Bradley Cooper to Produce and Possibly Star in Jay Roach’s Lance Armstrong Movie, RED BLOODED AMERICAN

     August 16, 2013


Maybe it’s because I’m not into cycling, but I could not care less about Lance Armstrong.  To me, he’s a guy who survived testicular cancer, cheated to win a bunch of Tour de France titles, denied that he was cheating for a long time, and then finally admitted he was cheating.  He’s not the first athlete to cheat, and he won’t be the last.  That doesn’t make him a compelling figure, and yet Alex Gibney will have a documentary about the cyclist, The Armstrong Lie, at TIFF, and there are also three non-documentary features in the works.  Working Title has one by Stephen Frears (The Queen) and starring Ben Foster.  The second is Bad Robot partners J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk adapting Juliet Macur‘s book Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong.  The third, Red Blooded American, is by Jay Roach, and Deadline is reporting that Bradley Cooper has joined the project to produce and possibly star.

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lance-armstrongCooper was originally eyed for Bad Robot’s Armstrong movie, but he’s been wooed to Roach’s film at Warner Bros.  The Oscar-nominated actor is looking to play one of two main roles in Red Blooded American: Armstrong or his former teammate and confidant Tyler Hamilton.  Hamilton came forward to reveal Armstrong’s doping, and received “blistering attacks” from Armstrong as retaliation.

Warner Bros. and Working Title are competing to get their Armstrong movie on the screen first (Bad Robot appears to be in a distant third), but Working Title may be ready to go as early as this fall.   Deadline reports Cooper has a busy schedule, and this fall will be shooting in Hawaii for Cameron Crowe‘s untitled feature.  After that, there may be some time for him to do Red Blooded American, but he’s going to Broadway for The Elephant Man.  In between, Cooper and Warner Bros. are trying to figure out what to do with American Sniper now that Steven Spielberg has left the project.

Perhaps one or more of these projects will find a unique angle on Lance Armstrong’s story, but right now his rise-and-fall seem like they would make for a TV movie at best.


  • Nate B.

    Not much interest in a Lance Armstrong movie for me, saw enough of that clown in the news over the last few years, but if it ends up being really good I’ll check it out.

  • Liderc

    You write internet articles about other famous people for a living, and this guy survived testicular cancer and won the tour de france 7 times, raising hundreds of millions for cancer research and victims. Everyone else was cheating, so it’s all fair game and you say he wasn’t a compelling figure? lol…

    • Tom

      It’s unfair to said that everyone in this sport was/are cheating. But I would also hold back from clearly judging him.

    • Gerd

      So if everyone cheats that makes it fair that he cheated too ?
      He cheated and he should pay the price . He didn’t win because he was the best athlete , he won because he had the better doctor who gave him the better drugs . Seriously everything sports teaches goes straight to the bin with that kind of thinking . What about all the guys who didn’t cheat and got their dreams crushed of being someone by those who did , is it fair for them ?

      • Liderc

        You don’t win 7 times by being a poor athlete, sorry. I couldn’t care less about the guy, but it’s just like Barry Bonds. You still have to hit the fast ball going 97MPH to hit a homerun, and steroids don’t help you do that. Talent is talent.

      • Gerd

        Cyclism is not like basketball or football or tennis , where a great deal of skill is involved , it is mainly a physical sport where physical preparation is the main key to winning that is why it is one of the sports where doping is more persisent than any other sport , together with sprint races .

        He wouldn’t have won jack shit without drugs and that’s it . And it’s not steroids he took , it’s a whole other thing .He took blood-booster EPO which increases your aerobic performance and endurance by increasing your oxigen intake , pratically it makes you stronger than you really are so yeah he is a cheat and totally deserved to get his titles revoked

  • Tom

    I feel like Jake Gyllenhaal would be very suitable for one of these two roles (Hamilton/Armstrong).

  • LEM

    I really hope they portray how the scandal was bullshit and performance enhancing drugs are rampant not just in all sports but almost any competitive competition.

  • Nick

    A man, suffering from cancer, decides to get involved with something illegal and, though he is lying and cheating, becomes the most dominate figure in his sport. He also becomes one of the most inspirational and iconic cancer survivors. He lives with the guilt of that foundation all being built on a lie and he eventually caves. That’s a very compelling story. The basic story here is that he tricked America into having hope and inspiration and thank god he did…. Feel how you may about him, but everyone wore that yellow wristband. Everyone with cancer admired him and was inspired by him. He saved lives, not just with his charity and donations, but with the hope his lie gave people. How is that not compelling?

    • Strong Enough

      because it isn’t