Naomie Harris to Play Moneypenny in BOND 23; Javier Bardem Confirmed to Co-Star

     July 8, 2011


After a forced delay due to MGM’s financial implosion, the 23rd James Bond film is finally gaining some traction.  The Daily Mail reports that Naomie Harris (28 Days Later) is in final negotiations to play Ms. Moneypenny, a character who has been absent from the franchise ever since it was re-launched with Daniel Craig as 007.  The Mail also confirms that Javier Bardem will co-star with Craig, Judi Dench, and Ralph Fiennes.  Bardem was previously tipped for the villain role while Fiennes is playing a character “of extreme complexity” according to director Sam Mendes.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on Moneypenny returning to the series.  James Bond 23 is set to open on November 9, 2012.

One of the distinctive aspects of Bond re-launch was ditching the vestiges of the franchise and boiling the character and his world down to its essential elements.  That meant no Q, almost no fancy gadgets, and no Moneypenny.  Now that Moneypenny is returning, the question becomes whether or not she’ll be stuck as the only attractive woman Bond refuses to sleep with or if the series will reinvent the character as someone interesting.  In previous films, she’s almost been a comic-relief character.  Here’s almost every Moneypenny scene:

Bond walks in.

Bond and Moneypenny flirt.

Bond is called into M’s office.

Moneypenny pouts because Bond won’t fuck her.

That’s a dull character and one who doesn’t fit in the grittier take on James Bond we’ve seen since Craig took over the role.  That’s not to say that Bond wouldn’t flirt with Moneypenny, but I’d like to see the character have more to do than just sadly pine over 007.


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  • slinky317

    “A character of extreme complexity” probably just means he’s a good guy that turns into a bad guy.

  • Steve Clark

    As great news as all this is, especially Fiennes and Bardem being ‘confirmed’, I can’t help but feel that The Daily Mail is hardly an authoritative or reliable source for such information. It’s like ‘The Sun’ saying “Eddy Murphy is going to be The Riddler in the new Batman”, something that never exactly transpired, and for good reason. Still, if TDM is right, then this is brilliant news for Bond 23.

  • RickC

    I think this chick is a great actress, and hope they figure out an interesting way to fit Moneypenny into the story. Maybe give her some weapons-expertise or make her some kind of former con-artist so she can get in the field.

    Also, have Bond give her the business first thing. Get that pesky sexual tension out of the way.

  • jimbo

    In the early Brosnan Bond film she was more of a tease. Kinda the opposite, she’d shut Bond down.

  • turk 189

    Please, Ewen Bremner for Q!

  • Cali Kid

    Awesome, this movie is going to kick ass!!!!

  • dana

    bbu..but she is black..or brown!!!!

    • J.R.

      i dont get it ? whats next? dont get me wrong but there are characters that should not be changed, maybe will see Will Smith as Q, why not?

      • News Hit

        You’re ignorant.

        I have seen every single Bond film and it makes zero difference what colour skin Moneypenny has, as long as she is pretty, funny and has good chemistry with the lead. Notably, her performance in ‘A Cock and Bull Story’ showed an intelligence and understated humour which is suitable for the role.

        And really? Will Smith as Q? Smith is innapropriate casting for the role for reasons way beyond his ethnicity: his age and star status.

  • Your Mom

    I’m relieved she’s not going to be a real “Bond Girl.” I wonder who is? If only Eva Green’s character didn’t die.

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  • bondi

    hmm…unusual in a way that MoneyPenny has always been white, but if the rumors are true, then it doesn’t matter, finally they put Moneypenny on. How about John Cleese as Q, are they use him?I think Marion Cotillard should be the next bond girl

  • Alex-mansy

    Sounds great, and glad Matt has offered his creative services for next James Bond.

  • Valerie

    I would love this rumor to be true,but until I actually see a photo or video of Javier Bardem on set,then I will believe it! It would be a real dream to have these 3 hot hunks in one film at the same time! Craig,Bardem and Fiennes oh my!

    • anen

      I agree. Sounds too good to be true I need to see pictures to believe

  • WTF

    Everything looks beyond promising for this new film…I’d love to see a double agent go against Bond be that either Ray F or Javier….

    Moneypenny is a great choice as I loved her in 28 days later.

    We need to see a Q….I say John Cleese could still make himself relevant as the gadget-creating Q. Hell I’ll even take Michael Caine.

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