‘Blunt Talk’ Season 2 Trailer Unveils the Show’s Parody

     July 21, 2016


My favorite description of Starz’s series Blunt Talk comes from Brian Moylan of The Guardian. Though his review was far more tepid than mine (I was, rightfully I think, swept away by Patrick Stewart’s turn as Walter Blunt), his description of the series could not be more apt: Blunt Talk is an odd bird. It’s sort of like if The Newsroom and Veep had a love child and it was raised by Nanny McPhee in the Royal Shakespeare Company.

If you’ve been watching Blunt Talk, you’ll recognize the truth of the statement, and if you haven’t, you should be intrigued. The series isn’t always great, and sometimes doesn’t have a good sense of its own strengths (as shown in this Season 2 teaser trailer below), but it is charming, and occasionally very funny. It’s cast is also really great, especially Jacki Weaver and Adrian Scarborough, who are both faithful handlers of Walter. Dolly Wells and Timm Sharp also add a lot of quirky appeal, but also a surprising amount of heart.

A first look at Season 2 puts its focus on a Blunt Talk porn parody of Walter called “Blunt Cock” which is momentarily silly, but it doesn’t give a great sense of what else we’ll be seeing in Season 2 other than Walter inevitably comparing himself to his adult film counterpart.

The problem with finding good clips for Blunt Talk is that so much of the series — and creator Jonathan Ames’ humor — is organic to the show, and built up over time. So, it may be better than this promo betrays, especially since Starz initially ordered 20 episodes spread out over 2 seasons — so I’m expecting Season 2 to be fairly similar Season 1. But we’ll see soon enough! Let us know your thoughts on the new promo in the comments.


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