Bradley Cooper in Talks to Play Lucifer in PARADISE LOST

     May 4, 2011


Bradley Cooper’s upcoming slate is looking quite full. The actor just recently entered negotiations to star in The Crow remake, and now he’s in talks to star as Lucifer in director Alex Proyas’ (Knowing) adaptation of Paradise Lost. The film has been in development for quite some time, with Proyas signing on last September. The 17th-century epic poem is about the Satan’s temptation of Adam and Eve and the pair’s eventual expulsion from the Garden of Eden, with an epic war between archangels Lucifer and Michael taking place in heaven.

Variety reports that Proyas’ adaptation “will be crafted as an action vehicle that will include aerial warfare, possibly shot in 3D,” which is exactly what John Milton had in mind when writing the epic poem. While no official offer has been made, Cooper is apparently “eager” to take the role. Funnily enough, Proyas directed the original 1994 version of The Crow, so maybe they’ve bonded over their mutual admiration for eye makeup? The script for Paradise Lost has been tackled by no less than five writers, with Ryan Condal turning in the latest draft. Hit the jump for a synopsis of Milton’s poem.

Here’s the synopsis for Paradise Lost:

Paradise Lost is the great epic poem of the English language, a tale of immense drama and excitement, of rebellion and treachery, of innocence pitted against corruption, in which God and Satan fight a bitter battle for control of mankind’s destiny. The struggle ranges across heaven, hell, and earth, as Satan and his band of rebel angels conspire against God. At the center of the conflict are Adam and Eve, motivated by all too human temptations, but whose ultimate downfall is unyielding love. [Amazon]



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  • Elitist Prick

    Nothing packs theater seats like 17th Century blank verse epic poetry. And man, is this film gonna impress the literature professors interested in John Milton by casting the star of The A-Team and The Hangover!

    I love the poem, by the way, I just can’t see this turning out well.

    • Ringbearer1420

      As a HBO series, yes, as a film… Only if they got David Lynch.

  • Pills26

    Seriously?? No – seriously?

    and *action* 3D adaptation of “Paradise Lost”?


    I’m just gone go vomit now.

  • fabrice

    this guy can’t play a shit

  • HuckabeeForPrez

    This has enormous potential, if handled correctly, to be an incredible, intelligent, literate, and visually stunning movie experiece. Proyas is an undeniable talent who will one day make a total masterpiece- and this could be it, once again, if handled correctly. I don’t know who the FIVE (?) writers are, but if one of them is Tom Stoppard, this could be one hell (geddit?) of a movie, fingers crossed…

  • HuckabeeForPrez

    Aw dammit, I just noticed I misspelt experience above, sorry ’bout that…

  • hello4948

    i would hate to play satan.

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  • feloniousmax

    this has me interested, I think he’s probably well suited to the role. Back when Neil Gaiman’s Sandman was a monthly, I always thought Ralph Fiennes would be perfect for Lucifer, Bradley Cooper is a similar in appearance so I think he could pull it off. Speaking of Gaiman, hope he’s one of the writers as he does have a past relationship w/ Proyas however tenuous.

  • Ringbearer1420

    Someone like Cillian Murphy could nail both these roles, but that would make for good filmaking and we know Hollywood is allergic to that.
    Sam Worthington still playing Vladimir Tepes?

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  • Robert Hagedorn

    Do a search: First the scandal.

  • HuckabeeForPrez

    Having read more about this project since my post yesterday, I’m getting a bad feeling about this, considering the scriptwriters are total unknowns (Lawrence Kasdan notwithstanding), and the studio are talking about it as “an action vehicle”- action vehicle??? It’s only one of the greatest works of literature, words fail me! I stick to my original idea of getting Tom Stoppard to script the film, get some major theological, literary, and visual consultants on board, and make the movie as a grand epic of good vs. evil, free will vs. omniscience, and of the ultimate corruption of mankind against the background of war in heaven. Shoot the movie against green/blue screen (like ’300′), have a lengthy post-production to get the extensive visual effects right, and have it look like a living work of art. If they get this right, it could be truly something memorable, so let’s hope Alex Proyas nails this one, I for one hope he does, he’s certainly talented enough…

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  • Eva

    What? don’t we have enough evil and paranormal movies? zombies and Exorcist. Do we need another Satan movie? why don’t we do more family oriented movies. Something positive, we really need it.

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