Brandon Routh and Satya Bhabha Interview SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD

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To win the love of Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim must defeat her seven evil-exes. That’s not an easy task, especially when you consider one of them is Captain America and another was Superman. And while Chris Evans wasn’t able to make it out to promote Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (he’s busy shooting some movie) two of the other evil ex’s, Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram and Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel, did brave the fans at Comic-Con and the questions of at a long press junket.

Hit the jump to read what this pair had to discuss including Routh’s video game addiction, his thoughts on The Avengers coming to cinemas before a Justice League movie,  Bhabha’s grueling Bollywood scene and the possibility of a second Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. And don’t forget our interviews with Edgar Wright and Mark Webber/Alison Pill as well.

Routh was relieved that, after his experiences on Superman Returns, he didn’t have to do much wire work on this film, but he did offer words of encouragement to his fellow castmates, including Bhabha, who had to do a ton. The hardest part for Routh on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, though, was learning how to play the bass. However, even that wasn’t too bad because he has a bit of a musical background and didn’t the pressure of recording his part. The only person in Clash at Demonhead who recorded was Brie Larson, who plays Scott’s Evil Ex, lead singer Envy Adams.

Both enjoyed the madness of unleashing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at Comic-Con, especially Bhabha because this is his first movie. “There was this real ground swell of excitement and energy that’s been gathering momentum and finally at Comic-Con it was like the big explosion and it went really well,” he said. “It felt like a full circle sense of accomplishment.”

When asked about the differences or similarities between Superman and Scott Pilgrim fans, Routh was kind of stumped for a minute. But like we all know, if you just start talking, eventually a good answer comes out and he did have one.  “A lot of Scott Pilgrim fans may not have read Superman or any other superhero comics because they are a different type of book,” Routh said. “Superman comic fans may have a deeper comic book history, not that Scott Pilgrim people don’t have that, but since Superman goes back to the ’50s and beyond, they might be a little bit more well read.”

The subject of what a Bryan Singer Superman 2 might have been like and Routh joked that it would have delved deep into politics and terrorism. He then got serious when he said “I have my own theories on that that one day, whenever a new movie comes out, maybe I’ll talk about.”

With Scott Pilgrim, Superman Returns and also the upcoming Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Routh is now the start of three radically different comic book movies. How does he feel about it? “Comic books are winning the war on creativity, at this point, which is awesome.” The obvious follow up, then is, what can we expect from Dead of Night? “You can expect a lot of kick ass monster fights, great buddy comedy relationship with Sam Hunnington’s character and myself, some scares definitely, some fast paced action, something you haven’t quite seen before,” Routh said.

I then asked Bhabha if he could tell us about about shooting his one, epic fight scene as the first evil-ex, Matthew Patel. “That’s the first fight and it’s where the movie takes this sharp left turn into, like, crazy video game world. It’s kind of like the rabbit hole and you follow Patel down it and you end up in Wonderland.” He began training over six months before he shot a single frame and then had to come back to Toronto an additional two times to film extra bits for the multi-part fight scene. “You wouldn’t think additional photography on the scene where I crash through the ceiling is going to make a difference but it really does,” he said. He trained for months with Michael Cera to get into kung fu shape and said that it’s the two of them in most of the shots. He also had to actually sing the big Bollywood number, which was a thrill. Still, he hasn’t really retained much kung fu knowledge.

Someone asked why Patel’s number isn’t on the soundtrack and he said that he thinks there’s a second soundtrack coming out that it should be on it.

I asked Routh about a set of Vegan Police cameos and he said that was a stroke of casting genius by Wright because of Todd’s Marvel influenced t-shirt. But we’ll leave it at that.

Bhabha said that he didn’t feel owning a Game Gear and Game Boy qualified him as a gamer, especially next to Routh, who quickly rattled off his top 5 games of all time: Dragon Warrior, the original Warcraft, Sim City, World of Warcraft, Shining Force 1 & 2, and, for a sports game, Joe Montana Football. One of the journalists used to work for a WOW website so he asked Routh had far he had gotten, and he said he had a druid that got to level 80 but he hasn’t really played in months because it gets too addictive. Now he plays Heroes of Newerth because he can play quicker games and not waste entire days on the computer.

Routh then asked the table if any of us ever called “1-Ups” “Free Guys,” to which almost everyone said “Yes.” He said that on set, a lot of people didn’t know what he was talking about when he said “free guys.”

He was then asked if he felt like he would get any backlash from vegan groups, which got a laugh, and he said no because even though his character is evil, he feels that because, in the movie, being a vegan gives you superpowers, they will probably have a sense of humor.

The question of upcoming projects was next and Bhabha seems to have used his Scott Pilgrim clout to his advantage. He’s in the new Sean Penn/Naomi Watts film Fair Game as well as an adaptation of the Salman Rushdie book Midnight’s Children. Routh simply plugged Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

I then asked Routh if he felt any jealous of resentment to the fact that his film, Superman Returns, could have been the start of a huge DC saga culminating with a Justice League movie but now, Marvel got their first with The Avengers. Here’s his response in full.

“I would have liked DC to have had that because I think that would have issued forth a second movie more swiftly, if there had been a different plan in place with all of the entities that DC has. It’s a great company and the people involved are really great and I want them to have the best and bring their characters to light in a better way. I know they’ve been meeting the last couple years and finding a game plan that works for them so I trust they will have success with that but it’s one of those things. It’s still hard for me to envision an Avengers movie just because how do you put all of those fantastical characters together? I mean apart they work because they have their own separate universe but creating a universe they all exist in is something that CAN be done but it’s hard for me to imagine and I look forward to seeing it both with them and the DC universe because there’s a place for both of them. DC vs Marvel someday if they can figure how to share the profits.”

And with that, and a few really obscure video game references that I didn’t understand, our time with these two evil exes was up.

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  • Allen Krimmel

    Brandon Routh is such a classy guy, I really hope he gets another shot at Superman.

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  • Super Mario

    Hey Allen, and all other Routh supporters, I've put together a page with a petition and articles dedicated to trying to create support for Routh to return as Superman. Please join if you feel, even remotely, that you'd like to see him back.


  • Yahzee

    Totally agree on his Avengers input. It's good to know there's still people smart enough

  • Nunegro

    I respect Routh and I'm glad that he is out there getting work. I plan to catch this film and “Dylan…” to show my support . I REALLY hope Nolan and all those involved bring Routh back for Man of Steel and JLA. I'm not keen on changing actors so soon from the last film. Hell I loved Superman Returns. But then again I liked the Matrix sequels and preferred Ang Lee's Hulk to the 2008 Hulk film so I know I'm a bit off…

  • junierizzle

    I agreed with everything you said. Even about the Matrix Sequels. I liked them, but they had the potential to be a great trilogy and they're not.

  • junierizzle

    Finally. It's good to see some love for SUPERMAN RETURNS. And ROuth should be in the new NOLAN SUPES movie.

  • Nunegro

    Agreed. THough I appreciate what the Wachowski's were trying to do with their Matrix sequels, it took a couple of viewings of Reloaded for me to truly appreciate it( hell I admit it went over my head with the Frenchman and all). Here is hoping that ONE Franchise out there can make a Trilogy where all 3 films are universally accepted. Besides Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. lol

  • Rusty

    Well, and Toy Story

  • junierizzle

    Yeah, Reloaded especially. I finally know what that old dude was talking about at the end. Both sequels still have amazing visuals. I was hoping The Matrix Trilogy would be our generations Star Wars Trilogy but oh well.
    Our last hope Christopher Nolan. I think he is on the verge of completing his 3 part Masterpiece.

  • Flaviosm

    If you and anyone here would like to join us at and help support Routh´s return as Superman that would be cool. Thanks

  • Flaviosm

    If anyone here would like to join us at and help support Routh´s return as Superman that would be cool. Thanks

  • Nunegro

    Ah! Thank you, I know I was missing a film franchise their. lol

  • Nunegro

    I'm a tad nervous but not as much as I would normally be in such a situation. Comic book-based Franchises are notorious for “dropping the ball” on the 3rd film. However I know the Distinguished Competition to Marvel will not do to Batman what has happened to Spider-man so I'm just hyped to see what the New Bat-flick's Title, Villain, and theme shall be for the last hurrah before we see Bale reprise his role for JLA in a few years…

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