Bodybuilder Roland Kickinger Tapped as the New Schwarzenegger for CONAN Remake

     June 18, 2009

roland_kickinger_01.jpgThe news came down last week that “Friday the 13th” director Marcus Nispel was taking the helm of the Nu Image/Millenium remake of the now-classic barbarian pic “Conan” and yet, not a word about who would be playing the title role in the film.  I see the dilemma – I mean, who could possibly top the star-making turn that “Conan” originator Arnold Schwarzenegger turned in for the 1982 version?  It’s hard to swing a sword while grunting unintelligibly, after all.

Today it seems like that dilemma has been solved as THR’s Risky Business blog is reporting that an actor has been located who may be able to fill Arnold’s leather loincloth and his name is Roland Kickinger.  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Kickinger, let me fill you in: he is a 41 year old body builder from Austria and, as if that wasn’t enough, his most noteworthy performances have come from impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger!  How perfect is that?  Kickinger previously played the Gov in the 2002 A&E biopic “See Arnold Run” and he also supplied the biceps for the Arnie T-800 in “Terminator Salvation.”  In any other business this guy would be getting sued for patent infringement!  But this is Hollywood, where they like their remakes to adhere as closely as possible to their precursors.  Makes you wonder why they even bother…

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