Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Rooney Mara and More Portray Famous Movie Villains

     December 7, 2011

Well here’s one of the coolest stories you’ll see all week. A number of fantastic actors have gotten together to recreate some of the greatest villains in movie history. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling, Gary Oldman, Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, and many more are all part of director Alex Prager’s “Touch of Evil” project. The video gallery features each performer uniquely taking on the persona of an iconic villain.

Some of the characters are deep cuts, with Pitt as Henry Spencer from Eraserhead, Clooney as Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty, Mara as Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and Oldman genuinely unrecognizable as the ventriloquist dummy from Magic. Other highlights include Viola Davis channeling Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Michael Shannon as Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko. It appears that the actors chose the characters themselves, which makes this all the more impressive. Hit the jump to check out the images.

Here are some images from the project courtesy of The New York Times. In order to check out the full video gallery (which is spectacular) click here. A key to some of the more obscure references can be found here.







  • James

    Love it, love it, love it!

  • berg

    Pitt and Clooney’s pictures are my favorite.

  • gerard kennelly

    ironic i think

    shannon would be perfect
    in a weird david lynch film

    and Brad pitt would be the perfect actor
    to play gekko
    in a Wall Street remake

  • DarthDan

    Outstanding…. So amazing

  • Jarvis

    Oldman almost looks like Ed Norton…FREEEEEEEEEEEEAKY!!!

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  • Joe Soap

    Since when has Henry Spencer from Eraserhead been considered a ‘villain’?

  • Ringbearer1420

    Henry isn’t a villian. In what way are Frank (Blue Velvet) and BOB (Twin Peaks) not?

  • shannon

    george clooney’s portrayal of captain bligh reminds me of last year’s opening number at the oscars when alec and steve acknowledge him, alec starts doing the staredown with george who starts making the grumpy face.

  • Migzter13

    Michael Shannon almost looks liked Christopher Walken in this one…

  • Justin

    Is it just me or could Pitt play Kramer in a Seinfeld movie?

  • matt

    It is interesting that Mara is dressed as Alex considering her character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • targo

    i will use pitt’s picture as my new avatar

  • Leonardo

    yes, Brad Pitt looks like Kramer and i didn’t recognize Clooney and Oldman.

  • FILM Bob

    Is it just me, or does Rooney Mara look pretty hot as sociopath?

    • The Train!

      if she wanted to chase me around a room with a giant phallus, i wouldn’t complain.

  • dark knight

    Rooney mara is so freakin hot……….. cant wait to see fincher’s movie.

  • Jamie Helton

    It seems some of these celebrities don’t understand what a villain is. I’m not sure how characters from “Raging Bull” and “Firestarter” are villains. Did they even see these movies?

  • Joshua

    Thank God other people saw that with Rooney Mara that she’s just hot as all hell.

    Also, Raging Bull? There’s no Raging Bull reference. That’s Green Street Hooligans.

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