Brad Garrett In Talks for BURT WONDERSTONE; Mark Moses Joins Season 2 of THE KILLING

     December 12, 2011


Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) is in talks to join the comedy Burt Wonderstone, which tells the story rival magicians in Las Vegas.  Steve Carell stars as a more traditional magician who is upstaged by a hip, dangerous illusionist played by Jim Carrey.  The impressive cast also features James Gandolfini, Olivia Wilde, and S teve Buscemi.  According to THR, Garrett will play Carrell’s accountant, at least until the magician fires him.  Director Don Scardino (30 Rock) is gearing up for a January start date.

Hit the jump for details on Mark Moses‘ role in the upcoming second season of The Killing.

(Spoilers for season one of The Killing follow.)

THR reports that Moses will play Lt. Carlson, “a new detective who joins the Seattle police department and the investigation into Rosie’s death.”  TV Line offers more detail on the role, referring to Carlson as “a clean-cut, well-dressed lawman in his 50s who tends to keep tabs on which way the political winds are blowing.”  The is one of two major additions in season two: Moses will appear in at least eight episodes. I wonder how much Moses’ ties to the show depend on the Rosie Larsen case, because I was hoping they would wrap that up in sooner than eight episodes.  Creator Veena Sud promises:

“We will solve the investigation of who murdered Rosie Larsen—all will be revealed—and there will also be a second case that emerges.”

I will probably watch until Rosie’s murderer is revealed, but let’s just wait and see if you can rope me into a second case, Ms. Sud.  Let’s wait.  And. See.  In the meantime, Moses—a member of the AMC family as Mad Men‘s Duck Phillips—will make a terrific clean-cut, well-dressed lawman in his 50s.

The Killing artwork