Friday Box Office: DIE HARD and SAFE HAVEN Battle It Out for Number One with $7.2 Million and $7.1 Million; BEAUTIFUL CREATURES Sinks

     February 16, 2013

good day to die hard bruce willis

The holiday weekend is off and running at the box office, and it’s a battle of brawn over sap as A Good Day to Die Hard and Safe Haven are neck-and-neck for the top spot.  The fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise netted near-universal negative reviews, and now the pic is performing slightly under expectations at the box office as the actioner took in an estimated $7.2 million on Friday to add to its $8.2 million take on Valentine’s Day Thursday.  Nipping at Die Hard’s heels is the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven, which scored an estimated $7.1 million on Friday to combine with its $8.8 million gross on Thursday.  Warner Bros.’ YA adaptation Beautiful Creatures, however, fell flat with a paltry $2.3 million on Friday that puts it in the number 6 slot overall and on track for a very low $11.5 million weekend.  All of this despite the fact that Beautiful Creatures garnered considerably more positive reviews than both Die Hard and Safe Haven.  We’ll have full details tomorrow.

  Title Friday Total
1. A Good Day to Die Hard $7,250,000 $15.4
2. Safe Haven $7,150,000 $15.9
3. Identity Thief $6,500,000 $53.7
4. Escape from Planet Earth $3,702,000 $3.7
5. Warm Bodies $2,600,000 $43.8
  • Rahuldravid

    Beautiful Creatures Should have atleast cracked top 3 bt it even fell behind EFPE..wats wrong with american audiences now a seems like they r goin for big names rather spending their bucks on qlty movies!!

    • Great white hype

      The trailers didn’t make it look like quality. Looked like a really cheesy Twilight cash grab. Surprised the Twilight dum dums didn’t show up.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Ayyyy yo! Good Job Bruce…Better than I did.

    • arnold schwarzenegger

      Yah me too.

    • Anonymous

      That’s cause he’s actually likeable as a person, sly comes as pretentious and ahnuld is just a gross old guy. I know that to enjoy a movie it’s preferable to separate the real person from the character, I’ve tried but I can’t do that with these three.

  • LMAO Bruce LeeRoy Told Yo Ass!

    See what happened! The people spoke get the SAP Shit out of here it tried but could make number one! Waaaaaah Bitch Pimp Slap!! Action Movie Overruled That Sap LMAO give me more than a love story give me action too Die Hard 5 #1!!