February 2, 2012


Last July, we reported that Robert Zemeckis was circling screenwriter Brian Helgeland‘s Revolutionary War Hero/Sea Monster mash-up Here There Be Monsters.  Helgeland’s script takes real-life Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones and pits him against sea monsters after he’s hired to investigate the disappearance of a number of merchant ships.  Zemeckis passed on the project, but Vulture reports that the great Brad Bird is considering the project.

While I have no love for Helgeland’s scripts (L.A. Confidential was a long time ago), Bird never neglects story and I imagine he’ll have a strong influence on the screenplay if he signs on.  With Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Bird proved he could direct live-action just as well as animation.  I’m down for anything Bird wants to direct, but I’m curious about what his interest in Monsters says about the status of his passion project, 1906.  Despite his success on Mission: Impossible, 1906 may still be too expensive to make, especially in today’s economic climate where studios are willing to axe potential blockbusters due to high budgets.  But if Bird keeps knocking out hits, then maybe he’ll get to finally direct his historical earthquake film.

  • sedna

    what is it with these titles. “There Be Dragons” “There Be Monsters” wtf

  • Matt

    Man, before and after LA Confidential his career has been lousy.

  • drmar120

    One can’t begrudge Bird his success in live action, but please…Incredibles 2 instead.

  • IllusionOfLife

    While M:I–GP was definitely a big hit, I think it’s still a ways off before we’ll be seeing 1906. For instance, Nolan wanted to do Inception as early as 2002, but it wasn’t until The Dark Knight grossed over $1 Billion that Warner was finally willing to give him the budget required to do it.

    I think Bird will need to have a bonafide mega-hit like that in order for 1906 to move forward (which is ridiculous, if you ask me, because Brad Bird has proven himself to be an absolute master of his craft and should be allowed to make any film he damn well pleases).

    • Strong Enough

      eh am sure MI 4 is a bona-fide mega hit. You dont cross a billion unless its a established franchise such as comic books and such. So unless Brad gets the new Batman franchise he wont cross a billie