BOONDOCKS Creator Aaron McGruder Sets Season Three Premiere in Early 2010

     December 28, 2009


Variety reports that creator Aaron McGruder announced via his twitter account the return of his critically acclaimed series The Boondocks after a two-year hiatus. Currently in production, the show’s third season will premiere in early 2010.  “Finally got an airdate for Season 3,” McGruder tweeted. “Not sure if I’m allowed to put it out yet, so I’ll just say you got about three months!”

The Boondocks originally premiered in November 2005 on Adult Swim for a 15-episode season. Based on the long-running newspaper strip written and drawn by McGruder, the show followed the lives of the black Freeman family and their exploits in a predominately white, high-class neighborhood. Since airing, the show has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 37th NAACP Image Awards and has won a Peabody Award for the episode “Return of the King,” which imagined what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think of the current racial climate in America were he alive today.

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the_boondocks_image__1_.jpgThis is a bit embarrassing to admit, but when I first heard about the Boondocks television series, I had no idea it based itself on a newspaper comic strip. Where I lived never included the series in the weekly Sunday funnies, so I never once encountered the strip written and drawn by McGruder. Once I saw the first episode, I immediately regretted missing out for years on some of the best social commentary in the history of everything.

The show never holds its tongue when it comes to racial stereotypes, terrible reality television programming or the generally ridiculous behavior people tend to exhibit on a daily basis. The voice cast is top notch, and Huey’s cynical outlook on life brings a brilliant level of reality to the rest of the otherwise bazoonkers characters. Coupled with amazing guest stars like the legendary Ed Asner, the always hilarious Charlie Murphy and the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson, the show really ranked as one of the best on Adult Swim’s programming schedule. Not to mention the visually stunning animation style that blends the traditional western with anime-like action sequences.

When the show vanished from the airwaves two years ago, I grew extremely concerned I may never see it again. So, this news definitely brings a immeasurable level of excitement. For those who haven’t seen the show as of yet, I cannot recommended it enough. There’s still a few months between now and the premiere of Season 3, so use that holiday money and grab yourself the first two seasons. They are absolutely worth it.