December 20, 2011

For those of you who enjoyed this past season of Bored to Death, I hope it was good enough to hold you over until the end of time because THR reports HBO has opted not to renew the series for fourth season. The network has also decided to cut off Hung and How to Make it in America as new series like Luck, Girls, Angry Boys, Life’s Too Short and Veep all make their way to the network next year. However, amidst all of the cable network’s axing, there is a lone survivor. HBO’s freshman series Enlightened starring Laura Dern has been renewed for a second season. While Dern gives a solid performance, it’s not a show I looked forward to watching every week and I can’t say I’m too thrilled with HBO’s decision to renew it. Surely the Golden Globe nomination for Dern’s performance and the series itself helped the half-hour show survive though. Anyway, the future slate for HBO is enough to let me forgive their reckless executions of the aforementioned series for now.

  • El Alto

    Eh, Bored to Death had a solid 1st season, decent 2nd, then the 3rd was all over the map, mostly inconsistent and boring (i know). It ended w/ a pretty over the top finale that was pretty inconceivable. I can live w/ out it.

    • Frank

      Third season was weird — the tone throughout felt less grounded in reality and became zany. Still, I will miss this series.

  • MiNeAlOnE

    Total BS… Hung is/was awesome, and B2D was hilarious! After the end of Boardwalk I’m kinda hating on the ‘BO. This new stuff better stack up, and Game of Thrones had better outdo itself, or else…

    • Surf

      Or what……you won’t watch? Is there a down side to that?

  • Finn

    Bored to Death and How To Make It In America both gone? Might have to cancel the HBO subscription…

  • Josh

    I loved to Bored To Death – the humor was so abstract. I will miss it. When will we ever see the likes of Jason Schwartzmann, Zach G. and Ted “freaking Sam Malone” Danson all in the same series together again – with John Hodgeman to boot. For shame HBO.

  • Mattie B

    Bored to Death…maybe the most unfunny show in HBO history! I can’t think of 3 unfunnier dooshbags than Sunuffalupakis, Berry-face, and the Toupee guy from Cheers. This show was a trainwreck…good riddanc

  • oaktreeradar

    How to make it in America canceled… If the Dark Knight Rises trailer had not come out this week I would be very upset. And now I’m glad they shoe horned a ton of plot into the last few minutes of the “season” finale.

  • Noah

    How To Make it is the biggest loss here, Loved the first season BTD then it couldn’t hold especially in season 3. Hung was just going in circles and Tanya was treading on Skylar territory in characters I wouldn’t mind shooting in the face. Now we have to look at Dern’s terrible cry face for another year. Truly HTMIIA is a terrible decision. Lame

  • LEM

    I’ll miss seeing Lake Bells great breasts.

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  • Robert

    My wife and all of her friends love Hung. Its still amazing how some terrible shows don’t get the axe and the good ones do. I’m inclined to agree with previous postings. Time to cancel our subscriptions.

  • andy

    Why would they cancel hung? Season 2 was boring as shit and they renewed it and finally when it got better they cancelled it? What kindas bs is that?

  • Brad Carlton

    You cancel Hung & Bored To Death but kept Enlightened? Hung & Bored To Death were definitely 2 of the funniest, thought provoking shows on HBO with excellent actors and great story lines! Who decided all the shows on HBO have to be dark and serious? It seems someone at HBO must have some serious past issues with their parents are trying to work them out by picking depressing shows ( Enlightened )! Why are you scared of funny shows? Looks like it’s time to cancel HBO & subscribe to Showtime!