Box Office: DESPICABLE ME 2 Grabs $34.3 Million on First Day; No Fireworks for THE LONE RANGER

     July 4, 2013


Universal is celebrating a very happy July Fourth this morning, thanks to Despicable Me 2. The animated sequel earned an estimated $34.3 million on its opening day Wednesday – just a bit under the $35 million that The Amazing Spider-Man took in on its first day in 2012. From its 3,957 locations, Despicable Me 2 is now expected to take in as much as $155 million for its first five days, putting it between the Independence Day records of Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($162.6 million) and Spider-Man 2 ($152.4 million) before adjusting for inflation.

The news for Disney was not as joyful. The studio’s pricey adaptation of The Lone Ranger failed to make its mark – earning an estimated $9.66 million from 3,904 venues on Wednesday. The studio had expected to realize at least $65 million for the five-day holiday frame but, after its underwhelming opening, The Lone Ranger’s prospects have now been scaled back to $45 million or less.

Check back this weekend for more news on the holiday box office.

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  • Christopher

    Films like Prince of Persia, John Carter (which are both enjoyable, if flawed) and The Lone Ranger failing to hit it big at the box office is the reason Disney will continue to shit out Pirates of the Caribbean sequels for the foreseeable future.

    • The_Dude

      Why’d you copy and paste the same shit via a facebook and disqus?

      • Strong Enough

        because maybe that is the same guy you fuckin idiot

  • Nate

    No big surprise here. Armie Hammer just isn’t a hero. He’s a good actor, but strikes me more as the ‘sweater tied around his neck’ preppie type. I honestly can’t believe this guy e er booked Batman for a Justice League movie. No wonder it got canned.

    • Harry Palm

      I think it had more to do with the fact that people are tired of Johnny Depp and also Gore Verbinski seems to be incapable of making a movie that isn’t three goddamn hours long and far too violent for a supposed kids movie.

    • Guest

      Seriously? You think Armie Hammer was the problem?

      • Nate

        One of ‘em, yeah I do. He certainly wasn’t the solution to bringing in big numbers. Again, he’s a handsome guy and a good actor, but he just doesn’t fit this role.

      • Guest

        I’m in the camp that believes Johnny Depp mugging for the camera as a Native American and wretched, boring, cartoony action are what kept audiences away.

        I honestly think Armie Hammer was not only perfectly cast but done a huge disservice by surrounding him with absurdity.

        This looks like a debacle on the level of Wild Wild West.

      • Nate

        Can’t argue with you there. Unlike World War Z, this had disaster written all over it and then actually turned out to be a real disaster. At least so far. We’ll see if the coming weeks are kinder.

  • Film Grail

    Lone Ranger will fail because everyone’s tired of seeing Depp do Jack Sparrow in every single movie he’s in, and the trailers didn’t tell what the movie was even about. It was a montage of action scenes that center around the big train sequence that happens at the end. Disney needs to learn how to write better scripts, cast better actors, and make better movies.

  • Jason Richards

    I had literally no interest in Lone Ranger. Depp is a guy that by now, in his 50′s, should be spoken in the same breathe has a Brando or De niro. But his odd movie choices and refusal to stop doing Tim Burton films has hurt his legacy. In another 5 to 10 years he’s going to stop being a leading man and have to do character actor work. I really believe if he just chose better movies he could be in that Daniel Day Lewis caliber of actor. If he took more movies like Public Enemies and less movies like Dark Shadows or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory then he would be golden.

    • Harry Palm

      The crazy thing is, that before he did the first ‘Pirates’ movie, he was a guy that did good movies, or at least interesting ones. Then he got rich and super famous and sold out.

      • haha

        lol sold out…

  • Sean

    The only reason why The Lone Ranger had a bad start is because it opened on the same day as Despicable Me 2. But don’t worry everyone, it will turn around in the box office as the weekend were in now comes and goes. Also, it will make more money as it starts to get released in other countries other then the U.S. . It hasn’t been released everywhere else except for the U.S. ->

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