V FOR VENDETTA Director James McTeigue to Helm BLOODSPORT Remake

     July 24, 2013


It appears as though the Bloodsport remake is finally moving forward.  A few years ago, Salt director Philip Noyce became attached to helm a new iteration of the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film, but movement on the pic has been nonexistent in the ensuing months.  Now Variety reports that the project has life, as Relativity Media has tapped The Raven and V for Vendetta helmer James McTeigue to direct Bloodsport with an eye towards starting production in Australia and Rio de Janeiro early next year.  The original film took place in Hong Kong and found Van Damme’s Army soldier going AWOL and fighting for his master’s honor in a tournament.

Hit the jump for more on the South America-set redo and to watch the Van Damme-infused trailer for the original film.

Per Variety, this new story moves the action to South America, as it will “explore the life of 21st century mercenaries as they collide with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.”  The existing script by Taken scribe Robert Mark Kamen will be rewritten by Craig Rosenberg under McTeigue’s supervision.  Casting should get underway later this year, but given the success of The Raid, one imagines they don’t need to fill this thing out with A-list stars as long as McTeigue can craft some inventive fight sequences.


  • Faptain America

    Joe Taslim and/or Iko Uwais from the Raid:Redemption in this, in some type of role, please. kthxbai.

  • http://zoelogie.tumblr.com/ Baby Jean

    sigh a… another remake |-( Meanwhile, a plethora of worthy scripts are being ignored by hollywood.

    • Joe

      People are seeing what Steven Soderbergh was saying…

  • Scurvy

    What is the point of remaking this now that MMA is a mainstream sport and Frank Dux has been outed as a total whacko liar?

    • Joe

      I think it’s an excuse to make a fighting movie and have it share the same name as the ‘remade’ movie – so hoping that at least some people watch it and help it make money.


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  • RiddleThemThis

    No one is safe from the Hollywood remakes, can’t wait until they shall redo citizen kane.

  • captainbuck

    Jason Statham, nuff said

  • Blasst

    I forgot Forest Whitaker was in the original, and watching the trailer reminded me. Man it has been 25 years since Bloodsport came out.

  • chuckilly

    Don’t cast the token typ cast Rucy Riu. Oh harrow, Ri Row Rung Ru. Surely there aren’t any other stunt women in Hollywood more qualified (INTENSE SARCASM

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