FRINGE’S Brad Caleb Kane to Write Fox’s DAREDEVIL Reboot

     June 7, 2011


20th Century Fox has hired Fringe writer/producer Brad Caleb Kane to pen its Daredevil reboot. Per Heat Vision, the studio wants Kane to adapt Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s classic 1986 arc (spanning issues #227-233) “Born Again” for director David Slade (30 Days of Night). In that run, Daredevil’s nemesis the Kingpin discovers his secret identity by virtue of Matt Murdock’s former secretary, Karen Page, in exchange for a shot of heroin. In addition to working on Fringe, Kane has also contributed a draft of Columbia’s vampire novel adaptation The Historian and a script for a Richard Pryor biopic which has Bill Condon attached to direct.

The report mentions that Kane’s “energy and passion for the material” helped the scribe land the gig. He’ll most likely need every ounce of both in adapting what is considered by many one of the greatest Daredevil arcs of all time. In case you are unfamiliar with the run, you can head over to the Wikipedia page to check out the full plot details or (and this is my recommendation) pick up a copy of the run and read it for yourself.

  • tarek

    If they want it right, Nolan is the man.

    • Agent_Black

      Nolan isn’t about to pick up every other terminal comic book franchise and bring it back from the dead, I would be surprised if he ever goes near the comic book genre again.

      • Tarek

        But I wish he will. ’cause I love the character of Dardevil. He was my favorite besides Spider man and Iron man.

        and then came the terrible Ben Affleck and messed with it…

  • nelson

    Michael C Hall needs to be Daredevil

    • CylonRyder

      Awesome choice!

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  • Matt

    If this is a reboot then its way too early to introduce this story. The Miller arc, ‘The man without fear’ would be a much better start to a possible trilogy.
    Fox is gonna destroy this franchise as it did with Wolverine.

    • vxx

      I think it’s a gripping storyline and would be the perfect way to reintroduce the character to audiences.

      • Matt

        Whilst I am not denying it is a good story how would you propose the development of a story which depends significantly on 10 years of built up animosity between Fisk and Murdock? This arc is the culmination of a LONG standing rivalry!
        Not to mention Page who worked for Nelson and Murdock for years and had a LONG term relationship with DD.
        This in my mind clearly indicates the studios have not done their research or even know anything about the character first hand. Same old shit.

  • Tarek

    I hate you Ben Affleck!

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  • chris

    need someone fresh to play Matt Murdock …. like Zac Efron

    • Tarek

      If we reach this level, why not Justin Bieber ? ^^

      • chris

        i dont think the beib’s hair would fit in the mask … plus he’s too gangsta to play a lawyer :)

  • BMW328

    please don’t attack me, but I saw a pic of Robert Pattinson floating around as a Matt Murdock look-alike, and I kinda didn’t hate him for once… but I love Fringe, so this has my interest peaked for sure.

    • Tarek

      why not. and the title of the reboot will be:
      Dardevil: the Twilight.

    • chris

      he doesn’t really have any physique but he has acting skills … he’s kind of a pipe cleaner with pointy hair.

      • Tarek

        I don’t know for the pointy hair ( you will take the responsibility yourself for that. ^^) but it’s true that his acting abilities are interesting. Why did he never play the role of a feather duster ? ^^

        Don’t beat me. I’m kidding. ^^

  • Jack Morrissey

    The Richard Pryor biopic and the View-Master movie at Dreamworks are two separate projects, as described in the original piece at the Reporter.

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