First Synopsis for Sergei Bodrov’s BLOOD MOUNTAIN Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

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Last week, we learned that Benedict Cumberbatch had been tapped to star in Blood Mountain, an action-adventure film from Mongol director Sergei Bodrov.  The story has Cumberbatch playing “Charlie Webster, a seasoned combat veteran, now working as a private military contractor, who dispatches the enemy with ice-cold efficiency.” While escorting a terrorist through the mountains between Pakistan an Afghanistan, his team is ambushed, and the two men form an uneasy alliance as they fight off insurgents and rival mercenaries.  We now have a more detailed synopsis, and it tries to play up the action-oriented tone.

While the plot sounds slightly reminiscent of 3:10 to Yuma, the synopsis specifically mentions Three Kings, Lone Survivor, and The Grey.  Keep in mind that this synopsis is designed to sell potential distributors rather than the eventual consumer.  Hit the jump to check out the synopsis.

benedict-cumberbatchHere’s the synopsis:


Director: Sergei Bodrov

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch

Blood Mountain is a taut, visceral and surprising action-adventure in the tradition of Three Kings, Lone Survivor and The Grey.

Charlie Webster is a seasoned combat veteran, now working as a private military contractor, who dispatches the enemy with ice-cold efficiency.  Years of warfare have left him jaded and impervious to the horrors around him; there’s nothing he hasn’t seen or done before.

While operating along the lawless mountainous regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, his special forces team is ambushed and killed during a covert raid on a high value traget and Webster is forced to personally escort Al-Wahiri, one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, over miles of hostile terrain in order to bring him to justice.

With a $12 million bouty at stake and insurgents and rival mercenaries hunting them at every turn, the two men – warriors in their own right and obeying an unspoken code that cannot be broken – find themselves facing not only their enemies but each other.

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