Boomerang Is Your Home for Family-Friendly Spooky Toons This Halloween Season

If you’re either looking for some family-friendly animated adventures for you and the kiddos or you just want to relive some nostalgia with cartoon classics, Boomerang is the place for you! All October long, the subscription service will be rolling out all sorts of Halloween-themed episodes, specials, and animated movies featuring some of your favorites, like Scooby-DooCasperThe Flintstones, and the Smurfs. The streaming service also has new series like BunniculaWacky Races and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz that offer new takes on storytelling classics. As a bonus, Boomerang will have plenty of Thanksgiving-related programming for November once the Halloween festivities are over, all for less than $5 a month! Head on over to Boomerang for more details.

All month long, Scooby-Doo and crew lead Boomerang’s Halloween spooky-themed world premieres and exclusive specials. See below a full list of what’s streaming this October:

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Join Scooby-Doo and the gang for a frightfully wacky ride in this all-new original movie as they visit the Crazy Q Dude Ranch. But before they can strap on their spurs, the ghost of the scalawag outlaw Dapper Jack rides into town to rattle the gang and the other guests. Now, it’s up to the mystery-loving posse to round up the dreadful critter and save the ranch!


Scooby-Doo embarks on brand new adventures with real, and really scary, ghosts, goblins and monsters. When a pair of supernatural tricksters named Weerd and Bogel place an enticing Pandora’s box in their path, Scooby and the gang can’t resist opening it. That turns out to be a major mistake as 13 of the foulest demons swirl out of the box and scatter to the far corners of the earth. **Don’t miss 13 premiere episodes!**


“Scooby-Doo Halloween”- The gang visits Velma’s relatives during a Halloween festival headlined by Kiss but the festivities are interrupted by the ghost of the town’s founder and a bevy of living scarecrows.


“Halloween”- In a strange town the gang tries to convince Fred he’s mistaken in his firm belief that you can’t solve a mystery on Halloween. An evil witch appears and frightens the town into calling off Halloween.

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Brainiac Velma, jock Fred, fashionista Daphne, hippie Shaggy and the talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, climb into their Mystery Machine van and hit the road to solve strange phenomenon. Mysteries just have a way of falling into the gang’s laps. Ruh-roh!


Daphne stars in a vampire movie. But when a real vampire shows up, the Scooby gang must investigate.

Original Premieres, Movies, and Specials

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Wacky Races

“Backseat Driver”- Racers have always been curious about the mysterious Doombuggy, in which the Gruesome Twosome apparently live in the trunk. The Racers sneak inside and find themselves trapped in a gigantic Halloween wonderland and pursued by familiar monsters.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Halloween Heist- Dorothy teaches her friends about Halloween and Wilhelmina thinks this sounds like the perfect holiday. Wilhelmina is going to hijack Halloween! She creates Jack Pumpkinhead to help her play a trick on Dorothy.

Haunt Me Not”- It’s Halloween night and Dorothy and crew are trick or treating when they come to the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy convinces them to follow the Red Brick Road instead. Their journey leads to a haunted house.


Bite into 13 brand-new juicy and comedic episodes including these scary titles: 

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    “Puzzle Madness” – After being trapped in Bunnicula’s evil puzzle box, Chester and Harold must solve three puzzles before they can escape.

  • “Vampire Tick” – When a vampire tick gets on Harold’s butt, Bunnicula has to get it off of his butt before bad stuff goes down.
  • “Never Been Scared” – Mina wants to see a real ghost so her pets hire one to give her a little bit of a scare. The ghost however has bigger plans!
  • “Family Portrait” – After an evil portrait swallows up Mina and her dad, the pets must find a way to break the spell.
  • “My Imaginary Fiend”- After Mina’s imaginary friend returns to her life, Bunnicula is set on a collision course with a type of supernatural creature he has never had to deal with.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone

Smurfs’ Halloween

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Casper’s Halloween

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