inevitable ageing- a radically different filmic research…

    God, I frankly cannot understand why bother…

  • Arie

    i have just wasted 2 hours on this movie, and looked forward to it for months since I first heard about it.

    I would like to be middle point here as I can see why some really like it, as the beginning and middle are intriguing and lead you along enthralled almost to the end.

    The problem I see with this movie is that if the ads and the marketing of the movie had been honest, I would never never have gone to see it.

    The music and those ads made me think I would be seeing a sort of suspense, mystery, or even thriller not horror movie, with a wonderful stylish updated Alfred Hitchcock plot.

    The acting and the dominating mother, dictatorial ballet trainer, jealous fading star, and upcoming rival were hints at some real violence or murder to come, in which we the viewers would not know who was the worst of the lot.

    True the viciousness of the ballet world would be interesting to those who suffer from it.

    But the ending was a terrible let down, the movie went nowhere, and does not even have the mad vibrancy of a really B grade movie.

    It begins with A grade stuff, then tapers and dwindles down to nothingness.

    That being said I loathe these tricky movies where it is all in the person’s mind, and the plot is so tricky with the deceitful advertising campaign, hiding a sad, depressing, futile ending…
    that you do not even know the trickiness until the last few moments.

    I can understand ads or us here not telling the end, but the type of movie itself – there is a huge different between a suspense, mystery, or psychological thriller, and a story of someone cracking up, spiraling downwards.

    My argument therefore is not with those who enjoy this, but with the marketing campaign for this film.

  • ravi coimbatore

    a movie unworthy of ballet interspersed with porn

  • fortifier

    Chris… you couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any better…in your comments to Morgaine’s analogy of this flop film. So much that Morgaine didn’t/couldn’t even respond…thanx from Canada…

  • JJ

    I have read through the review and the exhaustive list of comments about the film. I was intrigued to see the many different view points. I personally didn’t like the film, I didn’t think it was likeable. I can recognise that there were some beautiful and artistic techniques displayed in cinematography and in the performances of the actors, especially by the ballet school director and by Mila Kunis. My reasoning for not enjoying the film is mainly based on Natalie Portman’s character who I found cringe-worthy and very difficult to watch. The doe-eyed ‘woe is me’ character was overacted when, let’s face it, her persona was clear within 5 minutes. As for Oscar-winning, I find, as I have in the past, that the actors that win an Oscar often are undeserving.

  • ProphetsOfAshes

    fans of this film are what I like to call, “Look at me! I’m cool because I like weird things!”
    I totally get what the movie is about, and what the moron who wrote it is trying to say, but it doesn’t make it good at all. Great message, with the poorest execution ever. Just because an idea is conveyed in a far too artsy fashion does not make it cool. Its confusing and stupid. The film is overdone to the point where its like the makers are screaming for attention. “Look! We have lots of drama and sexuality in a very weird artsy dark setting. Its sooooo coooooool!” I fully agree with the fact that the awards were the product of a vast amount of spineless critics, afraid to be scrutinized for speaking the truth, and that the 1st people who rated the movie good wouldn’t even give it the credit it has gotten today.

    A movie about monkeys drinking eachother’s piss might have been more enjoyable for a normal person to watch. I can’t stress enough how badly I want those 2 hours of my life back

  • Tickets For Sale

    I left this movie feeling as sick as the main character.

  • StanStill

    ProphetsOfAshes I’m sending you your two hours back to you….use them wisely!


  • ask

    Black Swan is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. The whole thing was just a horrible cliche’. Natalie Portman’s “acting” was horrific. I really wanted to like this movie…but just couldn’t do it. The entire time I kept telling myself, “it has to get better…the good part must be coming up.” It never did. There were many parts that were laughingly bad. It should have been a comedic farce. I am really into ultra artsy indie films-but this “thing” doesn’t make the cut. The CGI was really poorly done in the swan wing scene. What did they use, MS paint? The face replacement was effective though-too bad the company was forced to take the behind the scenes clip down in order to try to silence how little of the dancing Portman did.

  • zorikos

    This movie is gr8, but in the same time it is the worst movie of Aronofsky!!!

  • dennis

    Just an interesting thought for all in the discussion. The director got exactly what he wanted, a serious discussion for differing oppions about a movie! Mission accomplihed, I thought it was a dark and disturbing movie, which I thought was done very well! If there were no difference in peoples opinions there would be no excitement in movie critiquing. Oh and last time I checked that means that you all watched the movie! Mission accomplished once again!

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    —Portman can act.

    That said, she as an actress, should be
    far beyond such slick, routine demoralization
    ops and torture porn.

    She should be demanding material with
    fearless, genuine and defiant spiritual content
    esp. in this the 11th hour of the Globalist
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