HBO Considering BORED TO DEATH Movie

     June 14, 2012


Let the speculation and online campaigns begin!  Months after HBO decided not to renew comedy series Bored to Death for another season, it appears that the network is mulling over the prospect of a feature film sendoff for the quirky show.  The speculation began when star Ted Danson revealed to a French journalist that there was a good chance of a 90-minute movie happening.  Vulture reached out to HBO for comment, and the network responded that there had “been some conversations” but cautioned, “it’s at a very early stage.”  That is, don’t hold your breath.

Fan outcry (and continued DVD sales) led to an Arrested Development revival as the show is now returning for one more season on Netflix followed by a feature film, and Community fans have rallied early with the “Six Seasons and a Movie” battle cry becoming the show’s unofficial motto.  Whether a Bored to Death movie actually happens or not is still very much in the air, but stranger things have happened.  The final season of the show ended last December.

  • Deadpool

    This cancelation was probably the big shocker this year. Great Cast, Loved by everyone. But It was probably the actors pursuing other things that shut this down. They are all big stars. A movie would be great to give it a proper ending. I would even see it in the Theaters!!! (But seeing as its HBO, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense) haha.

  • Finn

    That would be great. Although I’d prefer a full season 4. Same goes for How To Make It In America – a movie or new season.

  • Dash867

    I was bored to death, watching Bored to Death. The prospect of a movie sounds like a huge waste of time, especially for the majority of American audiences.

  • RunnerX13

    @ Dash867 – good thing HBO has never been concerned with appealing to the majority of the American audience, and careers to the actual fans of their shows.

  • Yoren

    “You smoke a lot pot?”
    “No, just everyday”

    I loved that show. I hope they make a movie last season ended so abruptly I was shocked when I read that it got canceled.


  • Tony

    HBO only caters to women audiences anymore. I think they are going broke. They only seem to hire on the cheap. They haven’t had a good standup special since Chris Rock. Showtime is really outdoing HBO. Larry David is lost at sea again I suppose. Eastbound & Down is done. I don’t know how they can get anybody to subscribe to their crap!!!

  • LEO

    We need more bored to death!