BOB’S BURGERS Series Premiere Review

     January 9, 2011

It might be hard to believe that an animated series is hitting Fox without a previous network name involved. This time around the new addition to Animation Domination doesn’t come from Matt Groening (The Simpsons and Futurama), Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad) or Mike Judge (King of the Hill). Loren Bouchard (creator of Home Movies) is behind Bob’s Burgers, a comedy that follows Bob and his questionably sanitary burger joint that also employs his wife and three young children. Though the pilot sees the burger join itself in jeopardy of being shut down, there’s plenty of reasons to want Bob’s Burgers to stay open for business and serve up even more laughter. Find out why after the jump.

After the title sequence shows this is Bob’s Burgers grand re-re-re-opening, the restaurant is facing yet another potential health code violation as Louise (Flight of the Conchords star Kristen Schaal), the bunny-ear wearing daughter, spread a rumor that their burgers have human remains in the meat. But the health inspector has a history with Bob’s wife Linda (John Roberts) and there’s a chance she could get all this red tape cleared up with just a little hint of flirtation. Meanwhile, the other two kids aren’t doing much to keep the restaurant sanitary. Tina (Dan Mintz) keeps scratching a rash in her nether regions while Gene (Eugene Mirman, also of Flight of the Conchords) is more concerned with a robot-voice, fart-sounding megaphone than dropping the burger samples on the sidewalk and then serving them.

Like any good animated comedy, the kids have the right combination of adult sensibilities and childlike tendencies to make them hilarious. Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman have voices that were made for comedy, especially in the animation department, and their talents are among the highlights of this hilarious new series. Meanwhile, you’ll recognize H. Jon Benjamin’s voice (he’s play various characters on Family Guy, including Carl the gas station attendant) as Bob, another talent who seems to have been crafted for voice work. Voicing Bob’s wife Linda isn’t an actress, but Human Giant and Crank Yankers writer Dan Mintz, and while his voice seems too artificial as a female character, it soon begins to fit with the character. The same can be said for the other sibling Tina voiced by John Roberts since the character’s awkward nature and masculine features only make his voice a perfect fit.

With simple animation, there’s nothing flashy to try and distract you from what’s really important: the quality comedy writing. While the jokes don’t lend themselves to family’s as much as The Simpsons, this series acts more as a happy medium between The Simpsons fading hilarity and Family Guy‘s over-the-top, very much adult sense of humor. Also unlike the aforementioned hit animated shows on Fox, the pilot doesn’t seem to venture too far outside of the restaurant for humor or story. It’s hard to tell from just the pilot, but I’m hoping most of the series doesn’t venture too far away from the restaurant for fear of becoming just another animated sitcom. It’s nice to have a show focus on a family in their own restaurant rather than another generic house in another boring neighborhood.

THE FINAL WORD: Bob’s Burgers delivers some fresh animated comedy without Fox’s familiar talents getting involved. Personally, I’m hoping Bob’s Burgers will keep cooking for at least one full season so viewers can get a taste of some comedy on Fox that doesn’t come from Seth MacFarlane. As much as I love his work on the network, it’s nice to have an animated comedy like this that doesn’t rely on outlandish, unrelated pop culture references, disjointed cutaways and spontaneous injections of guest stars.

Bob’s Burger’s premieres tonight on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.

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  • Frank

    This is the worst animated tv show Ive ever seen. Not funny, not witty, barely understandable. I stopped watching at 8:42 completely dumbfounded that the network found anything humorous about any portion or character. What a piece of junk.

    • alan

      I agree with Frank’s every word. Stupidist show I ever seen.

      • Dis show sux

        total crap total crap total crap total craptotal crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total craptotal crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap total crap

      • LAME O


      • ron

        Fox is trying to replace there previous dry humor show king of the hil, an amazing show. But bobs burger is terrible! Docs is going down hill unfortanatly. First cleavland show now bobs burgers. Please bring back king of the hill!!!

      • Sean Alexander

        Are you guys kidding, this is a fresh new show that has completely put me off the way family guy and american dad. Bobs burgers forever!

    • Nick

      H. Jon Benjamin’s voice is so filling of the part. I go to school for Animation and Illustration and the aesthetics Loren Bouchard has created for the characters is amazing. Tiny hints of farmillar characteristics with amazing voice actors. “The Pedophile, it comes with candy”, Its amazing how the little girl feels the need to explain her thoughts as if she wasn’t meaning to be humorous, its epic. I haven t wanted to see more of a cartoon then currently possible since South Park’s season 5 episode “Scott Tenorman Must Die.

      • amdgermain

        I earnestly hope that this is some bizarre form of sarcasm, because seriously comparing Bob’s Burgers’ Premiere to “Scott Tenorman Must Die” would numbers among the most egregious injustices the world has ever seen. If you can’t appreciate this, it makes me think you should get out of animation school… quick.

        On the other hand, if you were being sarcastic, then, yeah, I agree. This show is almost physically painful to watch.

      • larren

        what kind of narcotics are you on? this show is the absolute worst animated show i’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of watching in my 55 years of life. i found myself not laughing once during the entire episode on 2-13-11. no one i’ve talked to has thought this show was even remotely funny. i go along with the other 98% people on this site who think this show is crap. fox you have truly run in to a disaster this time and i hope you cancel this show long before the episodes written are aired.

      • chad f.

        Louise….the ultimate character creation…so many moments,.. she was the figurehead. i luv that rabbit headed nut..ya the shows not perfect but it sure is great stoner sophistication …someone said something about this show lacking kidding that’s part of the pun. anyone who commented their dislike can go watch the new craze in forensic crime shows. not all shows are for everyone but this one is for me and alot of people i know .first season was a total blast for me. every episode was a great ride.. keep pushing the edge

      • Lucy Saw

        Yeah I but I love Tina. She’s such a pervert.

      • nick

        Well you’re a fucking loser moron then. This show makes me want to vomit and so do you.

      • tetra hydro

        oh nick you are so naive with no show experiences or just a lack of humor in general (17?)

      • nick

        You’re just as greasy as bob’s nasty ass burgers. You can eat that garbage, not me.

    • dee

      this show is not funny, i dont even know why they air this show. Please remove it from my Sunday line messed everything up.

    • Jared

      Personally, I liked it. It’s refreshing to find an animated series on Fox that does not have to rely on sexual innuendo, or seamingly unrelated pop culture references. Maybe switch the schedule so that it either airs before or after the Seth MacFarland block.

      • Appalled It Hasn’t Been Canceled Yet

        Dear God, this is a steaming stinking piece of shit of a show.

        It’s not funny. There’s no “dry humor,” no “subtle humor,” no “sly humor” here. THERE’S NO FUCKING HUMOR AT ALL.

        Why has it not been canceled yet?

        It is simply painful to watch. I gave it some time. I thought it couldn’t be nearly as awful as I remembered it being, but when I came back for another look… Holy fucking shit! It was even WORSE than I remembered.

        Please take this reeking lump of crap out back of the barn and kill it with an ax.

    • Paul Argyropoulos

      This show is so beyond bad, it wraps around to criminal. The writing is horrific, the characters totally flat and not thought out well, and the plotlines are terrible! This show is proof positive that SOMEONE either has blackmail on a FOX exec to get this swill off paper or the higher ups are needing a tax writeoff for failed ventures. The writers should be shot on sight.

      There have been bad shows in the past: Small Wonder and What A Country come to mind. This absolutely DUSTS those. This show should be pulled so fast, it would give the entire cast and crew whiplash, and the FOX exec who green lit this should be whipped until he or she apologizes and donates half their yearly salary to a public university’s writing program.

      I gave all three episodes a chance and finally had to shut the 3rd episode off because it was so horrendously bad. It’s almost enough to make me go vegan.


      • Mordecai Lopez

        Wow, really. Everyone who hates this show obviously doesn’t have a full brain. This is one of the greatest shows ever created for adults. You actually have to watch it through the entire episode to actually like it. There is humor in it. It’s fucking hilarious. Way better than the Crapland Show. I know you probably don’t like the fart jokes in it or whatever, but there’s little to none of that crap in it. And people say this is dumb? Isn’t a dolphin voiced by some British guy dumb? Yes, I’m referencing Family Guy since everyone on this post doesn’t know what dolphins even are.

      • Matthew Roscoe

        How can you say “you actually have to watch it through the entire episode to actually like it”, when he watched two full episodes and absolutely hated it. Personally, I don’t know how I even made it through the pilot episode. This show is so bad the U.S, Government should stop water-boarding captured members of Al-Qaeda, and make them watch re-runs of this show instead.

      • Matthew Roscoe

        How can you say “you actually have to watch it through the entire episode to actually like it”, when he watched two full episodes and absolutely hated it. Personally, I don’t know how I even made it through the pilot episode. This show is so bad the U.S, Government should stop water-boarding captured members of Al-Qaeda, and make them watch re-runs of this show instead.

    • Adam

      – 5 Stars — *****
      I am really pleased with this show.. It has a few very strong characters. The animation seems a little weird, but so was South Park when it first started.
      FOX please keep this show going. I really enjoy watching it..

      I think some of these negative comments are from folks who don’t like this type of humor and may not understand (or really care) that the animation is kind of part of the joke….

      • Shawna

        You have got to be kidding me. 5 stars?! This show is the dumbest show I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe it is still on the air. FOX must not be able to come up with anything better which is really sad and pathetic. This show never should have aired! I can’t believe there are people alive that actually think this shit is funny. How old are you? This show seems like it would only attract the audience of middle school boys or younger or maybe just the dumb ass people who act like they are still in middle school I mean come on, grow up! Most people grow out of this “humor” when they get to high school.

        UNBELIEVABLE!! And stupid!

      • Cami

        Adam, we could be watching stick figures and enjoy it, as long as it was FUNNY…

    • kevisaurus

      I’m surprised this pile of crap is still running.
      I tried to watch the pilot but got so bored with this show.
      It’s also very gross and not funny.
      I hope they take this big steaming pile of digested and defecated hamburger off the air soon.
      Just have Seth MacFarland make yet another series to fill the time slot!
      I’d even watch Herbert the Pervert if he had his own spinoff.

    • Jenn

      We love this show…my whole family. We find it completely hysterical and we were anxiously awaiting season 2. It’s the highlight of Sunday night.
      I guess, according to most of you, if it’s not one of Seth MacFarlane’s “I haven’t came out of the closet, but I kinda want to” animations, it’s just not funny. It’s a comedy animation that’s fresh and isn’t just a regurgitation of the drivel that’s already on. But that’s ok for you because for an hour before and an hour after Bob is on, you can indulge yourselves. Have fun with monotony.

      • Cami

        Jenn, please tell me what your family actually laughs at in this show because I truly don’t understand.

  • AB

    Linda (John Roberts) is the wife, not the daughter.

    • Ethan Anderton

      Thanks, I realized this just a moment ago and will be fixing it right away.

  • ryan

    Bob’s burgers is AWFul! The jokes are not even funny and the characters suck. It is such a boring show that I watched 10 minutes and re watched the simpsons episode.

  • Me have brain

    This review is worse than the show. How much are they paying you to find something nice to say about this show? It sucks, the characters suck, the writing sucks,the comedy sucks, the artwork sucks, the animation sucks, the voices suck. This show is so not funny it made me forget what laughter is. Frankly don’t know what planet the author of this article is on when she says she hopes to see more of this garbage. It is the worst show of all time, Fox cancel it now and pray no one was watching.

    • Ethan Anderton

      The worst show of all time? Talk about hyperbole. Apparently you haven’t seen any reality TV, or 90% of the shows on CBS and The CW.

      • Yup

        You mean reality shows, NDC i mean NBC and the CW. CBS has great shows on mon. and weds.. Fox has a few good ones but bobs burgers is terrible. ABC has a great wed. night line up except Better with you, that show needs to go.

      • Yup

        Are they trying to get the dry humor people that watch “the Office” because this show is just as bad.

  • Angelica

    I have to disagree with all the comments that’s have been made so far about this show….I liked it…thought it was funny and the characters are pretty cool…animation was good and you know if u didn’t like it the tough don’t watch it you are not the only people in the world your opinions don’t matter much haha. I hope they continue to show this on fox love it keep it coming Loren Bouchard!!! And to all of you haters don’t judge after only one show give things a chance!!! God bless!!!

  • Nancy

    I thought it was funny.

  • Ed

    I really enjoyed this show, it was very funny.

  • Bill Graham

    Ethan, I didn’t know what to think of the show at first. The commercials didn’t really show a lot to get me interested. But a combination of your positive review and the show just coming on an hour after the game kept me from switching the channel.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s quirky and not for everyone, but I am glad I tuned in. Look forward to the next episode and to see how the show develops.

    • Ethan Anderton

      Good to hear, Bill.

      I don’t know if people were expecting it to be like The Simpsons or Family Guy or what, but others who didn’t watch the show until I recommended it or until this review got posted have been pleased. But you’re right, it’s certainly not for everyone.

      Only time will tell what the rest of America thinks, I guess.

      • Bill Graham

        I think when you look at the comments here, it’s clear it’s not for everyone. I hope it gets a season. I want to see where it heads and if it does stay within a close proximity to the store, like you mentioned.

      • Cami

        Personally, I was just expecting it to be funny as it’s billed as a COMEDY. Period.

  • BobSUCKS

    Shame on Fox. Terrible show.

  • no thanks

    i will never watch this show again family guy is way better this wasnt even funny at all lame

  • nancy ed bill

    If you liked this show you either work for it or have never seen another show you can compare it to

    • Bill Graham

      Or we just like it. There is always that possibility. Right? I mean, people do have different tastes… or are we all robots that have to like the same thing?

  • Boycott Bob’s

    I cannot believe Fox would greenlight then pump such a worthless unfunny piece of shit. I wouldve settled for a rerun of King of the hill…please try again.

  • no no no no no no no

    nonononononooooo not ven close to being funny nonono not funny

  • Bryan Semones

    I knew this show was going to be terrible from it’s promotional spots. I’m watching it right now. Its trying for that Dr Katz dry charm without the wit to back it up. There is no flow. The characters voices are more annoying than the commercials. I can’t imagine … No wait nepotism within the network is the only explanation for something as bad as this show. This is after all the network that killed Firefly. . .

  • EJ

    Holy crap this show sucks. Anyone who likes this sucks half as much as the show.

  • Michael

    I agree with the majority. Bob’s burgers was terrible. It needs to go where that show with the kids with the dad in jail, and the guy they hire to be their dad went… Into the garbage can.
    Fox is really having trouble filling this hole in the time slot.

  • Richard

    I thought it was really funny. I liked it alot. I can understand how some people will not like it. Its a dry humor and subtle.

  • first time forum female

    In my opinion, Bob’s Burgers was absolutely horrible!!! I felt so strongly about it that I foun it necessary to find a forum to post my opinion on. I never bother to post reviews of anything, but “REALLY, FOX? WTH were you thinking?”

  • Lance

    I think all the voice actors are incredibly miscast, it kills everything.

  • rm

    When will Loren Bouchard realize that if he made a cartoon featuring John McGuirk as the main character, that he would hit a Grand Slam.
    I’d much rather see that than have H. Jon Benjamin waste that incredibly unique voice of his on crap like this or “Archer”.

    Benjamin was BORN to be McGuirk.

  • Bogie

    Is AMERICAN DAD canceled? That is one of the funniest shows on TV and gets no credit. I really hope this Bobs Burgers didn’t get American Dad canceled.

    • KYLE

      No, American Dad is not cancelled. It’s surprising to see how many people think this same thing. It’s being moved to 7:30 until Bob’s is cancelled and Sunday night’s lineup returns to normal.

      Despite the fact FOX has renewed it for a 7th season, hopefully they aren’t looking at this as an opportunity to get rid of American Dad, because the ratings can only suffer being at a time slot FOX doesn’t advertise. Anyone watch ‘Til Death’ at that time? No, that’s what I thought.

  • TJ

    Show was fine. Its obviously not for everyone. If the show becomes a hit all these trolls will just follow the herd.

    • Dominique

      Couldn’t have been said better

  • jj

    If this is dry an subtle it is thr most subtle humor ive ever seen. Nothing brilliant about any of it, let it live out the rest of its short unfunny life on adult swim theyre great at oumoing unfunny obscure crap.

  • Bob

    I think about an American classic, King of the Hill, when I watch garbage like this and garbage like the Cleveland Show. The inmates have taken over the asylum obviously. Immediately turned off with a “itchy crotch” joke 1 minute in. The kids are awful. The wife is like running your hand on a box grater. Men voicing the female characters? WTFF? This makes me look back fondly on “Sit Down, Shut Up” – wow

    • Matt

      i agree, exept for the part with the cleveland show. i like that show a little, and this show does make ‘Sit Down Shut Up’ look good

  • Earl

    I thought it was funny. I liked it alot Its dry humor. Some of yall want those telegraphed jokes that hit you in the head quickly. Its understandable but I strongly disagree that this show is bad. Its just not for you so keep it moving trolls lol

    • Bob

      What exactly is “subtle” about a grill cook having an itchy crotch, a hamburger served with a piece of candy called “the child molester” with a creepy looking guy ordering it? A kid with a fart noise machine? Subtle humor is Arrested Development, 15 times an episode, a show that Fox cancelled that may have been the best sitcom in history.

      • magallanes

        I loved Arrested Development but the camera produce me motion sickness.

  • thisshowsucks

    the only people that would find this show funny are people who have an extra chromosome.

    • TDawg

      True dat

    • patrick

      Why would you assume people with down syndrome would enjoy the show. I don’t have down syndrome and did enjoy watching Bob’s Burgers.

      • Cami

        Patrick, then are you absolutely sure you don’t?!?

  • Me have brain

    “my crotch itches… my crotch smells like bacon…”. Please don’t defend this show by calling it subtle humor. Please don’t imply that if one had more intelligence, or if one put more thought into it I could glean the comedy from this lazy pile of garbage. If you would like to defend this show I think it would be interesting to see if you could post a joke from the show and explain to us mindless trolls how it was funny.

  • Charity

    Worst show I have seen in sometime…. Where is the comedy in this?

    • Matthew Roscoe

      Looking for the comedy in Bob’s Burgers is like looking for a vampire’s reflection…it just isn’t there.

    • Matthew Roscoe

      Looking for the comedy in Bob’s Burgers is like looking for a vampire’s reflection…it just isn’t there.

  • TDawg

    Ok I watched this show last night thinking that this show might be good but, I was wrong. This was the worst piece of shit show I have ever seen, I didn’t even laugh or smile once through the whole thing and when it looked like they were trying to be funny, this was all I was thinking in my head “omg really, that’s all they could think up of”. (Cant believe I was forced to watch this show instead of American Dad)

  • jriley27

    This show was a complete and utter piece of crap one of the worst shows I’ve seen in a while. Send it to adult swim with the rest of the crap cartoonetwork has. But don’t put it on Sunday night there’s barely anything good on any way and your not helping by adding this crappy show.

    • TDawg

      Yeah definitly put this show on adult swim

  • darlene

    I thought it was good – it seems that a lot of people are upset thinking that this replaced American Dad. It didn’t. AD was renewed, but from what I’ve been reading most of the people that thought it sucked are at the same time upset at the idea that this replaced AD?

    In any case, I really agreed with the review. I thought it was funny and quirky in a way that is not identical to all the other shows on the block – which is a really nice change of pace. I’ll be watching again.

    • larren

      Darlene I had a house full of people watching this show after a local recored basketball game and was asked at one point to turn it off. What kind of drugs do you do to find this show even remotely funny? This is the worst show I’ve seen Fox debut since I can remember and I go along with the other 99% percent of reviews I’ve read. This show is pure crap and I hope to God Fox cancels it before the episodes written are ever aired. You’ve got to be a moron to think a show of this caliber is funny. Fact is it just sucks beyond belief. I’ve watched comedy for over 50 years and this is not comedy it’s a tragedy!

  • Bob

    Bad, No More Needed to say

  • Joe

    Saw the previous and they sucked. But, I gave it a chance and it still SUCKS!

    Not funny in the least bit.

    “Where’s the humor!?!?!”

    • Joe

      I meant saw the “previews”

  • eric

    Yep… another vote from the “it was rubbish” camp. Any humor present in this show was at a third-grade level and at that it was just atrocious. I stopped watching before the end and will find other ways to occupy my time in the future.

  • gumby

    It was funny.
    I’ve got my head stuck in the cupboard.

    • Matthew Roscoe

      That would explain why you thought it was funny.

  • Danny

    THIS BOB’S BURGERS SHOW SUCKS SO BAD, IT MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!! The Animation is so awful, the jokes were so unfunny, the Characters were terrible, I’M NEVER GONNA WATCH THIS EVER AGAIN!!! BRING KING OF THE HILL BACK!!! I love Family Guy, The Simpsons, and the Cleveland Show, but I hate American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers!!! And as much as I hate American Dad, Bob’s Burgers makes it look good….. And I wish King of the Hill was back on the air, just like I said before, it’s not quite as good as Family Guy, The Simpsons, and the Cleveland show, but it’s pretty good. Hopefully Fox cancels Bob’s Burgers……..

  • Maurry

    I was looking forward to this series and when I saw the first episode, I had to force myself to stay tuned until the end. The completely tasteless attempts at humor throughout the episode was disgusting. I mean come on, we are used to crude jokes in South Park or American dad but even those two shows can elicit some laughs. This was just bad for bad’s sake.

    The look, the story(so called) and the production values are the worst I’ve seen yet. Just cancel it and put it out of OUR misery.


  • Addman

    Bob’s Burgers SuX majorly. I’ll take another episode of Family Guy!!!

  • Berrice

    I agree, this series isn’t funny at all. It makes Family Guy look like Shakespeare lol. And like said in this review (, the jokes have absolutely no momentum, shame really.

  • MeandYou

    I could not finish watching this show. It is absolutley terrible. I had to turn the channel because the show was boring me to sleep. I turned it back just in time for the start of family guy. Thank goodness for family guy…
    The network must know how terrible it really is since they feel the need to keep running previews on this “smash hit” lol yeah right.

  • what a waste

    this show is not funny at all, the jokes are just terrible. this show actually bores me. why did american dad get replaced with this failiure of a show? american dad was way better then this show

  • Jf

    Wtf is this garbage i dont know what they were smoking whenthey gave his show the green light but it must of been moldy id rather watch my cat play with a piece of string for 18 hours then to watch 10 minutes of this show

  • jones

    I cant believe I watched this show. I actually made it through the whole first episode with out so much as even a chuckle. It was soooo bad that I forced myself to watch the entire episode, thinking ‘there is no way this can get any worse’ and in the end i thought ‘this is the absolute worst show i have ever seen’. I just watched another episode. Again the same result!!!!! I can’t believe I am forcing myself to watch such complete garbage.

  • JWalls

    I have watched the 1st 2 episodes of this show, and I must, it was the funniest show of each night. Family GUy and Simpsons have lost a step, and the Cleveland show was never funny anyways. I enjoy dry humor a lot, it gets away from the family guy humor which is just loud jokes consisting of using or making fun of other peoples popular stuff, or making references to things, or bashing Republicans because Seth’s a democrat. This show had some very good jokes and I think the “bad” animation as some of you call it adds to it’s specialness because it doesn’t need colorful, graphical things to be funny like Family Guy. Face it, watch a new episode of Family GUy, and compared to there old stuff, they look desperate for material. I hope Bob’ Burgers last, I greatly enjoyed it. ANd if it doesn’t last on Fox, I hope AS does pick it up.

    • Neems

      A cow peeing on the floor is “dry humor” ??

    • Matthew Roscoe

      I’ll give you that, Family guy is not as funny it used to be (it’s still pretty funny though). with that being said, Family Guy at it’s worst is still ten million times better than Bob’s Burgers.

  • I H8t Ur Face

    Come on this show is not funny. If your saying its funny and enjoyed it, than damn you have a weak sense of humor. Watch for 15 min and could not stand anymore. BOOOOOO this show. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • DO NOT WatCh!!!

    I can’t believe I watched the first episode of this crap show reading textbooks is more fun lol

  • stunzeed

    What a shame that Sunday night television has stooped to this level of garbage and crap.

    2 or 3 more episodes and it’ll be on the scrap heap.

    What a joke. What a disgrace. What an embarrassment. Pathetic.

    Poor, tasteless jokes. Terrible animation…..PLEASE JUST GO AWAY.

  • barrytown

    What did….I……..just…

    TOTAL crap. This “show” doesn’t stand a chance. Welcome to the dumpster.

  • fritos

    A keyboard joke to finish the show, consisting of “my grandparents having sex” sounds.

    Wow. Desperate.

  • Dave Idmarx

    I don’t generally even read reviews, but after watching this show last week, I had to see if I was alone in thinking this was the worst pile of dung to air on TV in a long time. What baffles me even more is that there are apparently some people who actually found this God-awful turd of a show to be funny. I pray that they are plants who work for Fox. It’s actaully kinda scary to think that these might actually be real people who find this funny. “Dry humor”? Uh, no. “Sophisticated”?? To a batch of cataclysmically retarted kindergarteners, perhaps. When you consider it’s the same network who axed the much missed ‘Arrested Develpoment’ and greenlighted THIS, I suppose we just have to thank God that they still had the sense to air ‘The Simpsons’ & ‘Family Guy’ (though they needed fan intervention to tell them that ‘FG’ was good). It makes you seriously wonder just what brain-dead fucks are in charge at Fox.

    • Neems

      I laughed 10x harder at this post than that pathetic excuse of a show. I could not stomach it after 5 minutes. I then thought Maybe I was being too harsh and tried the first two episodes on Hulu, nope they were horrid too. The Jokes are tired… no they are not “Dry” just stupid and played out. I would rather watch the Cleveland Show, and I cant stand that damn show either.

    • Jerry

      yeah, I mean how can drawing with cow crap be sophisticated???

  • Hi_me

    Man-o-man. The positive reviews from this show must come from FOX shills.

    This show BLOWS on all levels. Straight litterbox material.

  • MJ

    I thought the show was pretty funny. It definitely pertains to a certain sense of humor, as clearly everyone doesn’t like it, but I thought it was a good change for animated comedy shows. Everyone says it can’t compare to shows like FG or the Simpsons and what not but why would you want to see the same show with different characters. I didn’t even see the first episode but just watched the second tonight and thought it was hilarious so I had to go watch the first on hulu. I hope they keep it coming, nice change to animated comedy shows.

    • Cami


  • LORD

    Me and my wife lasted 9 minutes watching this piece of shit. Not a single laugh, or smile throughout. I really wanted to turn it off a minute into it because the voices were terribly matched for the characters. However, morbid curiosity prevailed and we watched it for another 8 minutes and I just shut it off because I didn’t want to lose grip of what humor really is.

    There is no sophisticated jokes, no dry humor, nothing.

    I would love for anybody that liked the show, exposing, its “sophistication”, “dry humor” or whatever else merits this show as being funny to provide examples.

    This show is a fucking piece of shit and needs to be axed asap and whoever green lighted it needs to be given the pink slip.

  • Homer_Griffin

    Count me as not liking this show at ALL. I watched last week’s debut (and thought it was terrible), but wanted to give it one more chance, so I watched last night’s episode. Pretty much just as bad.

    Men voicing the female characters?? What’s the point of doing it?? They sound like MEN TRYING TO SOUND LIKE WOMEN.

    And PS: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad are my favorite shows (I also like the Cleveland Show somewhat too), so I’m definitely a fan of animated comedy. Bob’s Burgers is animated, but it’s most definitely NOT funny.

  • osv

    By the 4 minute of these even slower for a third world retard show; i felt like carving my eyes out. C’mom dudes from Fox stop trying this kind of crap; take this and the Clevenald show off the air ASAP. brain cells dont generate after watching this crap.

  • Spazmodo

    I waited until two shows were aired before watching the first one. I have to say I was grossly disappointed. I thought the animation was decent enough, but it was obviously a stretch to say it was funny and subtle humor. Not even close. I don’t think I laughed once during either of the two episodes I had waiting on my DVR. I could see the similarities in attempted humor between this one and Home Movies, another awful attempt at humorous animation.

    I won’t be watching a turd..I mean third.

  • Fred

    The show was exactly what I was expecting…terrible. How does content like this get a show!? Okay I guess it wasn’t that bad, but still wasn’t really amusing. I can’t understand why they cancelled King of the Hill for this. Given koth didn’t have a big fanbase it was still a pretty funny show. I figure we should just wait for fox to cancel this and air another bad show.

  • steve

    the people who dont get the show are the same morons who didn’t like family guy the first time and got it cancelled. too bad because it’s a good show. just go back to watching two and half men or the one with the two fat people making fat jokes every other sentence because that it real comedy right?

    • Guest

      I cannot stand this piece of shit, overrated, pile of garbage that is somehow being passed of as “a good show” by people like you. And it isn’t morons who hate this show like you said. Anybody with at least a 5th grade education should see the show for what it really is, the biggest piece of trash fathomable. I don’t know how this show has stayed on the air as long as it has, being it’s target audience is apparently the kind of people who you’d expect to frequently get their heads stuck in a cabinet. And FYI Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly ARE in fact funny shows. If you think Bob’s Burgers passes off as comedy, I’m guessing your I.Q. is hanging somewhere around legally retarded.

    • Matthew Roscoe

      I cannot stand this piece of shit, overrated, pile of garbage that is somehow being passed of as “a good show” by people like you. And it isn’t morons who hate this show like you said. Anybody with at least a 5th grade education should see the show for what it really is, the biggest piece of trash fathomable. I don’t know how this show has stayed on the air as long as it has, being it’s target audience is apparently the kind of people who you’d expect to frequently get their heads stuck in a cabinet. And FYI Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly ARE in fact funny shows. If you think Bob’s Burgers passes off as comedy, I’m guessing your I.Q. is hanging somewhere around the legally retarded range.

  • brian

    This show really needs to be cancelled. Fast.

    Writers need to learn that vulgarity does not automatically equal humor. Yes, shows like Family Guy and South Park are vulgar, and have pushed many boundaries as to what a cartoon show dares to get away with, but to think that is WHY those shows suceeded, suggests ignorance of the highest level. For a show to be cartoon show of this kind to be good, today (imo):

    Characters need to be likable: fail.

    Jokes need to be good: fail.

    Episode plots need to be engaging and make you want to know what happens next: fail.

    Those are the 3 main things. The art style and character voices should be good as well – fail, fail. I’m really not trying to be overly negative, but is there a single good thing about Bob’s Burgers? Not since the abysmal “Oliver Bean” have I been as shocked by just how bad a new TV show is. In conclusion I award Bob’s Burger’s a final grade of F-

  • Mehoff Jack

    Worst show I have every seen, perioid.

    Rather than turning it off after the first five minutes, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept watching it thinking there was no possible way that it would get worse. Not only did it get worse, but by the end of it I felt utterly pathetic and embarrassed that I had just wasted 30min of my life in the manner that I did. I would rather stick my balls in a vice, poor syrup all over them and have fire ants go to town on them for 30min then to torture my brain by watching that show ever again. TRULY AWFUL!

  • Sarah

    Sucked all of it just flat out sucked. The mothers voice was so awful. Not a thing good or funny about this show. =( Plz get rid of it.

  • bobshitburgers

    This so called show is absolutely terrible…

  • Tina

    “This show is not for everyone.” x1000000

    Okay, we get that…but wouldn’t you think it’d be in Fox’s best interest to make a show that IS for everyone? Why the fuck would they air a show that 1% of the audience would enjoy and the other 99% would find a forum just to express their disgust?

  • Justin

    I am surprised so many people hated this show. Fox put it out because this is there view of Americans. Stupid brainless slobs who are brainwashed and controlled by the TV. Maybe as a people we are starting to wake up. I probably should of said this is what fox wants us too be.

  • Justin

    The cow in the episode was metaphor for Americans being stupid cattle. The cow was living with them so they must also be cattle.

  • Sergio

    I think this shows is awesome!!! I think its pretty cool how everyone has their own personality, if you’ve grown up with a big family pretty sure you know what im talking about, OVer enthusiastic little girl, the boy who is in his own world, the depressed one, and the parents who are trying really hard, hahaha kinda familiar setting growing up… its a pretty funny show…

  • donalduck

    God I watch like 5 minutes of this crap on hulu and thought what the heck was foxing thinking. The drawings look like 5th grade at best and to me it is important that I enjoy the look just as well as the content of a cartoon show. The jokes where lame,predictable and stupid, also they just seem to come out of nowhere and unrelated to what is going on in the scene. Like the line in the first scene that the boy just says”I like house music” had nothing to do with anything. Also it just felt like the show was written by grade school kids. I give a few weeks at best but who knows I never cared for king of the hill and that did pretty well so who knows about bob’s burgers. It could just be another king of the hill to me and stick around for awhile who knows?This would have been a show that might have had a couple of seasons if aired on something like adult swim. That what it feels like is one of those cartoons on adult swim.

  • Nailer

    lol anyone who likes this should be taken out in the backyard and shot like old yeller.

  • Nailer

    lol whoever likes this should be taken out in the backyard and shot like old yeller.

  • mee

    this is very embarrassing to watch. Hadnt they said from the creators of futurama? because i DOES NOT SEEM LIKE IT IS!
    very bad cartoon.

  • Holly31flvrs

    Bob’s Burger’s is brilliant. Anyone who does not appreciate this show a) has never parented and b) is too accustomed to the same dog and pony show served up on Fox for years now. The show is so quick witted that I believe those who dislike it and find it banal are not smart enough to catch all the jokes. They practically topple onto one another and require some actual listening skills… I am an avid Family Guy fan… But it took me awhile to acclimate to the talking baby and dog. Bob’s Burgers far surpasses The Cleveland Show in quick witt and successful laughs. Give this show a chance before you slam it. The dry humor is brilliant.

    • Cami

      “But it took me awhile to acclimate to the talking baby and dog.” Holly, honey, enough said.

  • phil

    real funny, liked it alot

  • Mark

    Loved it! All you people who didnt, dont watch it, go back to two and a half men losers!

  • J Scott

    One of the best animated shows I’ve ever seen. The Simpsons aren’t funny at all anymore, especially since they started making almost every episode a musical. And a man can only watch so much Family Guy before getting annoyed at the randomness.

    Bobs Burgers, however, is completely refreshing, the voices were perfectly cast, and while sure it’s not the funniest show ever, its a very fun watch.

    I suspect the ones that hate the idea of the show, are also the “stupid viewers” who despise the idea of subtle humour, otherwise known as Family Guy fans. It really is too bad that these are the majority of tv watchers.

  • michelle

    This is by far the best animated series on TV right now. I’ve grown tired of The Simpsons, South Park and every show Seth Macfarlane puts out. Who actually watched Bob’s Burgers in group of people? You couldn’t have watched this show because it is undeniably a great show. The humor is very fresh, unlike the other stuff out there and the characters really draw you in. I can’t say enough about this show. (now, if only Home Movies could get picked up again. A part of me died inside when the series ended.

  • Jeremy Scott

    There’s two types of people in this world, those who don’t appreciate subtlety (family guy fans, or the guy who goes to movies because there were guns in the trailer), and there are those who do (normal people, who can appreciate the humour in Bob’s Burgers).

    P.S. If you don’t like a show or a movie, why come on here and try to ruin the experience for everyone else? Just because you didn’t like it, that doesn’t mean nobody else will.

    P.P.S. Momma always said, “if you dont have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    • US Centrist

      And here you are, trashing people that don’t like Bob’s Burgers. Guess you can’t follow your mother’s advice, either.

  • jay

    I’m watching this right now and it is pretty awful. I don’t care about bad animation(I’m a big South Park fan) but to be honest I haven’t laughed once. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the show, but I just don’t see the appeal of this one.

  • Collidersucks

    Collider’s being paid to endorse bullshit. This show sucks, Collider sucks, stop coming here guys.

  • Cancel Bobs Burgers PLEASE


  • Mr X

    It’s the biggest pile of SHIT! i have ever seen.

  • Bball

    Bob’s is worth watching for Kristen Schaal, in my opinion. In the episode I saw, I thought she really livened up what was otherwise a fairly watchable, if not great, show.

  • jessie

    awful show. perhaps the worst i have seen in a long time. the voices are extremely droll and unenjoyable to listen to, there is absolutely no comedy, and a simpler plot than a doctor sues book. totally lame.

  • Patrick

    I have a hard time watching movies and most tv shows because I usually get bored easily. Sunday night cartoons are about the only shows I watched regularly. I’m glad I didn’t read the reviews because they do not speak for my opinion at all. The family has a heartwarming quirkiness to them that reminds me of very early Simpsons. I hope enough people feel the same way I do so that I can see how the show develops.

  • Mr.Winters

    i thought it was funny the whole sunday animation domination lineup was funny like usual and american dad is still there

    • melody

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too, lol. I thought the show was funny. Yes, it’s a different kind of humor than the Simpsons and MacFarlane’s shows and that’s what sets it apart. Some people can appreciate this style of comedy and some can’t, so just watch something else until Family Guy comes on. I’ve seen way worse shows than this.

  • chris

    I had to force myself to sit thru this show, and it honestly made no sense at all. Nothing about it was funny or interesting at all. I hope it dies quickly.

  • Vanessa

    I really like this show mostly because of the characters. They all have so much personality and their voices are great. Family guy is very in your face funny and yes this show does have some obvious jokes but the subtle humor is in the interactions of the characters.

  • Gina

    This is the worst animated show I’ve ever seen. I am thoroughly disappointed. As a big fan of the show Home Movies, and a fan of animated series in general, I tried to watch this series with an open mind. I’m all for seeing fresh, new styles of animated shows. It doesn’t have to be Seth or Matt or Mike to be good. But it does have to be good to be good. This is not good, it just simply isn’t. I’ve watched every episode so far and honestly can not tell you what the episodes were about because they were so boring. Whoever compared this show’s humor to King of The Hill should be slapped so they can regain their senses. King of the Hill was a genius show. This is just an atrocity. Honestly I’d rather see “Home Movies” make a comeback, put them on primetime. Or a King of the Hill spinoff or something. I’ve gotten way more laughs out of these comments than I have watching the show. Someone said, “This show is so not funny that it made me forget what laughter is.” Lol. Very true.

    But I’m not like some of the others here. I seriously WANTED to like it, even though the commercials clearly depicted a horribly awful show. There’s just nothing funny about it. I “get” ALL KINDS of humor, I’m not easily offended, and I don’t NEED to be offended to laugh either. It just isn’t funny. The drawing is not laughter inducing, and if it’s part of the joke, I don’t think it’s funny either.

    Not to mention that even with the wild and crazy gags and silly plots of Family Guy and the like, those shows are still more realistic and believable than this show. I don’t believe I’m watching a real family when I see this. How do I explain this…. Let’s put it this way: Bob’s Burgers is more comparable to a children’s cartoon like The Proud Family than it is to King of the Hill or American Dad. It seems like a teen cartoon that somehow made it to primetime. The connecting premise of all of these animated shows is that they are family shows made for adult viewers. Bob’s Burgers is not. It is a primetime show that reads like it is intended for children. It simply isn’t funny, it isn’t good, it isn’t unique, innovative or clever. If FOX wants a new kind of show, a new kind of animation, etc, that’s fine. But they have set the bar very high, and even if the bar was on the floor, this show still can’t make the cut.

  • Bigwil357

    This show is SOOO bad, that i had to go online and write about it, because it is that BAD! It sucks so bad, i dont know how anyone could watch it, and actually approve it to be aired. I gave it a try, but when i saw it being aired this week, i had to voice my opinion. It is DEFINITELY not prime time material. PLEASE TAKE IT OFF THE AIR NOW!!! this is probablythe worse cartoon/any telivision show that i have EVER seen! SOmebody PLEASE end the madness now!

  • Teddy

    I did it! I survived another 30 mins of total crap! During air time of this show there are more suicides, more shaken babies and more remotes thrown through tv screens. There is nothing positive to say about this show other than I survived it.

  • Teddy

    I did it! I survived another 30 mins of total crap. During air time of this show there are more suicides, more shaken babies, and more remotes thrown through tv screens than any other time. There is nothing positive to say about this show other than I survived it.

  • IlaughAtEverything


    Tonights episode…something about a dinner theater put on by the wife (obviously a horrible attempt at the infamously egomaniacal Peggy Hill)…something like the board game “Clue”…also rips off an old episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” among many others, first night they perform it there is way too much gore…next night there is none HOW CLEVER HAHAHA did 2nd-graders write this??? Its like they think that purposely being unfunny and predictable is somehow funny. Near the end of the episode Bob was talking about how terrible the “show” (Dinner Theater) is…but the writers were seemingly really referring to the the Sit itself (“BB” doesn’t even deserve the “com”). The only way this junk will survive is if people leave it on mute while doing better things…and by better things I mean anything…I’m truly horrified. I’d rather watch the News…FOX NEWS…for a YEAR than another MINUTE of this atrocity.

  • Bob Crosby

    I wasn’t going to post anything but I just have to say that the people who defend this show by calling it “Dry Humor” must not know the definition of that word. The English version of The Office is Dry Humor, Monty Python is Dry Humor this is poorly writter drivel which is so bad on the surface that people have to try to find meaning in the terrible jokes by calling them “dry”.

    I made it a point to change the channel before this came on just in case I left the room and accidentally gave it some ratings.


  • BoxClock

    Watched the premiere episode, found it terribly boring. Good for those who like it, I’m not tuning into it again soon.

  • Lenny

    Correction on this article
    John Roberts voices the wife Linda
    Tina is voiced by Dan Mintz

  • Abby

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this asinine, retarded, non-comical, annoying program off of the air. It is a disappointment to Sunday night cartoons. I am forced to watch another channel while this show is on. Unfortunatley for Fox, i dont always find myself going back for Family Guy and the Cleveland Show, which happen to be my favorites!!! Bob’s Burger’s needs to be thrown on the grill and flame broiled to ash. Ashes to ashes and god rest its soul. Blah Bring back my faith in Fox and get rid of this show A.S.A.P

  • Catherine

    this show has just started to air in the UK.

    and I love all 4 eps that have shown!!

    it has the kind of humour that the british love and I am sure it will be a hit here.

    i do like family guy and american dad but bobs burgers is definetly a favourite.

    very witty, excellent humour.

  • rick215

    Bob’s Burgers sucks. The female voices sound like gay jewish men that are waiting for a sex change. I would rather work a glory hole in SF then watch another episode.

  • mike

    every minute i watch bob’s burgers i ask myself, why am i watching this? it is not funny, has no meaning, the animation is the worst thing since danger mouse. how does a show this crappy get on television?

  • kurt kabbes

    THIS SHOW SUCKS BIG WANG AND SHOULD BE REMOVED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Digz

    I’ve now tried watching this show 3 times, and I can’t understand why it has lasted this long. The story lines suck, there are no payoffs in the joke department, and the characters are annoying without any redeeming qualities.

    Maybe seth McFarlane lobbied fox to put this on in the slot before Family Guy so that everyone would appreciate his show that much more. He should understand though that that is no necessary because Family Guy is great.

    It’s too bad Fox decided to put this garbage on the air. I would rather see reruns of Get a Life – at least that show was funny.

  • NassaDane

    This is an absolutely hillarious show! I love it. Its great there is still good cartoons on. its just so funny. the only thing I look forward to on Sunday nights. Family Guy is ok, usually a hit or miss but Bob’s is always hot. Just wish American Dad was back then we would have 2 heavy hitters on Sunday. Can’t wait to see more Bob’s Burgers.

    • Pat M.

      I do agree, American Dad is probably the only Seth show I can stand. If only they’d cancel The Cleveland Show, then put American Dad there, I’d be watching my two favorite shows on the same night!

  • Pat M.

    Bob’s Burgers. It is one of those shows, that I love tuning into Sunday night to watch. It’s funny, quirky, and about any Home Movies fan should enjoy this, as it has the most similar humor to it. I think this show doesn’t work in this generation of Seth MacFarlane fans, that’s why they hate it so much. I don’t hate people that don’t like it, I just hate it when they go “blah blah this show sux family guy so much bettar blah blah” and never really state much of an opinion. The show is a little dirtier than King of the Hill, somewhere near The Simpson’s line, but nothing dirtier than Futurama. I like the show because it fits my taste. I have a feeling that it will be cancelled, but I do have hope that it may last another season. Sure the first episode was a bit bad, but afterwards, it really did pick up. The humor gets funnier, and it is getting funnier in each episode. Lored Bouchard, you rule!

  • blizz

    I gave this a shot on Hulu last night only because I was finished watching everything else that I knew would be funny (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Archer, The Office, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). I think I stomached it for about 5 minutes. The dad is the only character that is even slightly tolerable, and that wasn’t enough to carry the 5 minutes I endured. Everyone else is annoying. Even the way the characters are drawn is unattractive. How did this show make it past the pilot episode? I was literally pissed off that I gave it a chance, a chance that I had delayed since this show first appeared. There was a reason I had stayed away – and my suspicion was correct. This show SUCKS. KILL IT. KILL IT NOW!

  • James

    It’s aight. Family Guy is still the best!

  • Learn2spell

    Either way, “98% of the viewers here” have no idea how to spell or use punctuation. It’s spelled cleveland not “cleavland”. It’s “their” not they’re or there. It’s “our” not are. You rejects are certainly not 55 years old or whatever else, you’re exactly, precisely 2 or 3 years behind my graduating class and it’s sad to know that’s all the margin it takes for you to have such extremely poor grammatical skill in the sense that you never tried for yourself and relied on the lousy school you went to. F U.

  • Samantha

    I think the whole point of the show is to purposely have bad animation. I’m personally sick of shows like Family Guy. Its the same thing every episode…Peter is a dumb fat American who for some reason has a hot wife, and manages to get by on being a complete retard in life. I think the shows lame and it’s nice to see a new kind of show thy is actually funny, I think it would be meant more for late night, that’s probably why everyone thinks itsstupid, but it gives me a nice 90s feel. It’s a cool show and i look forward to watching it every week and it would be cool to see more episodes. I guess you have to have some intelligence to be able to enjoy this show because most people who enjoy family guy, don’t.

  • Gay

    Worst animated tv show ever. Once I saw the dam opening I gave up at 8 35.

  • Milo

    They, haven’t cancelled this vile piece of garbage yet? I would rather be waterboarded than have to watch this. I watched about 3 minutes of it twice and could take no more.

  • Milo

    How did this piece of garbage ever make it to production? I’d rather be horse whipped than sit through this show again.

  • RAShiss

    YES it is I think the worst attempt at stupid humor I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised it’s not British, the humor is about the same. The mothers voice is so annoying it reminds me of my ex’s constant nagging. No reason to continue it sucks, scanning reviews I saw 1 for it. CANCEL THE CRAP!

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  • modzz

    You either like it or dislike it. Sure, the pilot isn’t that great, but as the series goes on I actually think it’s pretty dang funny; it goes further away from depending on silly lines like “my crotch is itchy.” The voice casting grows on you, and the characters actually develop really well. It’s too bad so many people freaked out and didn’t give this show a chance.

  • Jamal

    I like Bobs Burgers It gives you enough time to get snacks 4 Family Guy

  • FrankinFlorida

    I don’t get it either. Same pseudo-intellectual, contrived, unnatural thought-bubble dialog as Glee. Droning, not at all funny.

  • Harold

    I found this site by googling “bobs burgers horrible”. I see that I am not alone in my opinion. I watched it without exhibiting so much as a slight smirk. I believe that the people who are giving it positive reviews either work for the network, as previously stated, or are hipsters who somehow think that it is cool to enjoy something so obviously lame. Bring back Arrested Development.

  • Ron Hyatt

    This show sucks almost as bad as Barack Obama.

  • sarah

    I assume that many people commenting are american, Bobs burgers is becoming really popular on the UK, I hope the show does well, I find it funnier than family guy. Good for people of many tastes and ages to enjoy, I guess this site has proved that what they say about americans not understanding dry humour is true!

  • Coach McGurick

    This show is awesome. I love this show because it sticks to the story line. You people are a bunch of idiots you guys are the cause of the popularity of jersey shore

  • Ace

    I’ve been reading a lot of hate on this show. I don’t get it. This show is one of the funniest shows on television right now. Most shows, especially environmental shows like this one, aren’t funny in their first episode. 30 Rock’s first few episodes SUCKED because they had to build the environment. You needed to keep watching for if you did, you would be one of the few watching a truly hilarious show.

  • Cass-in-TO

    You are all IDIOTS! I would also like
    To point out that you have no sense of humor if you don’t see that this show is
    So wickedly funny and sarcastic, dry and brilliant!
    Thank you FOX for taking a chance on this one! I haven’t wanted to watch a show this much in years!!!!
    Keep it going! SECOND SEASON PLEASE!!!!

  • SquidTooth

    I am so glad I”m not alone !
    Shitiest peice of rubbish,ever!
    Sadly, I am feeding my kid right now,and left the remote near the TV.
    I am stuck watching this POS,and worse, giving it support by keeping it on the air…cancel and replace w/Jonah Hill’s 2 new shows already!

  • damo

    America never understands dry humour that’s why The Office didn’t truly translate.
    End of

  • Sean

    THis show is simply crap. I can’t belvie it is still airing.

  • mister pukey

    Bob’s burgers is funny. It’s a break from all the damn shock-humor and retarded disjointed family guy storylines. If people don’t remember, it took them a long time to get used to that style of crap from FG in the first place. Their brains have become disengaged. To me the characters in Bob’s Burgers have more dimension and are more interesting than the FG bullshit. And the storylines actually follow a logical progress, go figure.
    It’s not hilarious but I do like it.

  • Alec

    Yes this show sucks Donkey ball on planet bullshit bring back king of the hill
    Maybe when this show only gets no viewers will they cancel
    CANCEL IT FOX Gheeshh Bring KOTH back

  • Alec

    Not Funny At all it is total crap Im mean seriously A show about a fucking burger shop comon man Bring King of the hill bank Damnit

  • magallanes

    What’s wrong with this cartoon:
    a) lousy and bad taste.
    b) stupid jokes.
    c) politically incorrect script that is not funny at all.
    d) bad animation.
    e) uninspired characters.
    f) stupid story and not a smart script.
    g) no hot topic like South Park (for example to talk about Scientology)

    And what’s right:
    a) it is a bit better than an infomercial.

  • Liz

    Bring back King of the Hill This show is stupid and sucks!

  • Roman

    Can’t wait for second season! =)

  • AP

    I grew up from the Animation Domination humor in my sophomore year in HS. I tried watching the Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and Bob’s Burgers and didn’t get a chuckle from ANY of the shows. Looks live the demo for the block is between 10-16 years old for these shows.

  • Steve

    I thought this show was pretty funny.

  • Mordecai Lopez

    There’s obviously something wrong with your guy’s brains. I can name about 12 shows that are more terrible than this (since this is not at all terrible) – “The Fairly OddParents”, “So Random!”, “Johnny Test”, “iCarly”, “Big Time Rush”, “South Park”, “The Cleveland Show”, “Jersey Shore”, “Teen Mom”, “16 and Pregnant”, “Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour/Who Gives a Fuck?”, “A.N.T. Farm”.

    Pretty much any show on MTV and Nickelodeon (that isn’t animated)

    I know some of these didn’t begin before January 9, 2011 but there still really really really really really terrible. And you people say this has no humor, but then you like stuff like “Archer”. “Archer” is about as funny as the thing I drop in the toilet and flush down. Yes, it’s a turd. And South Park is just a vulgar, disgusting, boring piece of shit.

  • Review

    Season one was a drag but season 2 was a big improvement-it was 10x’s funnier than the first season.

  • qwerty


  • Bob

    Amazing show you morons

  • omg

    this is so funny! i guess we have different tastes

  • JP

    I love this show! The comedy is fresh and doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks or shock value. The characters are great and I love the banter between the family. Woot woot!

  • JP

    I love this show! The comedy is fresh and doesn\’t rely on cheap gimmicks or shock value. The characters are great and I love the banter between the family. Woot woot!

  • master p

    end of 2012 the show is still on and it sucks so fucking much…….

  • A Kirkbride

    I like this show. Very mellow when watching sprawled on the couch…

  • Ethan Hunt

    advance comedy like bobs burgers is for a more sophisticated humor. home run!

  • ian

    this show is awful when will it go away!?!?!

  • CD

    One of the worst shows I’ve ever seen on television. It’s ugly. Dysfunction is not funny! Reminds me of that other ugly ass/dysfunctional piece of crap “Home Movies” that was on a while back. Just because it’s animated doesn’t mean that it’s going to be funny. People with serious personality disorders shouldn’t be allowed to decide what’s funny or not.

  • haley :)

    No. Just no.

  • Lynn

    Worst show ever!!

  • Haley

    Eww!! Gross!!! Kill it!!!

  • baby

    Like legit. I hate this show. I’m ticked they took away a Family Guy slot for this piece of shit. Cancel it. I’ve yet to see a good comment on it. Or atleast take the time slot of an even dumber show like King of the Hill or something of that nature.

  • Tim

    agreed bob burgers sucks cancel it now fox

  • morgan

    the show is bad and anyone who watches it should feel bad. I don’t understand why this garbage is still on.

  • Lucy Saw

    I love Bob’s Burger’s precisely because its not trying to be The Family Guy et al. I also love the fact its about a lovable but dysfunctional family. I just love it…da ding ding.

  • kiki

    the worst shit i have ever seen in my life…the person behind the girl with the disgusting boy voice should be shot…why on Earth would you subject fellow human being to a voice so annoying it makes me cringe and feel sick….it’s SAD not FUNNY…i don’t know what kind of degenerate would FIND this kind of SAD HUMOR?? FUNNY


  • kiki

    Really…u pull the main character from Archer for this?? There is a serious flaw in the powers that be in the case of these T.V networks, somebody needs SACKED


    “Bob’s Burgers” is freakin’ great. It makes me sad how many low IQ morons don’t get the humor and comedy in this show. Anything above the level of fart jokes seems to be lost on most people these days. Suck it.

  • Jeremy

    Lost finale > then the first minute of runtime for this show…I hate the 30 minute delay between the better shows! Why couldn’t this be the like the early 2000s with shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad King of the Hill and Family Guy be lined up in one night?!

  • Jeremy

    Lost finale > then the first minute of runtime for this show…I hate the 30 minute delay between the better shows! Why couldn’t this be the like the early 2000s with shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad King of the Hill and Family Guy be lined up in one night?!

  • Narumi Ayumu

    God, this show is absolutely terrible. Zero humour and a 7yo could draw better.

  • CR

    I love this show. Fuck all you haters.