Friday Box Office: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS on Track for Stunning $50+ Million Weekend with $26.1 Million Friday; EDGE OF TOMORROW Disappoints

     June 7, 2014


Summer doesn’t have to be all about superheroes and blockbusters, and this weekend’s box office is a refreshing reminder that not everybody wants Transformers all the time.  Fox 2000’s teen drama The Fault in Our Stars is off to a stellar box office debut,  as the adaptation of the beloved John Green book pulled in $26.1 million on Friday, putting the film on track for an incredible $50-$52 million opening weekend—at least; that’s a bigger opening day than Woodley’s large-scale sci-fi thriller Divergent.  The film is benefitting from positive reviews, excellent buzz, and the popularity of its lead actress Shailene Woodley, as director Josh Boone’s $12 million movie about two cancer patients who fall in love is proving to be the box office surprise of the summer.  We could see the mammoth opening coming over the past month or so, but even then early estimates were conservative, putting the opening weekend at somewhere between $35-$38 million.  Instead, the pic is overperforming, leaving the one and only Tom Cruise in its wake as his also-excellent sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow pulled in a so-so $10.6 million on Friday, putting the smart and thrilling pic on track for an opening weekend around $30 million.

Hit the jump for more on the Friday box office, including the full Top 5.

the-fault-in-our-stars-nat-wolff-shailene-woodley-ansel-elgortThere’s no doubt that The Fault in Our Stars’ Friday numbers are sky-high, but the big question will be how much the film drops on Saturday and Sunday.  Author John Green’s source material has a legion of fans who were no doubt clamoring to see the movie as soon as possible, which could mean these numbers are front-loaded.  However, word-of-mouth has been impossible to ignore, so I imagine the Fault box office will remain robust throughout the entire weekend.  Some are even predicting a weekend total closer to $60 million.

As for Edge of Tomorrow, despite nearly universally positive reviews and charming lead performances from Cruise and Emily Blunt, general audiences failed to spark to the pic.  The marketing campaign isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t really get across the film’s uniqueness and sense of humor, which set it apart from your generic sci-fi actioner.  A $30 million weekend isn’t a bomb, but it’s certainly not great when you factor in the expense of the Warner Bros. pic.  I personally think it’s the best “blockbuster” of the year thus far, so hopefully audiences catch on in the coming weeks.  Cruise’s persona is still a huge draw overseas and the film is doing really well in China, so it’s not a total loss.

In its second weekend, Maleficent earned $10.1 million on Friday, putting it at #3 behind Edge and Fault and pushing the Disney pic past the $100 million mark domestically.  X-Men: Days of Future Past, meanwhile, pulled in $4.5 million on Friday on track for a $14.7 million weekend, which would move its domestic total up to $189 million (besting the Spider-Man franchise for the first time).

Check out Friday’s Top 5 box office below, and check back on Sunday for final numbers and analysis.

Title Friday Total
1. The Fault in Our Stars $26,100,000 $26,100,000
2. Edge of Tomorrow $10,655,000 $10,655,000
3. Maleficent $10,140,000 $103,987,000
4. X-Men: Days of Future Past $4,515,000 $178,916,000
5. A Million Ways to Die in the West $2,200,000 $25,190,000


  • AaronS94

    Well, both The Fault in Our Stars & Edge of Tomorrow look like both good films (which surprised me with their positive reviews).
    I’ll be seeing both of them in the coming weeks.

  • Sten

    Reminds me of last years Pacific Rim losing against another generic Adam Sandler comedy. So much for original Science Fiction. Let me guess how many hundreds of million Transformers 4 will bring in next week…

    • Grayden

      Original sci-fi, and sci-fi in general, is, for whatever reason, difficult for the average filmgoer to grasp. They want shit explained to them and to have their hands held throughout the movie. Explosions or sappy emotional journeys are what they understand when it’s shoved in their faces, but ask them to think for themselves during the movie and it’s all over. Not saying ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a bad movie, but it’s the simpler of the two for people to see. Edge of Tomorrow was surprisingly good, I really enjoyed it. So, I hope it does well over the next few weeks.

      • Doug_101

        The push for “Fault” is in the teen community. My podcast partner and I went to see it on Thursday night and we were the oldest people there. Edge of Tomorrow is fantastic and I implore everyone to see it. Though it’s a big action movie, they may have wanted to save it for fall and have it be a surprise. Moviegoers may be actioned out after the onslaught of May.

      • Bo

        Well, this sure takes the cake. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone actually stating that a big, dumb, summer popcorn movie will make you think for yourself…where the heroes kill aliens that look like dreadlocks wigs soaked in oil…right. And this vs. a movie about death and dying…you know…real life…where in the popcorn crap one dies and comes back to life again and again and again until he becomes a big hero and that sure makes one think for themselves as the fantasy is so unbelievable it’ll make an intelligent and feeling person choke…And forget about hoping Edge does better…it’s dead and will only peter out next week at the box office against the sequel to another dumb popcorn comedy Jump Street and the animated Dragons 2 for kids…So, sorry…your Cruise movie that made you think for yourself (isn’t that an oxymoron?) ain’t cuttin’ it…and beats me as to why…well…might be folks are turned off by the star who really believes in aliens…lol…still, if you liked it…who cares how well it does, or who else likes it or hates it…right? Have courage and stand alone with your convictions…lol…

      • junierizzle

        Edge of Tomorrow is far from dumb, sir.

        Also, I think people want it to do well so we get more clever, exciting and genuinely fun movies.

      • Bo

        Okay…my bad…I’ve heard the people who like it refer to it as a summer popcorn movie and I’ve always equated that with dumb!…one man’s dumb is another’s clever and exciting and fun…okay by me…Glad you liked it….I may watch it when it comes out on cable as I just did Cruise’s MI: Ghost Protocol…and man was that a dumb movie…sorry…lol…

      • junierizzle

        Yes, we clearly define “dumb” differently it seems.

      • Bob

        Edge of Tomorrow is a clever, intelligent and enormously entertaining popcorn movie and easily the best action film this year. I love that The Fault In Our Stars is doing well as it deserves to and it the type of film that usually is only modestly successful at best. But EOT also deserves to do well and audiences who crave the summer blockbuster action films should be flocking to it in order to give any hope that an original film instead of just sequels and remakes has any future in the studio’s plans.

      • Guy

        You heard it here first everyone. Aliens don’t exist and anyone who believes otherwise should be shunned. Boy, are you in for a surprise when Zenu finally shows up.

      • Bo

        I believe it’s Xenu…and you’re right…I would be surprised!

      • Guy

        Non scientologists spell it with a Z.

      • Bo

        That’s quite amusing…ok…I stand corrected…

    • dude

      Okay man, let’s not compare the Adam Sandler movie with the Fault in Our Stars. Just because it’s targeted at teens doesn’t mean it’s dumb. I dare you to go watch the movie and then tell me it’s not good. Other than, general assumption is just unfair.

      • Sten

        Didn’t really want to compare the Adam Sandler one with the Fault in Our Stars. Just the situation. You know. That’s why I wrote the bit about Transformers 4. Thought it was clear. My bad.

  • Steven

    Ugh, Divergent fans trolling the box office. :D

    Edge Of Tomorrow deserves better.

    • Bob

      Would have agreed with you if not for the unneeded dig at Fault In our Stars.

  • Person

    Disappointed in America for choosing the latest weepy tween romance over a movie that actually demands to be seen in a movie theater.

    • Bob

      2 different audiences my friend. And The Fault In Our Stars is deserving of it’s success. You should be disappointed in the fanboys who come on these sights to piss and moan about the sequels and remakes and lack of originality in the big summer action fare and then stay away from the very movie that gives one hope that there is still a future for such films.

      • Person

        I am disappointed in the fanboys, believe me. They let me down last year with Pacific Rim, and they’re doing it again now with EoT. Both films are WB, which means the studio is going to start shying away from (relatively) original properties like these two films and the already-doomed Jupiter Ascending, just to pour more money into its DC and Harry Potter universes.

        I’m not wishing failure on Fault in Our Stars, just frustrated that two movies with two totally different target demographics aren’t both doing as well as they should be.

  • Reina

    Yess I wish people would get out to see Edge of Tomorrow, because it truly is a delightful, entertaining and smart film. Big fan of Emily Blunt now.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Agreed. Don’t miss this one people. :D

  • YodaRocks


  • Aaron Sullivan

    Edge of Tomorrow was sweet, but I was surprised to hear from people who I _know_ will like it how it didn’t interest them. The marketing has failed because the movie is very entertaining and even Tom Cruise detractors might enjoy his performance in this.

    It _is_ a pretty hard movie to market, actually. Seemed like the trailers were trying to be careful about spoiling the movie and unfortunately there are no big obvious visual moments to use in order to draw people in. It needed something far more clever to get people in the seats I think.

    • junierizzle

      I think it’s also partly because it’s not based on anything. Can you imagine if this was based on a Marvel comic?

      Then you have the people who flat out will not see it because of Tom Cruise, which I just don’t understand.

      • Mekt_Ranzz

        What do you mean? It’s based on “All You Need Is Kill”.

      • junierizzle

        You are correct. I completely forgot. I should have said based on something popular.

      • Django9000

        They could have said – ” with Tom Cruise as Iron Ma- er, Major Cage.”

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Shouldn’t this title then be more appropriately titled “Cancer Kills Tom Cruise”? Just saying. Maybe then the Scientologist could tap into the same phenom supporting The Fault In Our Stars.

  • Armand

    So sad, Edge of Tomorrow was legitimitely one of the years best films, and while Fault in our Stars is actually good, Edge deserves better considering its among Cruise’s best films. Those little teenyboppers are the audience to get, their parents are loaded. Oh well, overseas market should at least help it break even