Box Office – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Nets Biggest Tuesday Opening of All Time with $35 Million

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July fourth has arrived and, with it, the first indication of how The Amazing Spider-Man is performing at the domestic box-office. According to studio estimates, the latest version of Marvel’s webslinger took in $35 million on Tuesday from 4,318 locations. That includes the $7.5 million earned from midnight screenings, a figure on par with the midnight launch of Spider-Man 3 five years ago. The Amazing Spider-Man can now claim the biggest Tuesday opening of all time (ahead of the $27.8 million of 2007’s Transformers), although the list of former Tuesday debuts is not particularly impressive. In terms of recent comic book launches, The Amazing Spider-Man seems numerically closest to 2008’s Iron Man and its $35.2 million opening. Comparing it to other entries in the Spider-Man franchise is not very instructive but, what the hell? Spider-Man 3 came out on a Friday in May and earned $59.8 million. On 2004’s more comparable Wednesday-before-July-Fourth, Spider-Man 2 launched to $40.4 million (not adjusted for inflation or 3D differentials). Of course, very few expected The Amazing Spider-Man to compete on the same level as its predecessors, making this morning’s estimate look very promising. At this point, the film should get close to $150 by the end of the weekend.

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  • tarek

    By the way, for those who plan to watch it in 3D, Forget it. the 3D in this movie was a plain joke. You can remove your glasses and watch the movie as if it was filmed in 2D in 80% of the scenes.

    • Travis

      Dude, you are SO right. I attended the midnight IMAX 3D premiere, and I noticed the same thing. Certain scenes would be in 3D for a span of a minute or even a few seconds, and then the scene would transition to another scene, and it would be 2D, then transition directly back to 3D. It was weird as hell, and infuriating to boot. It was a good movie, no doubt. But the 3D was an inconsistent ploy, and nowhere near as immersive as I expected it to be (by contrast, the IMAX scenes during the climax of the movie wowed me more than the 3D did).

    • Tarek’s Desperate Nerd Hate

      Tarek, you’ve been spewing your weightless hate at this film (and pretty much every other film) since the first set photos leaked. I roll my eyes every time I see one of your cheap shot posts on this site. I find it extremely telling that you’ve spent the better part of a year trashing this film, yet you still paid to see it (and even paid EXTRA for the 3D). The only joke here is YOU. Die troll.

      And for the people that DO have interest in the film: I’m not the biggest advocate for 3D, but the action set-pieces in this film looked great and was well worth the extra couple bucks, if you’ve got it.

      • tarek

        Thank you for your comment my dear fellow. At least I have a loyal follower here. ^^

        If you have read my last comment on Matt’s review, you would have seen that I gave the movie a B, even if the plot of the Lizard was weak. Garfield did a good job. He is for sure talented, but still I don’t see him as a faithful Peter Parker.

        Now, for the 3D, I didn’t pay the extra. just the 2D ticket. I had with me my glasses. ^^

        Sorry to disappoint you Nerd hate Hater .

    • sense 11

      The movie was shot with the Red Epic 3D, no conversion, just like The Hobbit and It looks amazing

      don’t listen to this guy

      • tarek

        Red Epic 3D huh ? Well, for me it was a red Epic 3Disappointment, if you take my mean sir. ^^

        I really doubt that they have filmed with any 3D device. Just a trick to cash more. It has the smell of the bad post conversion.

        But, to each his own huh!…

      • sense 11

        I know for a fact that your absolutely wrong

        stop h8ing just because you wanted more of Sam Raimi’s Lifetime Television for Women version of Spiderman

  • ver2go

    It was awesome in Imax 3D!

    • IMAX-MAN


      definitely agree

  • your dark knight ends

    I saw this this movie in 2 1/2D it was amazing.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    The film is absolute garbage. I hope negative word of mouth kills this thing. It seemed to go out of its way to screw up the origin story of Spider-Man in as many was as it possibly could.

    • Herb White

      You know what other movie drastically changed the origin of one of the biggest comic book characters ever? The Dark Knight. Look at the Joker in that, so different from the comics. Doesn’t mean the movie sucked.

      ASM got the Spider-Man character right, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for as a Spidey fan for years. Better than the Raimi stuff.

      • IllusionOfLife

        Nolan’s Batman films are a dramatic re-interpretation of the Batman universe. Yes, that is true. However, when it comes down to it, the essence of these characters, after everything else is boiled away, remains true to the spirit of the comics. Backstory was never the most important element of the Joker, in fact, there’s been multiple different versions of it in the DC Universe and it’s never had a major impact on who the character is.

        Spider-Man, on the other hand, is very much about his origin. He’s just a regular kid who happens to get these extraordinary powers, he abuses them, and then suffers the consequence for his irresponsibility. He has to learn a hard lesson that fundamentally changes who he is as a person. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker never had this change. He was the same character from the beginning of the movie all the way through to the end. There was no pivotal turning point that made him realize the responsibility he had to honor, instead he just beats up people who look like his uncle’s killer until he gets bored with it and moves onto something else.

        Sure, he has mechanical web-shooters now, but superficial trappings don’t really matter for much. The heart of the character, the essence of who he is, that is what the Raimi films did right and that is what this film so blatantly does wrong. On top of that it’s just a poorly made film with forgettable set-pieces, bland characters, and every ounce of joy sucked out of it to make it seem oh so “dark and gritty.”

      • Herb White

        *Potential Spoilers*

        He DID progress as a character throughout the movie. The turning point was when he was at dinner with the Stacys and Gwen’s dad explained the pratfalls of Spidey’s vigilantism. After that, there is a profound change. He goes so far as to say that it’s his responsibility to stop the Lizard when he’s all beat up in Gwen’s room. He feels responsible for his creation, and must step up to do what is necessary.

        We can debate about whether or not this change you don’t think happened happened; I think it did. Unlike you (not that this is a good or bad thing), I don’t think that Raimi’s films got Spidey right AT ALL. He was just a nerd who whined a lot and didn’t want to be Spider-Man when things got remotely tough for him. He liked being adored for his superheroics, or he wanted to give up for a nice piece of tail from MJ.

        I hated Raimi’s Spidey, and we may disagree, but that’s the nice thing about different interpretations. You get Raimi-Spidey and I get this one. Everybody wins!

  • Django9000

    I’m pysched to see it.

    What so many reactionary internet posters don’t seem to get is that
    - there were different eras and writers and tones to ALL of your favorite characters.

    This film more resembles the darker, Spectacular Spider Man comics of the mid to late ’80s.

    Maybe this franchise will be able to tackle my all time favorite Spidey arc – “Kraven’s Last Hunt”. (It certainly would be difficult to imagine Raimi doing it, since his films were an excellent tribute to the Silver Age Ditko books).

    Yes. I’m a nerd. But you know what? Nerds know good stuff. And what I think we’re seeing play out before our eyes is that generally, people will respond to Good. Stuff.

    We nerds are just 10 steps ahead of the curve. As always. ;D

  • terry

    Andrew comes across as an a-hole to me and Emma is way to powerful a presence to be playing this character. Emma is a boss b***h actress. This crap is beneath her. Anyway I won’t be watching this trash.

  • SpiderDouche

    This movie was total garbage. It may have had a nice day. But, watch it fall down as word of mouth goes around. F*ck this movie straight in the ass. It’s one of those movies that you pull your hair out watching it cause it’s just SO DUMB. If you liked this movie, you know nothing about comics. You know nothing about movies. And, you’re a f*cking tool just like Garfield was as Spiderman.

  • Strong Enough

    F*ck this movie

  • Rockslide

    I had mixed feelings for the film. I think it had a lot of things better than Raimi’s films and some things worse. The casting, acting, and dialogue was far better. However, some of the playfulness and brightness of Spider-Man was lost. I kinda wish they would have stuck more closely to the Ultimate Spider-Man storyline. I’ve been reading Spidey since the 80′s but the Bendis and Bagley run is my favorite. All in all, I think Garfield makes for a much better Peter Parker. I really couldn’t stand Maguire.

  • Eric Nixon

    This movie is somewhere between the Raimi films and the Nolan Batman films. If you felt the Raimi movies were too light and cartoonish, you’ll like this movie. If you felt MJ was an annoying damsel in distress and Peter wasn’t funny, you’ll like this movie.

    Bottom line (IMO): Everything the Raimi movies got wrong or did poorly, this movie executes to near perfection. Everything that the Raimi movies did well, this movie does a great job of that too.

    The two franchises are not that different than two comic arcs done by different writers. If the Raimi movies are movie adaptations of old 1970′s Spider-Man, then this is a Spider-man from 2006.

  • spongefist

    Rami’s movie was far better.

    It’s a no contest. It was more fun, more exciting and strutted it’s stuff with far more cool. This one was The Not Very Amazing at all Spiderman’.

    Garfield and Stone did well in a very mediocre movie.

    and yes, the 3D was pointless (as was The Lizard)

    C + at best.

    • Joe

      As a matter of personal opinion, I completely agree. Raimi’s works are not the best, but they stand the test of time and were faithful to the original Stan Lee, Steve Ditko Spider-Man.

      They had energy and dynamism yet didn’t forget its derived from a comic book by the way its presented. The elements of power, greater responsibility, heroic motivations and objectives were clearer in Raimi’s works. Marc Webb’s Spidey is a bit wishy washy. The ‘transformation’ from superhero with powers to superhero with responsibility is not credible. The genesis for this has always been the failure to prevent Uncle Ben’s death – and the lesson which came alive in him from Uncle Ben’s own words – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

      Yes both versions take liberty with certain elements of the story, but Raimis’ pulled through on the major tones and tenets of the comics and stand the test of time til this day.

      2012′s Spidey is a C+ at best. But it won’t matter to blind haters of Raimi’s Spidey or the Twilight generation.

  • Jay


    Spider-Man 2 > The Amazing Spider-Man > Spider-Man > Spider-Man 3

    I loved this movie. I feel like people are really letting all the small details in this film slip right past them. The dinner at Gwens home, Flash being sympathetic towards Peter after Uncle Ben died, the box of eggs with Aunt May, Spideys smart ass comments, are all great moments. This movie had everything Raimi’s movies didn’t get quite right. It was a perfect balance between gritty, and lighthearted fun.

    I actually felt sad when Peter had the conversation with Uncle Ben about his dad. I never felt that type of connection to any moment in Raimi’s.

    Also, let me say, the best part about the movie was Emma and Andrew’s chemistry, and the fight scenes. I liked the villains, and Tobey in Raimi’s films, but I always felt that MJ just got in the way. All she did was get kidnapped by the villains, and had sappy dialogue. Gwen in this film was much more interesting, and I actually cared about their relationship.

    Spidey’s fights with the Lizard in IMAX… Oh, man. The choreography of the fights were incredible, great use of 3D.

    Also, I think people saying this is even close to as gritty as Nolan’s Batman films watched a different movie. The heroic score and Gwen and Peter’s relationship really was a nice contrast to the gritty LOOK of the film.

    Overall, 8.5/10. It still didn’t beat Spider-Man 2 for me, but it’s up there with the best of the best. The Avengers, Iron Man, TDK, Spider-Man 2, and now, The Amazing Spider-Man.

  • ozzie

    this movie is probably one of the top ten movies of the last 5 years … the people in the theater where I saw were very sucked into the movie …

    i really don’t get the geek rage in the comment section here … this movie really did the comics a solid keeping all the important stuff in tact. garfield was nothing short of amazing in this role. you actually believe he is a dorky teenage science nerd that has trouble talking to girls. wearing the mask completely changes his personality as it frees his sarcastic inner new yorker.

    i go out of my way to avoid 3D because i don’t like it so i can’t speak to the 3D.

    i cant wait for the next film.

  • Pocketses

    God, I’ve never seen a movie that cause more vitriol and hatred in it’s detractors. Not even Prometheus got people this upset.

    Which is weird, because other than Avengers, I’d say this was easily the best of the summer…and I don’t think Dark Knight Rises has a chance to match it.

  • kimian

    Raimi’s Spider-Man is the best,TASM is good ,but one can easily forget this movie……Original Spider Man Still Rocks !!!!

  • sense 11

    I know for a fact that your absolutely wrong

    stop h8ing just because you wanted more of Sam Raimis Lifetime Television for Women version of Spiderman

  • sense 11

    Why aren’t you posting my replies Collider

  • tarek

    You know “for a fact” that I’m wrong ? What ? Are you a Scientist or something like that ?
    Of what fact are you talking about sense11 ? get back to your senses. We are not talking about maths. there is no algorithm to find out.

    the fact is the 3d used is this movie was totally Cr*p. And I’m not the only one who say that.

    Now, If you are easy to please with cheap 3D tricks, well, good for you man, but don’t tell me to shut up. We are in a free world, and every one of us have the right to say his opinion, even if you don’t agree… I know it’s terrible for you, but you must live with this son. ^^

    • ozzie

      3D is just a gimmick at this point … it gets in the way of the story telling experience i think.

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