Final Episodes of BREAKING BAD Will Be 75 Minutes Each

     September 18, 2013


Breaking Bad is just about over, but viewers will be treated to an extended runtime in each of the series’ final two episodes.  Series’ co-executive producer and writer Peter Gould announced on Twitter today that both the upcoming penultimate and the final episode of AMC’s hit drama will feature 15 additional minutes, taking them each to a 75-minute runtime (including commercials).  That means audiences will have a total of an extra half-hour to say goodbye to Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and the rest of the cast in whatever manner of departure awaits each of them.  Hit the jump for more.

breaking-bad-ozymandias-bryan-cranstonHere’s what Gould had to say (via Twitter):

petergould ‏@petergould
I checked & it’s official. Last 2
#BreakingBad eps are 75 minutes each w/commercials. Set your DVRS accordingly. Better still, watch live!

It’s just delaying the inevitable, but if the final two episodes are even half as good as the last episode, “Ozymandias”, then viewers are in for a treat.  If you’re all caught up on the series, be sure to check out Allison’s recap of the most recent episode.  Episode director Rian Johnson (Looper) also offered up some behind-the-scenes commentary and images, while series star Dean Norris (Under the Dome) talked about filming the final episodes.  You can also check out this newly-released series poster that paid special attention to fans, cast and crew, and offered them up a thanks for years of tuning in.  And once it’s all said and done, be sure to pick up the entire series in this epic Blu-ray collection.


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  • Dead Hank

    Fart me in.

  • Drake

    So excited.

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    So I’m betting 5 extra minutes of actual story, 10 extra minutes of commercials because AMC is desperate for cash.

    • jocab_w

      It’ll be the first 10 minutes of the next episode of Low Winter Sun.

      • TheDevil’sAdvocate


    • Zenexo


  • bombinUSA


  • Lex Walker

    I know AMC is a cable channel and thus can’t demand as much as networks for commercial space, but if they didn’t, they must be wishing they’d charged double for ad time during these final two episodes. This is like AMC’s own personal Superbowl Sunday x 2.

    • Dev1359

      As popular as the show has become, the sad truth is that The Walking Dead gets way more viewers on average than Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad only just hit its peak at 6 million viewers with “Ozymandias” on Sunday, whereas The Walking Dead averaged between 10-12 million viewers for every episode last season. The BB finale is a highly anticipated event in the world of television no doubt, but it’s no “Super Bowl” for AMC and they’d be crazy to charge advertisers double for the finale with a viewership of only ~6 million.

      • Lex Walker

        Good point, totally forgot to look at the actual ratings.

      • Sweet Pea

        More nothingness…

  • Zenexo

    this isn’t new news. The actual episodes themselves are only about 6 minutes longer than usual.

    • JeffersonElmens

      “Series’ co-executive producer and writer Peter Gould announced on Twitter today that both the upcoming penultimate and the final episode of AMC’s hit drama will feature 15 additional minutes.”

      Not 6..

      • Zenexo

        It’s 75 minutes including commercial…check your DVR. Every episode prior has been running at it’s normal 47 minutes but ends around 10:05pm EST.

  • LEM

    They’re just forcing in more commercials the same way “Sons of Anarchy” has been doing since last season.

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  • -

    So they’re about an hour long minus ads? Fucking A, that’s awesome.

  • tarek

    I want my memory erased just to enjoy again Breaking bad from the beginning.

  • pinkincide

    Final image is Walt smoking his own poison cigarette.

  • Chris

    They’re just going to cram in more ads, doesn’t everyone know that AMC stands for “Always More Commercials?”

    • Clay

      “Always Must C”? Nah, that’s pushing it.

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